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From the Resene colour choices booklet

Pink is a fairly polarising colour; you tend to either love it or hate it.

Mostly considered a girly colour, pink has recently become more gender neutral, particularly in dusky, biscuit tones, like Resene Bone. Subtle use of pink can bring warmth and rosiness to a room. Used in moderation, pink is an uplifting colour. But used too much, and it can become sickly.

Painting a feature wall or a piece of furniture is a great way to embrace the colour. Cushions, wallpaper and rugs are devices to weave in pink tones without going overboard. If you’re still wary of committing to pink, start with flowers – an arrangement is less likely to appear too gaudy, and gives you a chance to decide if you like the colour in your home.

From bubble gum to magenta

Pink is a hugely varied colour, from palest rose and nude blush through bubble gum and crimson to screaming hot pink. It also carries a wide spectrum of connotations: pale pink, like Resene Cupid, denotes purest girly prettiness, while hot pink, like Resene Disco, shouts out gaudy and passionate. The in-between pinks, like Resene Hopbush, are youthful and fun. In the Western world, this colour suggests feminine energy, romance and love.

If you team pink with lighter neutrals, you will achieve a softer, more romantic vibe, while darker combinations can make pink appear more dramatic. Pale pinks, like Resene Pale Rose, are calming while deeper shades are more like red because they get the heart racing.

When light reflects off pink walls, it makes you look rosy and healthy – cheaper than a high-tech face cream! In fact, early-20th-century designers used to line lamp shades in pink silk to cast a pink glow and warm up a woman’s face, making her look younger.

Bright pink bedroom
Walls in Resene Smitten.

Pink partners

If you want to use pink but don’t want to overdo it, here are some good colour combinations:


Positive – Pink soothes, rather than stimulates. In fact, research shows it can reduce anger – hence its use in prisons. A nurturing colour with a childlike appeal, it is a good choice for a young girl’s room, especially when combined with lavender.

Negative – Can smack of inhibition, emotional claustrophobia and physical weakness.


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