b'testpotsL ast year the universe pulled the rug out fromdesignyouobserveatadistance,thesenaturalReseneunder us. There arent many facets of life thatelements are designed to be touched. Rattan, cane a fresh andhaventbeendisruptedbyclosedborders,and linen make their way into homes, and woodArrowroot industry changes or broken supply lines due to thecomes to the fore. Wood stains are significant inResenepandemic. But often after times of great heartbreak2021 says interior designer and Resene BlackWhiteHalf Alabaster and loss comes a period of healing. Weve seen this ineditor Laura Lynn Johnston. Resenehistory following the Great War and World War II whenWith a wood stain, you can see more of theWhiskey Soursociety rebuilt with a new appreciation for life, friendsnatural beauty of the timber grain showing through,Resenefamily. This is our time to grow and in turn, thisbut youre still getting that beautiful depth of colour Quarter DroughtResenetake seasons trends are imbued with new positivity. forand texture, says Laura Lynn. you automatically getTriple White PointerA lesson from the past year is we need to be kindWith textural elements, to others, and we also need to be kind to ourselves.highlights,lowlightsandshadows,soitcreatesReseneHalf Friar GreystoneAll that time cooped up indoors has highlighted thatcosiness and depth. Plus, theres that tactical element our homes need to be spaces that rejuvenate us, giveto it which makes for an even more engaging space. ReseneWhitewashus strength and help us to succeed. Lifes complicatedResene Colorwood timber stains can be appliedReseneenough as it is without living in a space thats stressingto floors or wallseven ply will have a natural grainIronsandus out. Our homes are now our sanctuary. whichcomestolife.Battens,laidhorizontally,Resenevertically or in a grid are an easy way to add additionalFriar GreystoneA new leaf depth. A dark wood stain such as Resene ColorwoodReseneNatural design and spaces inspired by the outdoorsSheer Black has a comforting cocoon-like quality.All Blackare a big design trend. Being outdoors is goodTexture can be introduced to plastered walls usingResene ColorwoodAs the world takes a deep breath,the soul, and our time in lockdown only highlightedpaintingtechniquessuchasragrollingorSheer Blackhow refreshing it is to get out and smell the roses,colourwashing. Apply a base colour such as off-whiteResenedesign trends take a leaf out ofcrunch through fallen leaves and dip our toes in theResene Arrowroot. Choose a topcoat colour such asTapaocean.Thisseasonsnature-inspireddesignshaveResene Half Alabaster diluted with Resene FX PaintResene ColorwoodMother Natures playbook. moredepthandtexturethanpreviousseasons.Effects(aproductthatcreatesasemi-transparentNaturalWood, natural fibres, leaves, stone and clay all play acolour) to create a limewashed effect. For a punchierResene QuarterFriar Greystonepart in this new aestheticbut this is not a botanicallook try Resene Whiskey Sour. Opposite: Stained timber is an easy way to bringthe natural design trend into your living room.Ply walls finished with a dark wood stain blend cosy old-world charm with the latest timber trend. The plywood wall is stained in Resene Colorwood Sheer Black with battens in Resene Lustacryl tinted to Resene All Black to create a textured and engaging space. Floor in Resene Colorwood Natural, pendant lamp in Resene Black White, sideboard in Resene Snow Drift and nesting coffee tables in Resene Bison Hide (large, left) and Resene Quarter Drought (small, right), large vase in Resene Half Hairy Heath, small vase in Resene Quarter Drought and lidded dish in Resene Tequila. Sofa from Nood, artwork from Cloud 9 Creative, rug from Adairs, cushion covers and marble dish from Citt.Right: The whitewashed trellis and textured painted wall create a soft and snuggly feeling in this conservatory. Back wall painted in Resene Triple White Pointer, side wall in Resene Half Friar Greystone with Resene FX Paint Effects medium coloured with Resene Quarter Friar Greystone applied to the wall using a large brush in a swirly motion then wiped off with a clean, dry rag to create a marbled effect. Tongue-and-groove flooring in Resene Triple White Pointer, trellis panels finished in Resene Whitewash, pallet bar painted in Resene Ironsand with top in Resene top tip Friar Greystone, small plant pot in Resene Bitter, large planters in Resene All Black and Resene Battens are an easyTapa. Table and chairs from Early Settler, wine way of adding textureglasses from Adairs, plates, carafe and salad bowl to a space. Paint usingfrom Kmart. Resene Lustacryl in a darker shade to theReseneReseneReseneResene HalfReseneResene wall colour for a Snow Drift Black WhiteBison Hide Hairy Heath TequilaBitterbig impact.6 7'