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Four ways with numbers

Make these fun projects with clocks, math and saving.


4 ways with numbers

Pair of Dice
How to: Cut out six squares of cardboard all the same size. Using packaging tape, tape them together to form a cube. Using Resene colours, paint each side of the die accordingly. Switch out the die from your favourite family board game with these giant die for big family fun!

Like clockwork
How to: Cut tiles of cork into circles to begin these fun DIY clocks. Once cut, create a small hole in the centre of each, big enough for the clock hands to fit through. Next, take your cork circles and cross strips of painters tape across to form a pattern. Using Resene colours, paint your desired pattern and leave to dry for 10 minutes. Gently pull the tape off once dry and touch up where needed. Finally, secure your clock mechanism to the clock face with hot glue. Add numbers with a Sharpie and this becomes a handy, fun way to teach your little ones to read an analogue clock.

Too cool for school
How to: Take two different coloured cards (we used yellow and green) and cut into ice block shapes - two for each 'ice block'. Glue to ice block sticks. Using Resene colours, paint patterns on one side and leave to dry. Using a Sharpie, draw numbers on the other side of the yellow ice blocks, and symbols on the green. Place the ice blocks in a grid-like pattern and turn over one symbol and two number sticks to create a math equation for your children to solve.

Fill me up again
How to: This is a great way for your child to visualise their saving progress. Find an old photo frame and print off a picture of the item your child is saving towards. Stick the picture in the back of the photo frame and cut a small slot at the back (large enough for a coin to fit through). As your child saves their money, the frame will begin to fill and cover the picture.

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