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Four ways with wooden spoons

Make these gifts and windmills from wooden spoons.

Create gifts using wooden spoons

Make a gift for the kitchen
You will need: Wooden spoons, masking tape, paint brush, apron, mixing bowl or tea towel to coordinate (we used the latest tea towel from The Parenting Place).

  1. Choose paint colours to match tea towel (we used Resene White, Resene Bright Spark and Resene Yabbadabbadoo).
  2. Wrap masking tape around the spoon handles at varying distances apart.
  3. Paint one colour. Leave to dry and remove tape.
  4. Reapply masking tape creating another gap, paint, dry and remove tape.
  5. Repeat until all colours are used.
  6. Glue into place.

Make chocolate covered spoons
You will need: Disposable bamboo spoons, chocolate buttons and baking paper.

  1. Melt chocolate slowly, stirring constantly.
  2. Dip spoon into the chocolate and cover. Rest on baking paper.
  3. Repeat until you have enough spoons covered. Dry.
  4. Re-dip the spoons to get a thick cover.
  5. Use to stir hot chocolate for an extra chocolatey drink!

Make colourful garden windmills
You will need: Wooden spoon, plastic straw, 55mm long bolt 5mm diameter, corresponding nuts x2, washers x4, button, drill and drill bit, hot glue gun and coloured A4 plastic sheets x2.

  1. Using a windmill template trace and cut two from the plastic sheets.
  2. Drill a hole in the centre of the oval end of the spoon and through marked places on the plastic templates.
  3. Cut the straw into two l0mm long pieces.
  4. Cross the templates on top of each other. Put a washer onto the bolt and push through the six outside blades of the plastic, alternating colours.
  5. Thread another washer onto the bolt, then a straw, then another washer.
  6. Push this through the plastic template's central holes.
  7. Put another washer onto the bolt. Twist a nut onto this (not too tightly). Check the windmill will spin.
  8. Put the last l0mm straw piece onto the bolt and push the remaining end through the spoon hole and attach the last nut. The plastic windmill should spin freely. Note: don't tighten the nuts too tightly preventing spinning.
  9. Hot glue a button to hide the end of the bolt.

Create your own puppet show
You will need: Wooden spoons, paint, brush, hot glue gun, felt for decorating.

  1. Paint the head of the spoon with the palest base colour (we used Resene Princess for the pigs and Resene Cioccolato for the wolf).
  2. Once dry paint the darker colour (Resene Pink Panther) to create the snout for the pigs.
  3. When this is dry paint the eyes, mouth and nostrils with a dark colour (we used Resene Possessed).
  4. The Wolf will need accents to make a pointy nose and hairy sides to the face (we used Resene Sambuca).
  5. Cut the felt to make ears and bow ties. Hot glue these into place.

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