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From habitat plus - decorating and colour trends 2022

Paint effects, pinstripes and everything through to geometric wall designs and animal motifs. See what's trending in 2022...

Awash with colour

The resurgence of paint effects – and, in particular, limewashing – has, without question, become one of the hottest trends around. Those wishing to imitate the look of Mediterranean or concrete walls and floors are in luck, because it's a look that's very simple to create.

A ragged textural paint effect
Textural paint effect*

Start by painting your walls in two coats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel (or Resene Walk-on flooring and paving paint for your flooring) tinted to your favourite Resene colour. Once dry, use a Resene testpot in a similar colour that’s one or two values lighter or darker than your base colour to colour a can of Resene FX Paint Effects Medium. Then, simply use a rag dipped in the mixture to apply it in a circular motion over your base colour with one hand and soften the look with a clean, dry rag using your other hand. To give it even more depth, repeat the process again with the same colour (or a third one). To pull it back, dip your rag in your base hue and apply it to any areas where the effect is too strong. If you prefer a more brushed style apply the coloured Resene FX Paint Effects Medium by brush using a random criss cross technique.

*Wall in Resene Anglaise with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Calico, ragged for a textural effect. Floor in Resene Calico with layers built up of Resene FX Paint Effects Medium mixed with Resene Cobblestone and Resene Half Karaka. Textured painted pot in Resene Anglaise with Resene FX Paint Effects coloured with Resene Calico. Bench from Domo, scarf and bag from World, pendant lamp from Republic Home, basket vase from Città.

Just a touch

Contrast is one of the most important design principles and can really make or break your look. While mixing up the depth of the tones (or ‘value’) you use is one way to create contrast, you can also bring in a completely different hue as another strategy. In a space that otherwise follows a tone-on-tone colour scheme, bringing in a completely different accent hue can really make a space pop. Not unlike vintage photographs, it’s the sepia tones in Resene Cape Palliser and Resene Desperado that bring this otherwise greyscale bedroom to life. For a different yet equally striking look, swap the sepia out for a soft green grey, dusty pink or lilac such as Resene Tasman, Resene Soothe or Resene Alluring.

Creating contrast moodboard; pops of colour

A greyscale bedroom - film noir inspired

Moodboard: Background in Resene Silver Chalice, A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Desperado, Resene Sea Fog, Resene Surrender, Resene Silver Chalice, Resene Half Stack, Resene Double Stack, Resene Grey Friars, ball in Resene Blackjack, vases in Resene Surrender (top) and Resene Half Stack (bottom) and coaster in Resene Cape Palliser. Pillowcase from Homebody.  Bedroom: Wall in Resene Half Stack, floor in Resene Silver Chalice with half circle in Resene Half Grey Friars, door in Resene Surrender with half circle in Resene Half Grey Friars, bedside table in Resene Double Stack, pendant lamp and arch vase in Resene Grey Friars, vase in Resene Desperado and tealight holder in Resene Cape Palliser. Bedlinen from Allium and Adairs, pillowcases from Homebody.

Top tip:  For the highest contrast, choose an accent hue that’s on the opposite side of the colour wheel from your main colour (which is also known as a complementary colour scheme). Try Resene Chelsea Gem with Resene Elephant. For a less dramatic difference, pick an adjacent colour instead (which is known as an analogous colour scheme) such as Resene Juniper with Resene Bounty.

Different strokes

Painterly dots, dashes, stripes and strokes that you would normally see in artwork have been making their way off the canvas and on to walls and furniture. In a minimalist space, a wall mural featuring these techniques can be an affordable and creative alternative to the kind of large-scale artwork that would be needed to define the space. In more maximalist situations, try replicating a painterly motif found on textiles, accessories or artwork that appears elsewhere in the room to carry those colours and designs to a different area, which will result in a more cohesive space.

A painterly motif

Painted wall mural

Striped wavy wall: Wall design in Resene Havoc, Resene Origin, Resene Hemisphere, Resene Black and Resene Yarra (Resene Yarra and Resene Origin are from older collections – try Resene Optimist and Resene Niagara for current alternatives). Designed and painted by Love Berto, interior design by Izzard Design, image by Studio South.  Wall mural: Wall in Resene Mako with colour block in Resene Tide, dots in Resene Bronco and stripes in (from left to right) Resene Mint Julep, Resene Rapture, Resene Apache and Resene Bronco. Chair from Good Form, bowl from Città.

Line up

A variation on the colour blocking trend, those with a steady hand and the patience to see the technique through have been creating impressive wall features comprised of hand-painted pinstripes. This gives an effect that is much more subtle than a solid block of colour, ideal for formal rooms that could use a touch of loosening up and an extra dose of visual texture.

Painted pinstripes above fireplace

Painted pinstripes in bedroom

Lounge: Wall in Resene Triple Merino with hand-painted pinstripes in Resene Double Cod Grey, floor in Resene Kensington Grey, mantle in Resene Raven, arch in Resene Double Cod Grey and chess board table and vases in Resene Double Cod Grey and Resene Seashell. Chair from King, rug from The Ivy House, cushion from Città.  Bedroom: Wall in Resene Mystic with pinstripe painted feature in Resene Relax, floor in Resene Mystic with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium coloured with Resene Dusted Grey, headboard in Resene Relax trimmed in Resene Quarter Iron, bedside table in Resene Dusted Grey and lamp base in Resene Astronaut with hand-painted shade details in Resene Zephyr. Bedspread from H&M Home, pinstripe pillow from Thread, green and rust cushions from Collect Living.

State of the art

Whether they bring attention to an architectural feature, fill an odd wall or act in the place of artwork, interior murals are having a renaissance right now. With endless options for colours and shapes, let your imagination and creativity be your guide for making the most of this trend. Your mural can be as simple or as complex and as neutral or as colourful as you’d like. Or get inspired by these designs that rely on cohesive tonal colour palettes to make a statement.

Top tip:  Making a mural is exciting, but no matter how artistic you may be, it’s smart to plan out your design on paper first and then use a pencil to mark it on the wall before you start painting.

A marble mural in a relaxing, natural space

A tonal rainbow mural features in this dining room

Marble mural: Upper wall in Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream, lower wall in Resene Double Thorndon Cream, marble mural in Resene Cougar, Resene Half Cougar, Resene Craigieburn, Resene Half Craigieburn, Resene Quarter Craigieburn (top half) and Resene Terrain, Resene Evolution, Resene Cobblestone, Resene Quarter Karaka, Resene Half Karaka (bottom half), floor in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, pendant lamp in Resene Zeus and Resene Terrain, tables in Resene Cobblestone (left) and Resene Zeus (right), plant pots on floor in Resene Zeus (left) and Resene Rivergum (right), shelf in Resene Half Karaka, vases in Resene Cougar, Resene Evolution and Resene Thorndon Cream and book in Resene Rivergum. Sofa and ottoman from King, statement cushion and throws from Freedom.  Rainbow mural: Walls and floor painted in Resene Frozen with tonal rainbow in Resene Spindle, Resene Half Spindle, Resene Frozen and Resene Zircon, stools in Resene Frozen and Resene Gelato and pendant lamp and plant pot in Resene Black White. Table from Freedom, tableware from Country Road.

Resene Mid Greywash

70's inspired painted stripes in bedroom

Striped wallpaper

Bedroom: Stripes need not be straight. Go for a funkier look that channels the 70s with sweeping stripes instead. Walls in Resene Anglaise with top stripe in Resene Digeridoo and bottom stripe in Resene Fuel Yellow, floor in Resene Colorwood Bark and vase in Resene Digeridoo. Bedside table, candleholder, bowl and rug from Good Form, duvet from Father Rabbit, pillowcases from Penney + Bennett, cushions from Città, ottoman from Contempa. Sitting area: Wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection 539042.

Colour blocking in your lounge

Blue and white lounge - colour blocking

Cream/white lounge: Walls in Resene Double Spanish White with border in Resene Eighth Spanish White, floor in Resene Quarter Spanish White, timber shapes stained in Resene Colorwood Meranti and Resene Colorwood Dark Oak, cabinet in Resene Quarter Spanish White, side table in Resene Clay Creek and large plant pot in Resene Double Spanish White. Chair from David Shore, birds and turned wooden bowl from Good Form, knot ornament from Freedom, rug from Briscoes.  Blue/white lounge: Upper wall in Resene Rice Cake (right) and Resene Woodland (left), lower wall in Resene Half Kumutoto and flooring and pot in Resene Rice Cake. Armchair from Contempa, rug and coffee table from Città.

A pink and green colour blocked room

A green and brown room with butterfly and dinosaur decorations

Pink/green room: Back wall in Resene Cabbage Pont (top) and Resene Sakura (bottom), left wall in Resene Lip Service, floor in Resene Sakura and box table in Resene Tuscany. Throw from Città, chair from Good Form.  Green/brown room: Back and right wall in Resene Otter with stripe at left in Resene Pewter and butterflies in Resene Pewter, Resene Serene, Resene Half Washed Green, Resene Paris White and Resene Double Sea Fog, floor in Resene Double Sea Fog, bedside table in Resene Rivergum, vases in Resene Serene and Resene Paris White and dish in Resene Double Sea Fog. Bedside table from Mr and Mrs Ward, artwork by Ruth McGill, throw and pillowcases from Città, rug from Slow Store.

Did you know?  When you use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen to paint your colour block, it can double as a chalkboard. Midrange and darker Resene colours work best for light and white coloured chalk to show. When you want a clean slate, simply wipe off the chalk with a clean damp cloth and start again once its dry.

Living on the ledge

After years of being told to keep clutter out of sight, open shelving has been making a resurgence. This trend is most noticeable in kitchens, where table and serving wares are typically tucked away in drawers and cupboards. Instead, items we’re most proud of – especially one-of-a-kind, handmade, artisanal, heirloom or vintage items – are being put out on full display.

Open shelving in a light blue/green room

With this look, less is often more and attention should be paid to quality over quantity. If paring down or curating items you already own, focus on keeping and showcasing pieces that are both beautiful and functional and letting go of ones that no longer ‘spark joy’. If something you’d like to display has a great shape but is in the wrong colour, you can always paint the outside in a Resene testpot so long as you don't plan to cook with it.

Top tip:  Group displayed items together by colour, or in an array of tonal variations of the same colour, to bring more attention to them.

Pantry items like beans and pasta that won’t be affected by sunlight and changes in temperature can be stored in clear containers with lids or labels painted to coordinate to add more colour and character to kitchen shelves. Wall and skirting board in Resene Half Opal, floor in Resene Rice Cake and cabinet in Resene Log Cabin. Console table, chair and lamp from Good Form.

Wall and battens in Resene Resevoir

Wall and panelling in Resene Ziggurat

Sitting room: Wall and panels in Resene Reservoir, floor in Resene Hint Of Grey and side table in Resene Peppermint. Pendant lamp from Good Form.  Dining room: Wall and panelling in Resene Ziggurat, floor in Resene Mountain Mist, light fixture in Resene Half Duck Egg Blue, Resene Blue Bayoux and Resene Rolling Stone, bowl in Resene Nebula, ball ornament in Resene Half Duck Egg Blue and abstract artwork in Resene Celeste, Resene Nocturnal, Resene Rolling Stone, Resene Blue Bayoux and Resene Alabaster with frame in Resene Half Duck Egg Blue. Table, chairs and sideboard from Freedom.

Feature battens in a blue bedroom

Green panelling in your dining room

Bedroom: Main wall in Resene Bismark with battens in Resene Ziggurat, right wall in Resene Cut Glass, floor in Resene Botticelli, dresser in Resene Norwester with drawers in Resene Ziggurat, Resene Ming and Resene Botticelli and lamp in Resene Teal Blue. Bedding from Adairs.  Lounge: Wall in Resene Spanish Green, tongue-and-groove panelling and floor in Resene Half Washed Green, chair and small picture frame in Resene Blue Smoke, side table and small jug vase in Resene Kalgoorie Sands, fluted vase in Resene Crowdpleaser, painted apple and large jug vase (on floor) in Resene Sunbaked and large picture frames in Resene Crowdpleaser and Resene Sunbaked.

Resene Sunbaked

Painted arches in your lounge

Wall in Resene Sorrento with arches and floor in Resene Zumthor, side table in Resene Ziggurat, vase in Resene Nero and lidded dish in Resene Black White. Sofa, chair and rug from Good Form, cushion from Città.

Play with colour

With real estate at a premium, it’s no longer expected that each member of your household can have their own room all to themselves, never mind a spare room for pursuing a hobby. But clever and creative homeowners have been reclaiming closets, corners or niches to devote to the things they love. Whether it’s dance, music, crafts, reading or gaming that floats your boat, there’s endless options for how you can use paint and timber stains to enhance your hobby space.

Top tip:  For most types of flooring, Resene Walk-on flooring and paving paint is the right choice for painting solid colours or patterns. Finish it with Resene Concrete Wax for added protection. Check with your local Resene ColorShop staff to check which flooring finish is best for your project.

Enhancing your hobby space with colour

Using colour to enhance your hobby space

Music room: Walls in Resene Zircon, floor in Resene Bullitt with ‘sound waves’ in Resene Alabaster, sideboard in Resene Matisse, piano shelf in Resene Alabaster with keys in Resene All Black and record centres and accessories in Resene Dust Storm, Resene Lemon Ginger, Resene Half Rivergum, Resene Bullitt, Resene Matisse and Resene Vesuvius. Chair from Nood.  Dance studio: Wall in Resene Geyser with colour block paint effect in Resene Cest La Vie, side panel edges in Resene Regent Grey with rectangles in Resene Geyser and design in Resene Quarter Iron, floor in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, pendant lamp in Resene Quarter Iron (top) and Resene Cest La Vie (bottom), round tables in Resene Martini with stripes in Resene Quarter Iron (small) and Resene Regent Grey with base and stripe in Resene Gunmetal (large) and bar in Resene Cest La Vie. Mirror from Made of Tomorrow, rug from The Ivy House, artwork from endemicworld.

Resene Mid Greywash

Get into shapes

Geometric wall designs – both in paint and wallpaper – are ideal for those who like a little more structure and uniformity in their spaces. Squares, triangles, circles, diamonds and hexagons are all up for grabs and work best when repeated in multiple places and at different scales throughout your space. Look for décor items like cushions, accessories and artwork that repeat your chosen geometric motif. Or pick up some Resene testpots in colours that coordinate with your space and try your hand at painting designs on tables, cabinets, chairs, lamps, plant pots, vases, walls or flooring.

Top tip:  Paint two basecoats of Resene FX Magnetic Magic under your painted wall feature to turn it into a handy noticeboard capable of holding up strong magnets.

Painted geometric wall designs

Painting geometric wall designs in your kitchen

Room with divider: Wall in Resene Eighth Black White (right) and Resene Double Concrete (left), floor in Resene Half Concrete, timber divider in Resene Colorwood Pitch Black, standing bar, pendant lamps and mug in Resene Eighth Black White with designs in Resene Blackjack, shelf in Resene Blackjack and plant pot in Resene Double Concrete. Rug from The Ivy House, stool from Cintesi, artwork from endemicworld.  Kitchen: Trendy tiles can be expensive. Get the same look for less – including less of a headache to remove if your style or tastes change a few years down the road – with a tile-like wallpaper design. Wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection HX3-008.

Geometric wallpaper design

Painted colourful cirlces in home interior

Wallpaper: Use Resene Wallpaper Collection 538649 to bring a mid-century vintage vibe to an office or lounge.  Painted circles: Wall and floor in Resene Rice Cake with circle in Resene Twine, half circle and shelf in Resene Dust Storm and plant pots in Resene Putty and Resene Biscotti. Rocking chair from Freedom, cushion from Shut the Front Door.

Going troppo

Fronds from palm to monstera continue to grace wallpaper and textiles and are a chic way to bring elements of the outside in. But more and more, we’re seeing these patterns appear in more unexpected colour combinations. Rather than typical emerald and ivy greens, it’s designs with pretty pastel pinks, blues and beiges that have been popping up on our radar. Try Resene Wallpaper Collection 218741 on a statement wall or use it to cover dresser drawers or a door for an airy look. Or try your hand at hand-painting some palms on to a headboard or coffee table using an array of Resene testpots to bring instant elegance to your bedroom or lounge.

Tropical themed wallpaper in light hues

Tropical themed wallpaper in rich, dark hues

Light wallpaper: Left wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection 218741, other walls in Resene Alabaster, floor in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt. Sofa and ottoman from Contempa, lamp from Good Form, cushion covers and side table from Città, rug from Mood Store, mirror from Made of Tomorrow.  Green wallpaper: Wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection 47404, floor in Resene Thor, coffee table in Resene Pale Leaf (background), Resene Thor (vine leaves), Resene Swamp (large simple leaf) and Resene Green Meets Blue (palm leaf), cane chair in Resene Surf Crest and hand chair stained in Resene Colorwood Driftwood. Artwork from Nood, hand chair from Bali and Teak.

A tropical inspired painted headboard

Wall in Resene Dark Slate, headboard in Resene Triple Blanc with palm tree design painted in Resene Yucca, Resene High Tide, Resene Half Bison Hide and Resene Rum Swizzle, bedside tables in Resene Triple Blanc, vase in Resene Half Lemon Grass and book wrapped in Resene Wallpaper Collection 537833. Linen from Container Door, sheets from Society of Wanderers, throws and bedside tables from Kmart.

Resene Driftwood

On the wild side

Animal lovers have never needed an excuse to show off their passion for their favourite fauna, but animal motifs have been wildly trending. The love of birds is strong, and accessories and accents that feature feathered friends can be found in most décor shops. Jungle creatures like jaguars and monkeys appear frequently as statuettes and as part of fun wallpaper designs. Leopard spots and zebra stripes continue to be popular patterns for textiles.

Channel an elephant and don’t forget – dated ornaments found in op-shops can look chic and trendy when given a quick lick of Resene paint to coordinate or contrast with your chosen colour palette.

Nature inspired room with bird accessories

Animal themed wallpaper

Room with bird accessories: Wall in Resene Travertine, floor in Resene Ravine, dresser and ‘birdhouses’ in Resene Middle Earth with frame in Resene Ravine, plant pot in Resene Rock Spray, birds in Resene Rock Spray and Resene Half Melting Moment, lidded dish in Resene Half Chill Out, vase in Resene Quarter Drought, books in Resene Middle Earth and Resene Ravine and branch hanging rack in Resene Middle Earth. Chair and large bird from Nood.  Animal wallpaper: Wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection 540147.

Pampered pets

Pet ownership is at an all-time high – and so are the ways we spoil the animals we share our homes with. If any of the babies you have in your home are of the furry variety, there’s nothing stopping you from decorating an area of your home especially for them. Create a theme by stencilling or masking to create graphic shapes and paint belongings like beds, bowls, hooks or storage containers in Resene colours to coordinate.

A pampered pets room

Walls in Resene Coast, floor in Resene Half Chicago, doghouse outline in Resene Half Athens Grey, kennel door in Resene Armadillo, stencilled paws in Resene Alamo and Resene Half Athens Grey, dog bed in Resene Half Athens Grey and coat pegs in Resene Nero (left) and Resene Alamo (right).

Break the ice

Instant conversation starters, quirky and interesting wallpapers continue to be popular and are the perfect way to express your personality on your walls or ceilings. Give your visitors a reason to break the ice with bathroom, lounge, hallway or dining room walls in a cheeky selection from the Resene Wallpaper Collection that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Visit your local Resene ColorShop to view the latest releases.

Keep in mind that most wallpapers are only available for sale for 2-3 years, sometimes shorter, so if you are planning to use the same wallpaper in multiple places or on a big project always make sure you have enough when you start the project. It often pays to buy an extra roll in case you need a little more later. If a design you like is no longer available, you can always try replicating it with paint for a one-of-a-kind look.

Quirky graphic wallpaper - 219920

Large floral print walllpaper - DGKEN201

Gold textured wallpaper - 219920

White/black wallpaper: Wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection 219920.  Floral wallpaper: Wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection DGKEN201.  Gold wallpaper: Opting for upper walls in a decadent gold textured wallpaper will be sure to stir up a conversation. Upper wall in Resene Wallpaper Collection MG11102, lower wall and floor in Resene Nero. Pendant lamps, armchair and stool from Good Form, mirror from Made of Tomorrow, coffee table from Contempa.

Go for a textured wallpaper – especially one with a golden patina – on the upper half of your walls paired with lower panelling and flooring in a charcoal black like Resene Double Foundry or Resene Nero and tactile textiles like velvet and leather for a lavish look. If you can’t find a golden wallpaper you like, choose a paintable Anaglypta textured wallpaper design from the Resene Wallpaper Collection and give it the Midas touch with Resene Gold Dust metallic paint.

Top tip:  For more wallpaper ideas, pick up the habitat plus – wallpaper book, available free from your local Resene ColorShop or reseller or view it online at

On the bright side

Whether they’re cheerful, bold or energetic, nothing makes an eye-catching statement the way that bright Resene hues do. While bright colours continue to mainly be used as a way to link a space together or punctuate a more neutral palette, the only limit to how little or much you use rests in your imagination. After all, fortune favours the bold, they say!

More reds ahead

There’s probably no statement colour more classic than a showstopping red like Resene Red Berry or Resene Smashing. But reds are also a re-emerging trend, which means you’re about to see plenty more of this striking hue. Not only will fire-engine reds like Resene Red Red Red be roaring back in, but there will also be deeper variants surfacing, such as Resene Vanquish.

Dining room with bold and energetic hues

Making a statement with bold red hues

Dining room: Back wall and window trim in Resene Triple Merino, left wall in Resene Anglaise, floor in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, table in Resene Half Sea Fog, left chair in Resene Twine, centre chair, picture frame, plant pot and plate in Resene Half Resolution Blue, cabinets in Resene Spindle with painted shapes in Resene New York Pink, Resene Twine, Resene Smashing and Resene Half Resolution Blue, dish rack in Resene Spindle, vase in Resene Smashing and breadboard in Resene Twine. Red chair from Cintesi, artwork from endemicworld.  Sitting room: Left wall in Resene Zumthor, right wall in Resene Red Berry and floor in Resene Colorwood Dark Ebony. Bookcase from Danske Møbler, vases from Republic Home, rug from Designer Rugs, chair from Matisse, artwork from Slow Store.

Top tip:  Use Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss enamel to bring pops of colour to accessories, furniture, lamps and chairs. Or opt for Resene Enamacryl gloss for a higher sheen and to help the colour pop.

Resene Mid Greywash

No shrinking violets

Purples from lilac to aubergine are also gaining traction. The colour of royalty – but also the more polarising of hues – it’s not a part of the spectrum that speaks to everyone. But if you’ve got a penchant for purples, consider this your permission to take tones like Resene Wonderland, Resene Paua and Resene Covert to your walls, flooring, furniture and accessories to get ahead of the curve.

Top tip:  For a surprising pop of colour, paint the edges of a door or a room transition in a fun Resene hue. Or use a metallic paint colour, like Resene Proton, for an added bit of sparkle.

Painted in purples - an ombre wall effect

Ombre wall effect in (from left) Resene Paua, Resene Covert and Resene Wonderland, floor in Resene Wonderland, cabinets in Resene Covert, vases in (from left) Resene Paua, Resene Covert, Resene Wonderland and Resene Half Scotch Mist, books in Resene Wonderland, Resene Paua and Resene Covert and tall vase (far right) in Resene Lemon Twist. Sofa from Contempa.

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