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Get inspired with colour and the latest decorating and colour trends! If you're getting ready for your next decorating journey, browse through these beautiful mood boards, paints, colours and decorating ideas to help you select just the right look and mood for your space. For more ideas, see the decorating inspiration gallery, habitat magazine or view how-to project ideas.

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Pinstriped blue bedroom
Pretty in pinstripe

The ever-charming English countryside is practically synonymous with rest and relaxation... more
Home barre gym area
On pointe

Those interested in Barre – a fitness movement focused on building long, lean muscles – won't need much floor space to get toned... more
Home office space
Home work

If last year taught us anything, it's that it's a good idea to be prepared with a functional home office space... more
Toasty tiles - 70's inspired terracotta interior
Toasty tiles

With the rise in popularity of 70s inspired styles terracotta has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the trendiest colours for interiors... more
Relaxing grey organic themed lounge
Self care space

The trick to creating a self-care space is to think about the things that make you feel happy and soothed then bring those elements in... more
Black and white apartment with yellow highlights
Pattern play

Is there any colour combination more classic than black and white? A duo like no other, designers and decorators... more
Reading nook -art deco inspiration
Reading ready

For the past two years, shapes, motifs, colours and finishes reminiscent of the Art Deco era have been all the rage... more
Monstera themed bathroom
Monstera bathroom

They're one of those places that don't need to be formal, nor do they need to match or coordinate with the other rooms... more
Peacefull blue calming lounge
Stress buster blues

The colours we choose to decorate with have been shown to have enormous emotional impacts on us... more
Outside living patio for summer and winter
In and out

With more reasons to stay at home than ever before, there's a big draw in turning your home into the kind of place where you can relax... more
Hobby craft room with ample storage and a reading nook
Hobby craft room

Whether you need a relaxing spot to practice yoga or an organised area for your DIY supplies, chances are you don't actually need four walls... more
Warmer tones are making a comeback
Cosy comeback

After two decades of grey reigning supreme as the preferred neutral for most, warmer tones are finally beginning to make a comeback... more
Ship shape - themed kids' rooms
Ship shape

Kids adore fairy tales – especially ones that tell exciting adventure stories about pirates, cowboys or knights... more
Woodland inspired bedroom that grows with your teenager
Out of the woods

As your kids get older and get into their ‘tween' and teen years, decorating their bedrooms can sometimes become more challenging.... more
Danish and Norwegian inspired teal bedroom
Hygge at heart

Hygge (pronounced hyoo-gah) is the Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfort... more
Girls bedroom in neutral colours in shades of white
Greige for the girls

Neutral hues, especially shades of white, are the most common paint colours used in our homes... more
An adults nautical themed bedroom
Sailing away

When you're a kid, your bedroom is special. It's the only place where you get to express your personality. As adults, it's no different... more
Reading nook with a country grown up vibe
Palette pops

This relaxed reading nook with its grown–up English country vibe shows how far your choice of hues can go in creating interest in a room... more
Master bedroom balanced in blue and green hues
Decorating duo

Designing a master bedroom where both masculine and feminine energies have been captured... more
Shared room using an neutral palette
Shared style

Sharing can be difficult for some children but decorating a shared kid's room room doesn't have to be hard... more
Teenage - tween music inspired personal space
In harmony

There are few things more popular or better at uniting human beings than music... more
Nautical themed relaxing room with your personal style
Smooth sailing

If there is one thing that we have come to realise, it's that everyone needs a place to call their own... more
Retro eighties inspired dining room
Eighties for the twenties

With the cyclic nature of fashion and design, 80s looks are a hit among the hip crowd. Retro design elements... more
Zen inspired japanese tearooms
All in balance

Everything feels right in a space when each of the elements within it have been properly balanced... more
Home solutions - home office, storage, murals
Home solutions

Get creative with your home office, paint a hidden mural or make some built in storage for your home.... more
Classic tones, enduring looks
Lasting appeal

Get inspired by the everyday with these classic tones and enduring palettes. Choosing classic ‘anti-trend' colours is a trend in and of itself... more
Triangled mural to define a reading nook

With an open plan layout, you don't always have walls to rely on to provide definition between different areas and activities... more
Art inspired colour choices
Art starter

Once you've found some that you really love, why not use it to inspire a colour palette... more
Paint an floral mural in your lounge
Positively painterly

In this lounge, a wall in Resene Solitude has been given a gorgeous painterly treatment... more
Paint a plant mural on your lounge wall
Succulently lined

Created with a continuous line in Resene Midnight Express, this wall has been completely brought to life... more
Paint  an mini mural on your door
Simply a-door-able

A mini mural doesn't have to be relegated to your walls. It can be on a door, floor, ceiling... more
Artwork inspired personal colour palette for your dining room
Repetition and rhythm

The artwork you choose for your space should feel very personal and can inspire a colour palette... more

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