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Get inspired with colour! If you're getting ready for your next decorating journey, browse through these beautiful mood boards and colour ideas to help you select just the right look and mood for your space. For more ideas, see the decorating inspiration gallery, habitat magazine or view how-to project ideas.

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A den for everyone
Monochrome magic

There's a reason why deep cool colours are so popular for bedrooms – with their cocooning, calming nature, they are very conducive to a good night's sleep... more
A den for everyone
A den for everyone

This beautiful serene space has been created to be an inviting and comfortable escape that's refreshingly gender neutral.... more
80s retro citrus colours
Dream of the 80s

The 'noughties' kicked off with a 1980s electropop renaissance – and the looks that went with it have lasted... more
Childrens working spaces for boys and girls
Playful working spaces

While sharing is caring, and decorating kids' spaces can be a lot of fun, choosing the right colours for a room that's shared by a boy and girl can feel daunting... more
Outdoor greens come inside your lounge
Splashing out

Aquas and teals are splashing into interiors right now, particularly accents in shades like Resene Yowza, Resene She’ll Be Right and Resene Yes Please... more
Cape cod look
A classic beachy Cape Cod look

Nothing says relaxed beach style more than a range of soft blues, pale greys and seafoam whites... more
Golden bedroom shades
Golden glow

Deep golds and ochres are a colour of the moment, popping up in accessories, bedlinen and even on whole walls... more
Grey blues kitchen styles
Grey-blues meet copper

Grey-blues and copper tones are a match made in heaven as this dreamy tonal blue kitchen shows... more
Duck egg blue three ways
One room, three ways: duck egg blue

Since being made famous by Marie Antoinette nearly 300 years ago, we’re not sure there’s any colour that’s been quite as pervasive in the interior design world as duck egg blue.... more
Two-toned neutrals - fawns and whites.
Washed in whitewash

This fresh cool room manages to take the essence of trendy
Scandi cool... more
Purple monotones
Dramatic monotone

Going all-in on one bold colour is a courageous idea and as this demonstrates, the results can be stunning... more
Two-toned neutrals - fawns and whites.
Two-toned neutrals

For large rooms, or simply as a striking feature, this unique two-toned look is a great way to add structure... more
Citrus orange colours
Citrus goes full-bodied

This rich warm dining space is a sophisticated take on a classic citrus... more

Character darks

Dark exteriors have always held appeal. Black-painting weatherboards or other styles of cladding give a house a smart urban look... more
Raindance whitewash benchseat
Space to soothe

Weathered blues and whitewashed plywood create a soothing space to relax and read as we seek to escape the hectic, ultra-public and digtal world beyond the front door... more
Pink just dance lounge
Creamier whites

You need shades that are versatile and will look in rooms of all shapes and sizes, will give you a blank, but not boring, canvas to build on... more
Schist green living
The new neutrals

Our concept of what a neutral colour is changing. No longer are we talking only about whites, creams, beiges and greys when we talk about neutrals... more
Pink just dance lounge
Peach meets pink

It has been the darling of recent times – millennial pink has appeared in all walks of life from clothing (men’s and women’s), products, accessories, hair and makeup, and interiors... more
Schist green living
It’s all in the layers

This sophisticated room is an easily achievable, classic look brought right up to date with the deft use of accent colours and layered tones... more
Green striped bedroom
Tonal stripes

They’re simple to achieve, have endless variations and can be adapted to suit almost any look, from the full nautical ensemble of blue and white to something more minimalist and natural like this refreshing, inviting space... more
Earthy colourblock living
Earthy colourblock living

The dusky earth tones of this calm space, mixed with the natural fibres and wood tones make it feel as though you’ve just stepped in to an airy, cool luxury lodge after a trek through the desert or savannah... more
Desert pink living room
Sunset tones

Not too long ago this gorgeous mellow-toned room would likely have been awash in millennial pinks but here there’s a subtle shift away from that side of the spectrum into the modern trend for peaches and nudes... more
Blue wavy bedroom
Waves of blue

Swirled to sleep Swirly waves of colour inspired by the lapping sea create a calm and peaceful environment for sleeping in this soothing bedroom... more

Deeply geo

Keeping it charming, cosy and oh-so-modern in this strong blue and grey look, this living room complements a feature wall in.... more

The new earthy roses

A modern take on an old favourite: terracotta. This tone-on-tone living space harks back to the retro appeal... more

Meet the super neutrals

Turn a forgotten corner into a modern reading nook with super neutrals from Resene... more

Wabi-sabi style

Soft muted greens are the new neutral this season. Use a two-tone approach for interest and add deeper vegetative greens... more

Try Japandi

Japandi – a mix between Japan style and Scandi with a simple organic style and using natural colours, organic shapes, and textural elements... more

The essential home office

The rising popularity of portable devices doesn’t do away with the need for a home office. As a restful, well-ordered corner, this office nook... more

At home with sea greens

An easy-to-make feature wall created with painted ‘planks’ of plywood gives a rich backdrop to this colourful, yet contemporary room... more

A new take on purple

An easy-to-make feature wall created with painted ‘planks’ of plywood gives a rich backdrop to this colourful, yet contemporary room... more

Colour block

Why not pick a bold colour that you love or, like we have here, match it to a key piece of furniture and create a block of beautiful colour? ... more

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