b'feature houseTop right: The home\'s original rimu ply was blonded back in the 1950s to look like white maple. The timber is finished with a clear coat. To protect heritage timber use Resene Aquaclear, a clear waterborne urethane varnish, or Resene Qristal Clear solventborne varnish.Below right: The original owner Nancy Martin was a musician and well-known artwork collector. The rimu ply walls now showcase its new owner Ann\'s photographic art, as well as other pieces. "This is a house that loves colour," says Ann, who has held exhibitions in the space. The blonded rimu is protected with clear coats. Use Resene Aquaclear, a clear waterborne urethane varnish, or Resene Qristal Clear solventborne varnish.ReseneReseneResene Pearl Lusta Burning Sand Shadow GreenReseneResene Sea Mist Mexican RedHerconnectiontothearchitectOstwaslikelythrough music. Ost and his wife, an orchestral musician, were Jewish and fled the Nazi invasion of Europe, arriving in New Zealand as refugees in 1940.A friend of Nancys discovered the architectural plans folded insideanoldcookbookandpassedthemontoAnnand Duncan. The plans showed the bright hues on the walls shaded in colour pencil. We started getting a sense of this incredible character and this interesting collaboration between her and Ost. At first, theReseneidea of restoring the original colours was a pipe dream. But,Primroseeventually, we saved up money and just went for it, says Ann,Above right: Resene Burning an artist who was so interested in Nancys house she authoredSand carries from the ceiling a book on the subject called A Spoonful of Sugar. of the bathroom down onto It was a leap of faith as we didnt know what it would beResene the door. The blue walls are like to live in those colours, says Duncan, who is a graphicNeptune Resene Neptune. designer and art director. Left: The home still has most Duncan mocked up Osts plans on a computer, and then theyof its original in-built searched for the matching colours. We used so many testpots,cabinetwork. The bathroom but the colours werent quite right. The modern colours werevanity is painted in Resene more intense. The 1957 colours were a bit more muted than theSea Mist (right) with the left modern shades and had a slightly ambiguous nature. The yellowwall in Resene Neptune.would look quite green in a certain light, for instance. Far left: The ceiling of A breakthrough came when Ann posted about their colour- Duncan\'s office is painted in matching efforts on Instagram, which prompted an architectResene Mexican Red. The friend to share a hot tip. The friend told her that in the 1950s,walls are in corkboard and there was only one colour chart to choose fromBS2660. Annthe window trims are Reseneand Duncan were able to use the colours from the originalPearl Lusta. The homes exterior is painted in Resene chart which their local Resene ColorShop tinted for them. Balderdash.The couple decided the complicated colour scheme was a job for the professionals. One painter took one look at the paintplansandturneditdown,butAAAMasterPainters (www.aaapainters.nz) were intrigued by the story and excitedWhat is the Bauhaus movement?to take on the challenging work. There are 12 different paintsAnn and Duncan\'s home is painted in a scheme similar usedinthekitchenalone,includingReseneMexicanRed,to the homes of key figures of the Bauhaus movement in ReseneBurningSand,ReseneSeaMist,ResenePrimrose,Europe. The Bauhaus style favours bold colours, linear style Resene Pearl Lusta and Resene Shadow Green. and geometric shapes and was counter to Art Nouveau\'s Living in the home is a joyful experience, says Duncan,curved shapes and botanical influences. Bauhaus masters whosefavouriteshadeistheReseneMexicanRedonthesuch as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Johannes Itten kitchenceiling.AnnprefersthechalkyorangeofResenebelieved in the sensory qualities of colour. "The deepest and Burning Sand. truest secrets of colour effect are, I know, invisible to the eye When you jump out of bed in the morning and make abeheld by the heart alone," wrote Itten.cup of tea, theres a vibrancy and energy to the house. But I think the thing I like the most is the way it all comes togetherAbove top: The bathroom walls are painted in sunny Resene in quite a complex arrangement, says Ann.Primrose and Resene Neptune with blue green cabinetry paintedResene in Resene Sea Mist with Resene Pearl Lusta on the window trims.Balderdash66 67'