b"feature houseF arout.VisitorstoAnnSheltonandDuncanMunros Wellingtonhomeoftenhaveaphysicalreactiontotheir home of many colours. Guests take a step back and gasp at the sheer vibrancy of it all, as if the coral pinks, sunny oranges, lemonsherbetandbabyblueshadesareaffectingthemona cellular level.bauhaus The homes bold Resene colour scheme is a shared vision, a collaboration between the homes original owner, Nancy Martin and Czech Republic-born architect, Frederick Ost, who designed the home in 1957. More than 60 years later, using Resene paints and colours, Ann and Duncan painstakingly brought Nancy and Fredericks original colour concept back to life. Ann and Duncans efforts were a big success at the recent ReseneTotalColourAwards.Intheawards,whichrecognise rules excellence in colour and paint use, the couple won the Resene Total Colour Heritage Residential Award. They also took away the colour competitions top gong, the Resene Total Colour Master NightingaleAward,namedaftertheNightingalefamily,who founded Resene and still runs the company today.When Ann and Duncan purchased the home in 2013, the house did not have its kaleidoscopic gush factor. The gorgeous rimu ply walls and cabinetry were mostly faithful to the original 1957 design. However, Nancys original Bauhaus-inspired colour scheme, which saw the walls, floors and cabinetry painted in contrasting colours, had been painted over in the blandest-of-bland whites. And yet, like a Victorian lady revealing a scandalous glance of ankle beneath her skirts, there were signs of the homes colourful bones. Wear and tear to the white surfaces revealed hints of colour, and when Ann and Duncanwererewiringthekitchen,thehomerevealeditstrue colours: they discovered ascorbic aquas and peppy oranges beneath the light switches and power-socket covers. The vibrancy we discovered was so unexpected. It was truly wild, says Duncan.Shortly after Ann and Duncan bought the home, people who hadknownNancystartedcomingoutofthewoodwork;the intriguing character who created the colourful environment began to reveal herself.An art collector and musician, Nancy is known for bringing the recorder to New Zealand, hoping the affordable instrument would introduce more children to music. She is also believed to be the first single woman in Wellington to get a mortgage and is listed on the paperwork as a spinster.ReseneResene Pearl Lusta Sea MistReseneResene Mexican Red Shadow GreenAbove top and left: Ann Shelton and Duncan Munro repainted their home in the original owner's Bauhaus-inspired colour palette. The kitchen showcases the most colours12 Resene paint colours were used in this room in total. The walls are Resene Shadow Green. The cabinets are Resene Primrose (yellow) with colour blocks on the drawers in Resene Mexican Red, Resene Burning Sand (orange) and accents in Resene Sea Inspired by a woman they had never met, theMist (green) with Resene Pearl Lusta on the window trims.Opposite: Resene Mexican Red is used on the ceiling and floor, homeowners of this 1950s home embarkedResene Burning Sand is on the left wall and Resene Shadow on a colourful journey through time. Green on the wall leading to the dining area.Resene Burning SandResenePrimrose64 65"