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Sylish light filled family home
Elegant notes

Light-filled and modern, this home benefits from key Resene paint choices... more
Waterfront House in Lyttelton
Colour makes this space

Athfield Architects’ design for Waterfront House in Lyttelton wraps colours of shipping containers... more
Classic bathroom
Classic with highlights

The renovation of this modest 1880s fisherman’s cottage included a dramatic reinvention of the bathroom... more
Natural feel bathroom
Natural selection

A bathroom with verdant outlooks were starting points for the lively Resene tone in this bathroom... more
Evocotive tones
Evocative tones

Sudima Christchurch City hotel connects with the Canterbury environment through texture & tone... more
Make it personal, with colour
Make it personal

Warm, cool, inviting, or atmospheric – a deft choice of colour has a major impact on your project... more
Fresh perspective - office fitout
Fresh perspective

An accounting practice brings drama to the interiors and gives them life and colour... more
Dramatic colours
Vibrant faces

Finding delineation through dramatic paint colours... more
Dramatic walls
Professional choice

Your walls have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your interiors... more
Elegant white
Elegant backdrop

Sometimes a subtle tone complements more high profile features... more
Natural winner
Natural winner

A 2018 TIDA Homes New Zealand winner, this home features... more
Artistic expression
Artistic expression

The Naumi Auckland Airport Hotel offers guests a private, niche environment that celebrates art, quirkiness... more
Black beauty kitchen
Black beauty

Painting the entire kitchen in Resene Nero created a furniture-like appeal and gave the room... more
Natural complement
Natural complement

With generous sea views and the warmth of wood in the living areas, this renovation features... more
1935 historic building facade
Heritage face shines

Connecting past and present, the fully restored heritage building in a prominent position... more
Wallpaper with attitude
Refined accent

To find balance between a semi-industrial, New York loft look and a more refined feel in the bedrooms... more

My own space

Evoking a sense of personal space can be as simple as choosing the right Resene colours... more
Aorangi Specialist Centre
Centre of attention

From its dramatic entry to art gallery-like atrium and dedicated interior spaces, the Aorangi Specialist Centre... more
Media and Billiard Room
Warm and welcoming

A communal media and billiard room in the upmarket Hereford Residences benefits from the warm... more
A suble approach
The subtle approach

A subtle palette of Resene colours creates a restful backdrop at Cosmokids child centre... more
Luxury renovation
Touch of class

This luxury renovation celebrates the charm of the original architecture – paint choices were key... more
Focal Point
Focal point

The power of colour is reflected in this project where the dining room hues pull together the wider palette... more
Elegant tones
Elegant tones

This high-end interior exudes refinement and Resene paint finishes played a key part... more

Colour coded

The fit-out of the new offices for media company Fairfax colour-codes zoned... more
A stand-out entry
Vibrant welcome

Lush tropical gardens surround this home, while a gleaming red door provides a stand-out entry... more
Purified form
Purified form

Understated tones from Resene put the sculptural wall planes... more

Colour and life

This artist’s home by Aonui Architecture is bursting with colour... more
Serene appeal
Serene appeal

This design by Templer Interiors has a refined, welcoming air... more

Surface attraction

This pavilion-style Landmark home has a warm, welcoming appeal... more
A sense of ancient Rome...
Exotic palette

Evocative furnishings, a giant mural and eye-catching surfaces... a sense of ancient Rome... more
Bright Lift Lobby
Architectural ally

Off-whites are a versatile backdrop for offices, allowing occupants to add their own finishing... more
A feature wall in a strong colour
Character strengths

This light-filled Landmark showhome gains interest from a feature wall in Resene Nero... more
Resene colours providea soft contrast to each other andother material finishes in thefit-out of NZME’s new premises
Surface attraction

The NZME fit-out makes the most of the dynamic architecture and its own bold signage... more
This spacious show home has exteriors and interiors finished in crisp Resene colours
Surface attraction

This spacious home has exteriors and interiors finished in crisp Resene colours... more
A simple freehand mural brings this room to life
Picture this

A simple mural brings this room to life, with purple hues from Resene's Multi-finish collection... more
Insight Eyercare's new premises are warm and welcoming with a touch of industrial chic
Perfect vision

Warm and welcoming with a touch of industrial chic, Insight Eyecare's new... more
Designer colours set off interior
Colours set off interior

When it came to choosing the interior colour palette, several factors were taken... more
An eye catching office fitout
Inspiration from above

Colour and perceived space are two ways to achieve an eye-catching interior... more
A calm haven with Resene colours specified to link the house to the natural world
Calm haven

A calm haven with Resene colours specified to link the house to the natural world... more
Jennian Show Home
Favourite corner

Multi-functional spaces, stunning sea views and a palette of Resene neutrals... more
This interior now exudes an airy, light-filled charm
Light fantastic

Once gloomy and uninviting, this interior now exudes an airy, light-filled charm... more
The Waterview Wharf Workshops are redefined by their distinctive new paintwork in complementary Resene shades
Revitalised waterfront

A historic landmark on Sydney Harbour, the Waterview Wharf Workshops are redefined... more
Splashes of bright yellow Resene Golden Dream add a whimsical touch to this Modernist kitchen
Sunny side up

Splashes of bright yellow Resene Golden Dream add a whimsical touch to this Modernist kitchen... more
Uplifting rest home interior
In the limelight

Make it uplifting was the design brief for this rest home interior... more
A bathroom with a slightly masculine character
In the mood

A funky bathroom that’s a little bit masculine and full of character... more
Pacific styled bathroom
Taste of the tropics

The centrepiece of this Pacific-style bathroom is a shower box wrapped in timber stained... more

For a patisserie chef

With a nod to tradition, this new kitchen teams beadboard cabinetry... more
Lion offices have a new interior with Resene colours featuring in New Zealand themed areas
Escape to the office

The new interior of the Lion offices features New Zealand-themed areas... more
Colours that evoke both the sea and French culture
French flavour

Colour plays a fundamental role in the design of this restaurant in a seaside location... more
A visually dramatic kitchen
Colour story

To enhance the visual drama of this new kitchen the designer specified a mix of Resene... more
Black-painted surfaces enhance the intimate and semi-industrial look of a new restaurant/bar
In the mood

To enhance the intimate, semi-industrial look of the new Spice Paragon restaurant... more
Resene Wan White, an umber white, is teamed with black-stained American oak
Monochrome palette

A fresh, cool backdrop to black-stained timber – Resene Wan White makes a bold statement... more
Colour defines the spaces in this home
Defining colour
Colour delineates and defines the spaces in this simple, barn-like home... more

Winning scheme
This lively interior won the Resene Total Colour Residential Interior Award for 2014... more

Ray of sunshine
South Seas colours influenced the interior of the historic, restored Sargood Centre in Dunedin... more
This new kitchen needed to be simple, sharp, bold and yellow.
Sunny side up

This new kitchen needed to be simple, sharp, bold and yellow. A Resene Fuel Yellow... more

Talking point

Colour enlivens the interior of the sustainably designed Hybrid Homes house. Resene paint features throughout... more
An office with a lively palette of Resene colours
Eveybody's talking

It started with a blank canvas, and finished with a lively colour palette from Resene – this office has the exact... more

Colour talk
This award-winning home interior features an innovative mix of Resene shades... more
Colour is used as a dramatic accent
Bright accent

Colour can wield enormous power when used as an accent in a home interior, and it’s all the more dramatic against a neutral... more
In this living room with no windows, the soft tones of Resene Sandcastle create an inviting, cosy retreat
Softly, softly

In this living room with no windows, the soft tones of Resene Sandcastle create an inviting, cosy retreat... more
A subtle tone-on-tone Resene colour palette adds visual depth to the interiors at Eden Village
Eden Village

A subtle tone-on-tone colour palette adds visual depth to the interiors at Eden Village... more
WDEA Head Office, Victoria
Optimism abounds

The new premises housing the head office of the Western District Employment Access is a fresh, inspiring environment... more
Sacred Heart College Performing Arts Auditorium
Standing ovation

Multicoloured acoustic pleating, a colourful proscenium arch and side walls featuring Resene paints enliven this new... more
Resene Fuscous Grey walls are a backdrop for yellow cabinets and accessories
Eye catching
To create a dramatic backdrop for the cabinetry and yellow accessories in this kitchen, the designers painted the rear wall in Resene Fuscous Grey... more
Country ambiance
Country ambiance

Colour plays a significant role in the design of the house - the contrast between the dark exterior and off-white interior helps to define... more
Award-winning colourway
Award-winning colourway

The eye-catching palette in this house has won a major Resene Total Colour Award. Daring to be different has paid off... more
Christchurch Transitional Cathedral
Full protection

It may be called the Transitional Cathedral, but the new building has been built to the codes required for a permanent structure... more
Art Deco bar
In the mood

The lighting, materials and dark walls in the Kitty Bar in Brisbane all help to evoke a glamorous 1920s Art Deco look. The walls... more
The colourful panels on these bathroom walls reflect an appropriate  Art Deco influence
Pastel palette

The colourful panels on these bathroom walls reflect an appropriate Art Deco influence... more
To keep this new house cool in summer, the exterior is painted in Resene CoolColour
On the surface

To keep this new house cool in summer, the exterior is painted in Resene CoolColour... more
A traditional home at Elizabeth Bay
Look twice

This older home in Elizabeth Bay is enlivened with colours from Resene. There’s no rule... more
A colourful fireplace dhowroom
Slice of Godzone

Theatrical vignettes and abstract associations are behind the design of this fireplace showroom... more
Choosing bathroom paint
Which paint?

Bathrooms require special attention when it comes to painting walls, trim and ceilings. Resene covers all the bases... more
A penthouse apartment
In the mood

A spectacular view of Brisbane’s Story Bridge inspired the palette in this penthouse apartment - the walls are in Resene Masala... more
Ahouse nestled in bush which uses a limited palette of raw materials
Back to nature

Nestled in the bush, this Paekakariki family home features a limited palette of raw materials, including pine treated with... more
Locker doors are painted in Resene Blackboard Paint
Chalk it up
Staff at the new Microsoft Wellington offices can take ownership of their own lockers by adding a personal touch... more
A Light, fresh and lively colour scheme
Light, fresh and lively

Light paint colours on both the exterior and interior of the Landmark Homes Karaka house keep the look fresh and lively... more
Inspiring colour trends for 2013
Inspiring colour
What’s hot for 2013? Resene says high-tech and traditional influences play a major role... more
Hammondville Village Community Centre
Coffee break

To revitalise the Hammondville Village Community Centre in New South Wales, the design team specified Resene paints... more
Elim Campus
On campus

White walls create a calming backdrop for the colourful furnishings at the Elim Christian Campus... more
Colour packs a punch in this lively kitchen
With a taste of summer

Colour packs a punch in this lively kitchen, which features complementary Resene shades... more
Jarrah and Pohutukawa red kitchen
Happy days

Inspired by campground kitchens and traditional army mess tents, this jarrah kitchen is enlivened... more
A monochromatic colour palette with the exterior painted in Resene CoolColour Black,  it will help to keep the house cooler in summer
Black and white

A monochromatic colour palette adds a touch of drama to this seaside house. And... more
Blocks of colour in the Waipa Campus building
Colour blocking

While timber features throughout the Waipa Campus, colour was used as the primary device... more
Inviting colour in new apartments
Inviting colour

To create a welcoming entry to this display apartment, walls feature a mix of Resene shades... more
Lively colours in a refurbished dining room
Looks appetising

Lively colours help to stimulate conversation in this refurbished dining room... more
Camera ready kitchen
Camera ready

Bright colours whet the appetite in this new kitchen, which features Resene shades... more
The Riverhead historic hotel
Nod to history
An historic landmark on the upper reaches of the Waitemata Harbour, The Riverhead hotel... more
Bright kitchen
With a passion
Vibrant colour combinations in this kitchen reflect the owners’ personalities... more
Vibrant Resene colours for a busy office hub
Hub of activity

A bustling office, home to several boutique businesses, gets a vibrant makeover... more
Totara Country Lodge was painted in eco-friendly paints from Resene
It's all green

This country lodge was painted in Resene eco-friendly paints... more
Bold Resene colours, including Resene CoolColour Pitch Black
Statement dressing

To highlight the architectural features of this new house, the designer specified bold... more
Colourful stairs with balustradings featuring Resene paints
Prime example

Colourful stairs zigzag up the glazed front of the Ernst & Young and Westpac... more
landscape inspired palette of Resene colours
Palette of the landscape

Colours found in the natural landscape were chosen to create a distinctive Resene palette.. more
Mosaic tiles in these two bathrooms are enlivened by matching Resene colours on the walls
Lively colour highlights

Mosaic tiles in these two bathrooms are enlivened by matching Resene colours... more
A softly striped baby's room
Little boy blue

Fresh in soft blue and white stripes, this baby’s room was painted in Resene colours... more
Visual continuity of colours
Visual continuity

Visual continuity, between rooms and from outside to inside, can make all the difference... more
Kimi Ora School
Colour direction

Colour is used at the Kimi Ora school to enliven both the exterior and interior – it is also used to help the special needs... more
Timber cladding repainted in Resene Woodsman
Back to black

To highlight the woodgrain on this 20-year-old house, the owners repainted the exterior in Resene Waterborne Woodsman... more
Gold coloured painted splashback
Make it special

To enliven this kitchen, a Resene Metallics and Special Effects paint was chosen... more
This new holiday home recalls summer days under canvas
Lazy days

This new holiday home, winner of a Resene award, recalls summer days under canvas... more
Art on canvas
Art on canvas

The line between art and architecture is blurred in this project... more
Crown Hotel
Colourful character

The Crown Hotel’s key features are enhanced by complementary Resene paint shades... more
Brightly coloured walls define the key areas of the new Les Mills gym
Highly charged

Brightly coloured walls define the key areas of the new Les Mills gym in the Britomart... more
Glass splashback painted in Resene Pacifika
Country fare

Both the colour and the reflective nature of the glass splashback in this kitchen... more
Colour ideas from TrendsIdeas magazine
Colour story

From green seas and white water to blue skies and golden sunsets, the natural environment... more
Colour ideas for a beachside house
Of the land

The soft grey and orange tones of this beachside house were inspired by the landscape... more
Asian influence design and colour
Appetising palette

To create a lively colour scheme for this new Asian restaurant, the designer specified vibrant colours from Resene... more
Wynyard Quarter
Wynyard Quarter

One of the great aspects of adaptive reuse is when original features of a building can be retained... more
Resene has lots of colourful ideas to enliven the interior of a beach house
Fresh palette

Whether you are building a new holiday home or updating a traditional bach, Resene ... more
Walls painted in Resene Masala frame a picturesque view
In the frame
Both the kitchen cabinets and the picturesque country views from this house are framed by... more
Toowoomba Regional Council offices
In the public eye

Bold colours and curved shapes bring a new dimension to this council office. The colours are by Resene... more
An award-winning relocatable house
Country colours

This award-winning relocatable house was painted in a range of Resene shades... more
A splash of colour in a heritage building scheme
Splash of colour

The language of a new development within an existing heritage site... more
Paint and colour has the power to transform any decor
Dress to impress

The power to transform is just a brushstroke away, as these Resene projects illustrate... more
The Lite-House project is an inspiring example of sustainable design and energy efficiency.
Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient home has many spin-offs for homeowners as well as the environment... more
two exotic bathrooms that feature Resene products
With an oriental influence
Inspired by traditional Chinese lacquer boxes, the architect of this renovation project created... more
Display apartment designers are are exploring more adventurous options with Resene paints
Statement dressing

Display apartments were once defined by safe cream colour palettes. As this project shows... more
Visual continuity with a monochromatic colour scheme
Visual continuity

Visual continuity is a prominent feature of this multi-storey house, both inside and out... more
TSB The hub stadium
Good sport

Innovative architecture is a key feature of the TSB Hub sports centre in Hawera... more
Historic villa with restored panelling
Picture this

Built around the turn of the last century, this historic villa has been... more
Quattro Maison Apartments in Wellington
Coat of many colours

Architects and designers are always looking to create a point of difference, but opportunities can be limited... more
A seaside inspired colour palette
Seaside ambience

The seaside ambience of the home is reflected in the paint colours... more
Different shades will change the look and feel of a room
Which shade?

Hot and spicy or cool and calm? Whether you want to be bold and daring, or a little more subdued... more
A base palette of Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream from The Range ‘whites & neutrals’
Instant impression

First impressions, no matter what the context, do count. Reputation, social responsibility, research... more
With the right design it’s possible to recapture all the magic of a resort holiday
On permanent vacation

An idyllic resort holiday is a sure way to shake off the winter blues. But it can have another beneficial spin-off... more
Colours and patterns in this new kitchen can be changed whenever the family chooses
Open to suggestion

Colours and patterns in this new kitchen can be changed whenever the family chooses...
Tauranga City Council customer service centre
Evocative imagery

Forget the drab council offices of old. City council premises today are much more lively... more
Mixing timber veneers with white tones creates a crisp, inviting palette
Warm, yet fresh

Mixing timber veneers with white tones creates a crisp, inviting palette... more
Resene Metallics and Special Effects paint
All that glitters

It’s not just colour that can transform the office environment... more
Elephant Estate Winery
In the frame
Framing a slice of the view creates a real sense of visual drama... more
A sleek kitchen with vivid colour contrasts
Flash of brilliance

Injecting the wow factor into a kitchen can be as simple as adding a bold colour... more
NZ Voyager Maritime Museum
Hard and fast

In any museum environment, the focus is firmly on the displays, but that doesn’t mean... more
before and after pictures
Colour up front

Look at any before and after pictures and it's easy to see how a change of colour can... more
Easy-clean Resene paint tinted to Resene Mamma Mia
Lasting looks

Walls in this powder room feature easy-clean Resene paint tinted to Resene Mamma Mia... more
Resene paints were used throughout this eco-friendly low maintenance house
Exposed location

Given the exposed location and focus on a low maintenance, eco-friendly home... more
Lighter neutrals anchor colour schemes
Anchoring neutrals

If you are one of the many people for whom plain white, basic white and designer white all… more
In harmony with its surroundings
In harmony

It isn’t just the material palette that ensures this house is in harmony with the setting... more
Resene paints were specified throughout the Ironbank building
Watch this space

Durable, low-maintenance and ecologically sustainable materials are a feature… more
Resene Crowshead woodstain used in a natural setting
Natural selection

Dark-coloured cladding looks right at home in a native bush setting, as this project illustrates… more
A modern kitchen in warm neutrals in an old villa
Evocative colour palette

To enhance the traditional character of this new kitchen in a 1930s house... more
Caramel-coloured backpainted glass doors
Bon appétit

Good enough to eat - this kitchen features caramel-coloured backpainted glass doors... more

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