b'-dyalternative solutionretro rejuvenation a bathroom for relaxation and rejuvenationInterior designers Kate St James and Catherine Whitting suggest an alternative scheme:While the homes interior is very much influenced by 1950s style, we re-imagined it in an alternative vintage feel without necessarily being any one specific period. We wanted to create a sense of luxury and wellbeing despite its small size. Being such a small space, we selected a limited palette with a hero colour of Resene Botticelli, a beautiful, relaxing blue/green hue complemented with Resene Concrete and Resene Sea Fog. The quirky, free-standing Rockwell bath stands on blue ball-shaped legs: a reproduction of an antique bath with a modern twist. We chose a complementary Rockwell vanity basin and stand with matching tapware to complete the look.email kate@stjameswhitting.com web www.stjameswhitting.comResene BotticelliReseneMobyBronte Artworkby Catherine WhittingSt James Whittingwww.stjameswhitting.com 0800 17 3000The Water Monopoly Hawthorn Hill MirrorRockwell Bath In Residence (NZ)In Residence (NZ) English Tapware Company (AU)English Tapware Company (AU) www.inres.co.nzwww.inres.co.nzwww.englishtapware.comwww.englishtapware.com Sheridan TowelsFarmers (NZ), Sheridan (AU)before www.farmers.co.nzwww.sheridan.com.au Resene QuarterReseneVilla White Cut GlassAbove: Catherine and Kates baby blue bathroom is a departure from the Bauhaus look,Resene but stays true to the 1950s era of the house. Their refreshing palette sees the main wall onillustrationSea Fogthe left painted in Resene Botticelli with Resene Concrete on the back and right walls andMalcolm Whitetrims and Resene Sea Fog on the ceiling. Though the floor and bottom wall are tiled these could be painted instead using Resene Cut Glass on the floor and a checkered pattern, using Resene Moby and Resene Quarter Villa White, on the walls. Basin, bath and tapware from The Water Monopoly, light from Black Country Metalworks (AU, in NZ try the Maison Pendant in Blue Glass from Lighting Plus), tiles from The Eco Tile Factory, towels fromThe Water MonopolySheridan, bath tray from Oliver Thom.Rockwell White Basin In Residence (NZ)top tipEnglish Tapware Company (AU) www.inres.co.nzTo paint a concrete floor, prep and seal first then coat with Resene Walk-on andwww.englishtapware.comResene finish with Resene Concrete Wax. For a painted tiled effect paint the basecoat Concrete colour, then mask out your grout lines, and paint on your topcoat. Remove the masking tape to reveal your freshly tiled floor.72 73'