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A place to call their own

Dr. Seuss Nursery photo

The Hembury family bought their house a while ago and are slowly working their way through and renovating it. Zoe is a stay at home mum, so with a focus on the kids, of course their rooms were first.

The trouble was Zoe could only work on them when the kids were asleep or occasionally on the weekend if someone took them for a few hours, so it was slow going. But it was worth it in the end seeing the smiles.

Room one... Beach

Zoe was originally going to paint the room like a forest, with a wood hut, but her son was adamant that he wanted a beach hut, so a beach hut it was. The room was all a boring magnolia beforehand so it made a big difference. It was great to rip up those carpets, but sanding the floors was hard work. It was worth it in the end though as it feels so much bigger, fresher and more fun.

The wall with the beach hut on is painted with Resene Magnetic Magic paint underneath so sea themed magnets can be used on the wall and a magnetic fishing rod can be used to catch them.

Zoe built the beach hut from scratch. It makes a great little playhouse for him and it has a hidden cubby hole at the back through the curtains where they pinched a bit of space from their wardrobe to give him a great hiding spot.

beach hut and mural walls
beach hut details and bed

The main sky is Resene Malibu, the sea and rock pools are Resene Charlotte with details in Resene So Cool, Resene Malibu, Resene Curious Blue, Resene Anakiwa, Resene Endeavour and Resene Alabaster. The sand is Resene Witch Haze with details in Resene Gorse, Resene Solid Gold and Resene Paris Daisy. The rocks and caves are Resene Stack with shading in Resene Trojan and Resene Half Tuna.

He loves his bedroom and spends hours playing in there with his little sister and it provides him with so many opportunities to use his imagination which is what it is all about. They have a very small house, so Zoe has enjoyed being able to give him such a special place that he can call his own; he is so proud of it he shows everyone who comes to our house.

beach hut closeups / wall detail

The beach hut has graduated colour down the side – Resene Endeavour, Resene Curious Blue, Resene Malibu, Resene Anakiwa, a blend of Resene Anakiwa and Resene Wellywood, Resene Neva, Resene Spritzer, a blend of Resene Spritzer and Resene Sulu, Resene Sulu, Resene Witch Haze, Resene Gorse, Resene Solid Gold. Inside is painted in Resene Malibu. The front of the beach hut is Resene Alabaster and the door is (in order) Resene Curious Blue, Resene Malibu, Resene Wellywood, Resene Spritzer, Resene Witch Haze and Resene Gorse. Zoe’s young son enjoyed painting the anchor on the front by splashing and splatting a mix of all these paints onto it.

Room Two… Star Wars

Zoe painted the Star Wars inspired room with Resene Cinder. It’s a lovely colour but she wanted it to have a bit more sparkle and look a bit more spacey, so painted the metallic Resene Blast Grey straight over the top. She found that was a little too metallic and not quite the look I was after, so I blended the two to get a bit of sparkle but not too much.

Then she made the spaceship by cutting it out of wood and backlit it with a strip of LEDS that can change colour by a remote control. The ship was painted with a mixture of Resene Alabaster and metallic Resene Scotty Silver and Resene So Cool, for a nice subtle shimmer look. Zoe also made the storage seat along with the storage boxes which she covered in material on the front and on the top of the storage seat she painted a space type scene with planets and stars etc. using a mix of Resene Testpots (Resene Scotty Silver, Resene So Cool, Resene Gorse, Resene Wellywood, Resene Sulu, Resene Proton, Resene Alabaster, Resene Perano, Resene Stun, Resene Malibu and Resene Charlotte) to get the look, so he can play with his toys on there and use his imagination.

Zoe covered the desk and draws in ripped up old magazines of Star Wars and varnished over the top, then made some pillows and dark curtains to finish off the look.

star wars inspired room
bookshelf details of star wars
star wars lights
bookcase and cabinet details

Room Three… Dr Seuss

Zoe had decided to paint a mural in the new baby’s room, but as they didn’t know if they were having a boy or girl they decided to go for something unisex.

Zoe fell in love with the Dr Seuss landscapes and trees, they are so colourful, and he knows how to make kids use their imagination. Zoe decided that because it is such a small room that it would look better only painted as half a mural, so she used some Resene wallpaper on the bottom half of the wall and painted it in Resene Alabaster and used some wood trim to separate the wall around the middle.

Then she drew freehand the design, which was just a combination of favourite trees and icons from favourite books, then painted it using Resene colours. She then went over the outline with black permanent marker. The sky is Resene Anakiwa. The rest of the mural features Resene Blue Passion, Resene Anakiwa, Resene Lavender, Resene Solid Gold, Resene So Cool, Resene Cupid, Resene West Side, Resene Gorse, Resene Neva, Resene Wild Willow, Resene Sulu, Resene Havoc, Resene Malibu, Resene Wellywood, Resene Gorse, Resene Alabaster, Resene Witch Haze, Resene Tuna and Resene Stack. The door of the wardrobe is painted in Resene Magnetic Magic for an extra layer of play.

Zoe made the bedcovers and covered seats in Dr Seuss material and made some extras like photo albums, pillows and nesting boxes and even a mini Dr Seuss Truffula tree in a pot.

dr. seuss
dr.seuss detail
dr. suess
wall detail

Thanks to the Hembury family.

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