b'my favourite coloursResene Dauntlessdauntless Resene FH37518 LFI114 WILL401 ReseneFuel YellowPrairie Sandbravery HAN100353233 cr76003 FD25315 KEN504Interior designer and broadcaster Hamish Dodd is not afraid to use colour unexpectedly. Resene Red Red Red610734 KOS501 512101906-132-03 cr75106 36503_2What have you been working on in the past 12 months? People often panic when I paint a room I have been fortunate enough to be extremely busy. I have a regularthinking it looks very bright. I often remind spot on the television show The Caf, and I co-host the DIY Expertsthem that the paint colour will seem intense until show on Magic Talk Radio. Last year I also worked on the TV showyou have the furniture and bedding back in theResene The Bach That JK Built. I also have my interior design work, and Iveroom. When the furnishings are in place, they neverBlue Barkbeen working on a few garden projects. think the colour is too bright. I designed a roomResene 90220 Get thebest of both worlds.withReseneBlueBarkonthewallsavery xxxxxxx ReseneWhat is your favourite room to design? strongblue/black,butitlookedgreatSoothe EarthstoneI particularly like bedrooms; they are just for the homeownernot abecause there were lots of windows in theChoose from Resenes huge range of designer wallpaper room designed for visitors. People cut loose a bit more when they arespace: the dark colour framed the views. and complement with your favourite Resene paint colours. decorating a bedroom. Resene ArethereanycoloursyoudontRivergum Come in today and enjoy the Resene difference.Youve become known for your wardrobe designshow canlike?colour transform a wardrobe? Im a little challenged by lavender or lilac. Ive started painting in between the shelves of wardrobes with coloursButtherearesomebeautifulshadesof such as dark emerald greens, greys and charcoal blacks such aspurpleitshowyouuseitthatmakes Resene Rivergum, Resene Excalibur, Resene Grey Area and Resenethe difference.1906-130-02 36921 529029 36919-4Bokara Greyand boy does it make a difference, even on a cheapReseneyour paint, colour and wallpaper experts!white melamine wardrobe. The wardrobe is where you store yourTo see more of Hamishs work, visitExcaliburclothes, and its part of your personality, so why not have fun with it?www.stripemedia.co.nz.If the closet is all higgledy-piggledy and its very generic, thats a bit frustrating.What are your favourite Resene colours?Its difficult to pick. I love Resene Dauntlessits a fantastic blue and has some depth to it. If someone asks me, Whats a nice colourResene 52755_1 P023-VD2I always say Resene Dauntless. My favourite colour for a barn isThorndon Cream IUM107 434057_640_0 DCUM1012 HAN100337230 P014-VD3Resene Red Red Red. It can be tough to find a red that sits nicely inResene Irokothe landscape and looks good in our bright light, but this one does. For wood stains, I love Resene Woodsman Crowshead for fences andReseneWoodsman Crowsheadweatherboards. Resene Iroko is a fantastic smoky brown that looksResene great on a deck. If you are looking for a neutral interior colour thatGrey Areawill feel whitebut not too whiteI love Resene Thorndon Cream,ReseneResene Reseneit goes well with pastels. Bokara Grey Pompadour AquamarineDo you think people should be braver with colour? Above: Hamish painted this wardrobe using Resene Rivergum.1906-134-02 P026-VD2Its just a simple update that makes such a difference. It instantly Paint can change the entire feeling of a room, and I try to instilmakes the wardrobe seem more glamorous and sophisticated, confidence in my clients about using colour.he says.80'