b"Coordinate the look of your paint it rightChoose the right Reseneflooring and curtains for FREE! colours and paints for the job.get flooredOne of the most striking features of this home are the bright floors. Painting floorboards is a cost-effective way to revamp a room. First, give the floor a thorough vacuum and clean to remove any FREE dirt. For most colours apply two coats of Resene Walk-on, a durable satin flooring and paving paint designed for areas with foot traffic. Then finish with Resene Concrete Interior designWax. Some flooring may need a sealer or primer before topcoatingcheck with your Resene ColorShop advice & colourstaff the best system for your floor.smooth operatormatching! Ann and Duncan's kitchen and Resene bathroom are painted in Resene Mexican Red Lusta-Glo a semi-gloss paint which gives a silky finish ideal for rooms Above: Thewhere moisture, drips and grease home's exteriorstains often end up on the walls. is painted inIt's a durable paint which can be Resene Balderdash.Itscontinuallysurprising,andtheresalwayswiped clean. Or you can use a Ann and Duncan aresomething new to look at. My favourite part is in thewaterborne lower odour version considering repaintingtoilet, where the colour from the ceiling carries through Resene Waterborne Lusta-Glothe exterior in theor Resene Lustacryl.homes original shade,the door and to the floor. which has yet to revealDuncans home office has Resene Mexican Red on its itself. When repaintingceiling, and he thinks the colourful home has rubbed off older house exteriorson his design work. Before living in this house, I was be aware that beforemoretentativeandunsureaboutusingcolourinmy 1965 many paintswork. I think living here has made me more confident and contained lead, which is harmful to your health.more aware of the possibilities of different combinations.You can buy a leadAnn too has dived deep into colour. Her photography Whether you need new flooring,based paint test kitexhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery in 2016, Dark curtains, or both, there has neverBEST from your local ReseneMatters, featured bright walls painted in Resene shades ColorShop or ask forfrom the Karen Walker Paints collection.help getting your been a better time to do it. PRICE sample tested. We feel incredibly privileged to live in this amazing house and to learn about its amazing story.Resene GUARANTEE Balderdash Therewerenotmanywomencommissioning architecture in the 1950s. Nancys house is designed A Harrisons consultant will arriveSee website Resenearound the living areas, and there are all these feminineold worldPrimroseResene was founded in 1946 and at your door with over 1,000 colourtouches in the house, such as a built-in ironing board. I2021 marks the company's 75th still have her old stain-removal chart and meal plans. anniversary. Resene has records of samples from our latest ranges.did you know Theirnextdilemmaistacklingtheoutsideoftheall its historic colour charts. To look houseandfiguringouttheoriginalpaintshade.up the BS2660 colour chart, which Resene can tint mostWe had better get the scraper out, says Ann. inspired this home or other All colour matched to Reseneolder colours even ifTo see Anns book about the Nancy Martin house,historical colour charts, visitthey are not on a currentvisit her website www.annshelton.com.www.resene.com/colourarchive,paint colours. colour chart? Mostor you can get older colours tinted Resene colours new andimages Bonny Beattie bonnybeattie.com, Paul McCredieat your local Resene ColorShop. The old can be viewed aswords Emma Rawson Resene Heritage colour chart is also A4 painted drawdownavailable as a handy colour guide swatches at your localfor painting and decorating Early Colonial, Victorian, Edwardian and Resene ColorShop. Dominion era homes.Reseneturn the page for alternative looksReseneSea Mist for this homes bathroom Shadow Green0800 102 006 harrisons.nz69"