b'hobby roomsE very artist needs a space to create, be it a music room, artTo create this arch storage hobby at home studio or a little nook to knit or read. A well-organisedwe cut a semi-circle arch hobby room inspires creativity in the same way that settingshape into the top of a New Years resolutions encourage us to do better. Whats crucial1.8m long (60cm wide is that it must provide the same kind of joy as the pastime itself;and 18mm thick) MDF no painter can create a masterpiece in a studio devoid of light, aboard and painted it in singer in a dark and poky room will undoubtedly fall flat.Resene Twine. We glued Hobbies that allow the mind to soar have become particularlyon bamboo storage importantinaworldaffectedbylockdownsandrestrictions. Whether you are a basketWere currently in the middle of an art and craft revivalfromboxes painted in Resene Lustacryl using Resene weaver or papier mch-maker,knitted toys and cross-stitched samplers to oversized abstractsTwine, Resene Bitter, created from a rainbow of Resene testpots. It was near-impossibleResene Smokescreen, a groovy guitarist or a darlingto find flour during lockdown thanks to a rise in baking; anyoneResene Dust Storm and seekingapensetorapackofpencilswouldhavefounditResene Tuscany.dancer, heres how to transformsimilarly tricky due to an upsurge in colouring in. Crafting is the a room into a creative hub. new cool. top tipSeek harmony Use a pencil attached to a Designing the ultimate workspace in which the creative juices canstring and drawing pin to flow should be approached with the same enthusiasm as any craftcreate a perfect circle.project. The more creative you are with your designated area, theReseneResene better the results. Painting piano keys on the shelving in your musicTwine Rice Cakeroom? A virtuoso performance. Adding a ballet barre (painted in pretty pink Resene Cest La Vie) to better practise your arabesques? Take a bow. Stealing a corner in which to keep your knitting? Pearler. Hobby spaces are where ideas come to life.top tipLet there be light Keep track of the Resene testpots that Lighting is essential in any room, but its elemental that a hobbyyou use regularly by space benefits from adequate illumination. While nothing beatspainting the bottom natural light, strong desk lamps are handy for providing directionalof a storage box in the light for painting or drawing. Brightness can also come from yourcorresponding paint choice of paint shade. Using Resene colours with a high LRV (lightshade. Resene colours reflectance value), for example, can help reflect and bounce the(clockwise from left) natural light around the room and give it the illusion of beingResene Bitter, Resene brighter and more spacious. And while white might be the ultimateDust Storm, Resene space creator, specific colours and colour combinations can fool theSmokescreen and eye and make interiors seem roomier than they are. Resene Twine. This also Pale blues and greens, such as Resene Half Kumutoto or Reseneworks well for items Gum Leaf, create a calming atmosphere and will also enlarge andlike beads and threads.brightenaspace.Theyalsopairwellwithothercolours.A combination such as cream and icy blue is one of the best for making an area appear bigger. Try creamy shades such as Resene EighthOpposite: Creative spaces inspire Thorndon Cream, Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta or Resene Rice Cakecreativity. These Resene Rice CakeResenewalls are given sunny style by paintingDust Stormalongside cool blues such as Resene Breathless or Resene Cut Glass. a full circle in Resene Twine (112cm wide) and a half circle in Resene Dust Design to inspire Storm. Ask for your accent wall coloursReseneBut in order to get your hobby on, you need to chuck the messto be tinted into a base of ReseneSmokescreenout. As counterintuitive as it may sound, creativity feeds on order,SpaceCote Low Sheen which gives a not chaos. Clutter makes it much harder to concentrate. If youdurable wall finish which also doubles as a chalkboard so that you can keepResenecant find the right equipment, youre more likely to feel frustratedtrack of your projects, progress orBitterthan fully expressed. So, store frequently used items in plain sight.stitch count. Floor in Resene Rice Cake Transfer tools into colour coded transparent tubs to better seeand desk painted in Resene Bitter. top tip them at a glance. Create a magnetic noticeboard using Resene FXChair and clipboard in ReseneReseneMagnetic Magic. Paint this magnetic paint onto your wall beforeSmokescreen, ladder in Resene Lusty,TuscanyUpcycled glass jars are idealtopcoating in your chosen Resene colour to make a surface youwrapping paper pot in Resene Tuscany, for loose items. You cancan attach music sheets or photos to inspire an artwork. plant pots in Resene Lusty and Resene easily colour code them bySmokescreen, small-ribbed vase inResenepainting each lid first inResene Dust Storm, tall vase in ReseneLustyResene Waterborne SmoothResene EighthReseneReseneLusty and DIY arch storage unit in Surface Sealer and thenThorndon Cream Cut Glass Gum Leaf Resene Twine with boxes painted in two coats of a differentReseneReseneReseneResene Bitter, Resene Dust Storm,Resene Quarter Resene testpot colour. Cest La Vie Breathless Half Kumutoto Resene Tuscany and Resene Rice Cake. Pearl Lusta74 75'