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habitat magazine issue 25

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habitat magazine issue 25

95 new colours – latest collection

95 new colours – latest collection

95 new colours – latest collection The new fashion collection of colours from Resene answers our desire for complex colours and weathered hues. A stand-out feature of the Resene The Range fashion colours 18 is the many complex colours developed for today. What once was off-white, may now be beige, greige, cream or chalk. Colours are deeper and complex, layered with subtle undertones... more


All in the detail

Three stunning bathrooms are meticulously created. Many great colour schemes have been inspired by a ‘kick-starter’ element. In this case, the owners of this bungalow, Sarah and Peter, fell in love with the bold black and white floor tiles from Bath & Tile. They sought the opinion of interior designer Hayley Brown of Lou Brown Design, who was helping them with their full-house renovation. The tiles inspired her to create this striking... more

Urban garden

Birds, bees and bounty

In a tiny, pretty street, that’s walking distance to everything in Christchurch, you’d never guess that behind Juliet Nicholas and Ken McAnergney’s house lies a garden that keeps the inhabitants fed. For the past 15 years, the couple, daughter Josie and cute canine Minnie have learned a thing or two about sustainable living and growing organic food. The garden delivers an impressive harvest for a pair of avid cooks... more

This stunning triangle wall is easy to acheive

Bright ideas – shaping up

The humble triangle is being used in all sorts of inventive ways. This stunning triangle wall is easier to achieve than it looks, although the trick is in the colour selection. We’ve taken 10 colours, and started with the darker ones in the bottom left-hand corner, then gradually lightened the scheme as it heads to the top right-hand corner. Pop in an unexpected colour... more

Julie Stuart's craft kits

Colourful people – Julie Stuart

Julie Stuart’s clever kits give our DIY aspirations a nudge. There are plenty of clever people using Resene paints to decorate and enhance their products. And then there’s the Julie Stuart way of doing things. Instead of making the finished product, she encourages others to exercise their creative muscles by selling DIY kits and projects for a range of stunning pieces... more

Exterior revamps

Exterior rehabs

House exteriors from the 1950s to more recent times can be tricky to update. Older character houses are almost a cinch to update – pick a colour scheme and set to with a paint brush. Houses from mid-century onwards are a different story, however. Some are just plain ugly and always were. Others sport once fashionable details that haven’t lasted the distance. Undeterred by such obstacles, and equipped with a bit of courage and vision, these homeowners have reworked their ugly ducklings into fine-looking contemporary dwellings... more

Yellow kitchen

Hello sunshine

Peeks of cheeky yellow against a backdrop of white transport this kitchen beyond the norm. When kitchen designer Celia Visser was challenged to deliver a “happy, joyful and contemporary” kitchen for a client, she re-organised the spaces and delivered a sophisticated multi-use area in which to live, cook and socialise. Extending the island bench into a table-like form adds humour and character... more

A replica villa

History repeats

A replica villa lets its owners blend old and new with a dreamy colour palette. Set on a hill in Marlborough’s Fairhall district, the house wears classic lines of rusticated weatherboard, crisply finished in Resene Kangaroo, with Resene Sugar Cane trims, Resene Kokoda scrolls and a Resene Ironsand front door. It looks like it has stood here a hundred years... more

In the beginning

It all began with three cushions. Innocent accessories that sparked a colour adventure for home builders and owners Robert and Linda Caldana. Each cushion had a simple cross motif but each was a different vibrant colour: green, orange and blue. The Caldana’s new home in Greymouth on the West Coast is clean-lined and contemporary. The couple chose a careful blend of materials and textures to give interest to the exterior. Then they continued that creative approach with the interiors... more

David Trubridge

My favourite colours – David Trubridge

Lighting designer David Trubridge has had global success with his stunning creations, many of which feature Resene paint... more

No flat whites

Homeowners Dave and Tracey may be more used to serving coffee at their successful cafe but when it came to choosing the colour scheme for their own kitchen, flat white wasn’t the answer. It was Resene Tea all the way. The couple were keen to extend their existing neutral palette into the new kitchen. Toni Roberts of Kitchen Architecture agreed. She helped them create what they love to call “the easiest entertaining kitchen in the world... more

Off the shelf

Off the shelf

New products and ideas for the home... view PDF

Off the wall

From clouds to Minecraft and a cute night light, try these ideas for your kids. Fluffy clouds skittering across the walls… and you can use them as chalkboards, too. Go to town and put one above the desk, and even as a headboard. The walls in this bedroom are in Resene Seagull and the clouds in Resene Quarter Alabaster – use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen for a chalkboard effect. Add a sun in Resene Gorse... more

Step by step – Vertical vege garden

Lacking space? This vertical vege garden could be the answer, made from just one sheet of ply... more

Spirited solutions

This year’s winners in the Resene Total Colour Awards show spirited approaches to residential colour use. The Neutrals category was awarded to Nobbs Radford Architects, for a home that carefully plays off dark and light with a well-constructed palette of Resene Armadillo, Resene Half Tapa and Resene Quarter Rice Cake that allows the playful textures and architectural lines to shine... more

Entertain with hot tropical colour

Testpots – Go island style

Entertain with hot tropical colour. Add sizzle to your outdoor dining with saturated fiery shades of orange, ochre and yellow. Ultimately adaptable, these types of colours can be used in a myriad of styles from a mid-west desert feel to this contemporary Pacifica look. Resene Rumour Has It is used on the wall; orange can be very intense but this colour has a muted ‘burnt’ edge that makes it particularly easy to be with. In the same ‘hot’ colour vein... more

Seaside sanctuary with washed pastels

Testpots – Seaside sanctuary

Use washed pastels for a dreamy vibe. It’s easy to defer to sea and sand tones when decorating a beachy bedroom, but this range of dusky washed pastels creates a heavenly haven that would look sublime anywhere. It all begins with a great new colour, Resene Rascal, for the walls. It’s a delicious merging of blush, soft tan and peach, so answers the current desire for neutrals that have extra personality. It’s teamed up with a floor in Resene Unwind... more

Fish scale look outdoor shower

Testpots – Shower time

Get the fish scale look. Fresh from the beach, what better way to wash off the salt and sand than in this fish-scale outdoor shower? Set into a private courtyard painted in Resene Delta, the shower wall is painted in hard-wearing exterior paint Resene Lumbersider, tinted to various colours: Resene All Black, Resene Quarter Delta, Resene Quarter Truffle and Resene Double Alabaster. Softened with potted palms, and with shells underfoot... more

The touch test

It’s long been a technique for stylists – layering up the shelves, placing a knobbly rug on the floor, introducing fringed cushions to the furniture, and using texture in general to create an interesting scheme. “Textures help create the mood and ambiance in a space, and invites you to touch and feel,” says Resene colour expert Nikki Morris... more


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