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Resene CyberCote

flat-tering finish
Need a super flat finish that you can use for a consistent finish from wall to ceiling without the painter having to stop to change product halfway? New Resene CyberCote is designed to produce a tough interior flat finish on broadwall and ceiling areas. Simply choose your Resene colour, then get spraying… more

The Range 2018 fashion fandeck from Resene

New range, new colours
The latest on-trend paint colours are showcased in the new The Range 2018 fashion fandeck from Resene, with 95 new colours to choose from... more

Resene Walk-on Concrete product range

Walk-on goes clear
While concrete is often seen as an easy care surface, dirt, moss and mould can become engrained into the surface turning a fresh clean surface into very weathered looking concrete. Now you can protect exterior concrete surfaces with the new Resene Walk-on Concrete Clear product range… more

Habitat Plus

Need fresh inspiration?
If you or your clients need inspiration the new Habitat plus – decorating and colour trends is here to help. It’s packed full of new on-trend colours, decorating suggestions and handy tips to help. The Habitat plus series of books, including this latest issue, are available free at your Resene ColorShop or view online at

1-S solution for all timbers
Fireshield, now available from Resene, offers premium intumescent coatings for an efficient fire protection solution on timber. Choose from Fireshield 1FR (clear) and Fireshield 2FR (pigmented), both best spray applied in a single coat. Fireshield 1FR must be topcoated with 1FR TOPcoat to protect it from moisture and wear, while Fireshield 2FR may be topcoated with Resene SpaceCote… more

Going Grey

Going grey
Is that whitewash too pale, but the black stain too dark? Now there’s a happy medium with the new on-trend Resene Colorwood Greywash. Resene Colorwood Greywash can be used on everything from interior wooden flooring, to walls, furniture and more. It’s based on Resene Colorwood Whitewash but with extra black tint, that scandi whitewash look becomes a softer greywashed look. It's available in two standard finishes or you can create your own greywash intensity by applying tinted Resene Colorwood stain first, then overcoating with Resene Colorwood Greywash. View the colour options in the Resene Colorwood colour range brochure or online… more

Colourful winners

Colourful winners
Cheeky pops of colour working seamlessly with natural materials have won Tarawera High School top honours in the Resene Total Colour Awards, with a colour palette that brings the community into the school, and the school into the heart of the community.  View the award winners

Resene was proud to be named Most Trusted Paint for the fifth year running Most trusted again
When Readers Digest announced its Most Trusted Brands survey results, Resene was proud to be named Most Trusted Paint for the fifth year running. Thanks for your ongoing feedback that helps us to continually improve. And remember we always welcome constructive and helpful feedback - simply fill out the contact form on our website or email us.
Ted Nightingale, founder of Resene Paints 70 years ago in 1946 Roll on 70 years
2016 marks Resene's 70th birthday. Resene was started in 1946 by an Eastbourne builder, Ted Nightingale, who needed an alkali resistant paint to cover his concrete buildings. There was nothing available at the time, so he developed his own - in a cement mixer in his garage! In response to demand from other builders, Ted commenced producing his paint on a commercial basis... more
Resene Total Colour Awards 2016 Win a colourful award
We're on the hunt for creative and colourful projects finished in Resene paints and colours in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Have you completed a project with creative and excellent use of Resene colours and paint? Then make sure you enter it into the Resene Total Colour Awards 2016. There is over $15,000 in prizes to be won… more
The new Resene SpaceCote products are tougher and easier to clean New, even tougher, wall paints
Resene is constantly working on improvements to its products and colour range, focusing on anything from durability and toughness to VOC and odour reduction. The latest changes to the Resene SpaceCote waterborne enamel family provide improved burnish resistance, improved scrub resistance and improved chemical resistance. The new Resene SpaceCote products are quite simply harder to damage and easier to clean… more
Resene Top 20 colour list Top 20 colours
Blackened off whites have jumped in popularity taking out the top spots in the latest release of the Resene Top 20 colour list. Long time favourites Resene Spanish White (and variants), Resene Tea (and variants) and Resene Pearl Lusta are still going strong. And for the first time, a wood stain, Resene Pitch Black, features in the top 20. View the Resene top 20… more
The new Resene FX Nightlight is a waterborne glow in the dark paint Glowing in the dark
New Resene FX Nightlight is a waterborne glow in the dark paint designed to shine after the lights have gone out. It's ideal for safety signs, children's areas, step edges or anywhere a glow in the dark effect may be required. Glow in the dark by night, pale yellow by day… more
Resene Wintergrade paint range Wintergrade works through winter
As the temperature drops, standard paints take longer to dry and can stop drying altogether. The Resene wintergrade paint range is available throughout the cooler months to help overcome the challenges of painting in cold weather. You can choose from a range of popular Resene products formulated in wintergrade versions… more
The Resene Mural Masterpieces 2016 competition is open for entries Paint the town and be in to win
The Resene Mural Masterpieces 2016 is open for entry. Entry is easy - register online at or drop into your local Resene ColorShop and pick up a copy of the Mural Masterpieces Competition registration form… more
Resene and Four Families blind range now coordinate colour schemes Co-ordinate blinds with Resene colour
When you're trying to decorate, the key is to co-ordinate everything from carpets to paint, window furnishings to accessories. To make this even easier, Resene is working with Four Families and their blind range to help coordinate colour schemes. The Resene Origin collection, is a new blind fabric range… more
Habitat 24 magazine Fresh inspiration
The latest Habitat magazine is packed full of fresh ideas and inspiration showing you how to use paint, colour and design ideas to transform spaces. It's coloured by Resene, but it's not just about painting. From the smallest to the largest projects, it covers the full spectrum of design, renovation and refurbishment. View online
Hunger for Colour fundraiser in 2016 Very hungry for colour
For the second year running, the Hunger for Colour fundraiser saw over 24,000 cans of food brought into Resene ColorShops and swapped for 55-80ml testpots of Resene paint. All cans were donated to The Salvation Army and local community foodbanks… more
The new Resene Multi-finish R series colour palettes collection

New Resene Multi-finish collection
The paint is drying on our newest Resene colour collection - the Resene Multi-finish collection.This is the heart of the Resene Total Colour System, encompassing 896 colours ranging the gamut of the rainbow, presented on a series of 64 palettes. The collection brings together the most popular Multi-finish colours, together with favourites from many of The Range fashion colour fandecks and a selection of new colour strengths. It’s a best of the best Resene colour collection and is designed to work alongside the existing Resene whites and neutrals collection... more

Resene Roof Systems colours Semi in summit
When you’re choosing coatings, as well as deciding on the right product type and colour, you also need to factor in the gloss level. Even though to the naked eye all sheen levels may look smooth, typically the higher the gloss, the easier the coating is to keep clean. The flatter the finish, the rougher the surface finish which tends to hold onto dirt and contaminants and makes it harder to clean. Resene Summit Roof has been released in a semi-gloss finish, which provides a durable option with improved cleanability without the glare of a higher gloss. It’s available in the complete range of Resene Roof Systems colours as well as an extensive range of other Resene colours and Resene CoolColour™s. See the data sheet.
The new Resene Waterborne Woodsman Wood be nice
As well as adding aesthetic colour appeal, a wood stain can also help restore a timber’s colour and help protect it from the elements. The new Resene Waterborne Woodsman is designed as a flatter finish, more in keeping with bare timber, which tends to have a very low natural sheen level. This is also being joined by Resene Woodsman Decking Stain, also available in a flatter finish, perfect for timber decks. Both are available in a range of colours, including the newest addition, Resene Bleached Riverstone, and as Resene CoolColour variants. View the colour range online.
the updated Resene Whites & Neutrals A4 chart

The right whites… and neutrals…
White, neutral or black? The choice is yours with the updated Resene Whites & Neutrals A4 chart collection, which brings together most of Resene’s most popular whites and neutrals. Over the years we have seen the neutrals palette turn whiter, with blackened whites and greige, and green edged neutrals, moving away from the rich heavy creams that were prevalent just a decade ago. The Resene Whites & Neutrals collection is a subset of The Range Whites & Neutrals fandeck and palette collection, the ideal start point for choosing your favourite white or neutral. Pick up your free copy from any Resene ColorShop or reseller or order online.

Resene Umbrella Additive is an additive for exterior waterborne coatings Shower saver
New Resene Umbrella Additive is an additive for exterior waterborne coatings providing rapid protection from light showers even before the coating has dried. Once applied, a coating containing Resene Umbrella Additive quickly starts to build a protective shell that then extends throughout the whole coating. Water is able to evaporate from the coating allowing it to dry but light showers simply roll off leaving the still-drying coating firmly attached to the substrate… more
Order new colour charts Fresh colours
Three Resene colour charts have recently enjoyed tweaks: The Karen Walker colour collection has four new colours - Resene Quarter Heathered Grey, Resene Quarter Robin Egg Blue, Resene Shadowy Blue and Resene Weathered Orange - joining existing favourites. The Resene KidzColour chart has a new colour Resene Cotton Wool, ideal for trim and joinery to complement other pastel and bold hues from this colour chart. The Resene Exterior Timber Stains colour range has had an update with new Resene Bleached Riverstone joining the collection. You can order a new copy of all these colour charts online
Speedy sealing of timber ends Speed sealing
When you’re on the job site, the fiddly jobs can be annoying, such as making sure the ends of timber are properly sealed before the timber is erected. New Resene Quick Dry End Seal is a handy new product to speed up end sealing of timber. It is a modified version of Resene Quick Dry in a unique bottle with built in brush applicator, which can be used to quickly and easily coat the ends of timber without the hassle of getting out a can of primer and a paintbrush and then having to wash it up afterwards. It’s quick and easy to use; simply open the lid and brush the Resene Quick Dry End Seal onto the surface of the timber using the applicator.
The latest Habitat magazine – issue 23 Fresh inspiration
The latest Habitat magazine – issue 23 - from Resene has been released with a whole host of fresh ideas and inspiration. It’s coloured by Resene, but it’s not just about painting. It covers the full spectrum of design, renovation and refurbishment - from the smallest to the largest projects. View online
The Resene Total Colour Award winners 2015

Colourful winners
The fun colour combination on the Myers Park Playspace has been awarded top honours in The Resene Total Colour Awards for its bold colour choices that have transformed this inner-city reserve. The Resene Total Colour Awards were launched to encourage and celebrate excellent and creative use of colour; to showcase striking colour palettes and combinations and provide fresh inspiration. View the winners online

Resene curtain trends are fashionably eclectic Curtain fabric trends
From opulent to natural, lacy to geometric, curtain trends are fashionably eclectic. Blurred lines and painterly patterns are hot trends, while moody indigos and metallic shimmers move into focus. Versatility is the key, as the season’s rich textural fabrics weave classic with modern, luxurious with natural. These trends are reflected in the latest Resene curtain collection fabrics… more
The Resene Style Guides new releases are are ‘Study style’ and ‘Black beauty’. In style
New releases in the Resene Style Guide series, created with designer LeeAnn Yare and photographer Larnie Nicolson, are ‘Study style’ and ‘Black beauty’ so homeowners can make the most of their home study spaces and harness the power of black. The series is ongoing and more guides will be added in the coming months. Copies of the Style Guide are also available at Resene ColorShops and resellers when they are released, while stocks last... more
Resene has won the Most Trusted Paint Brand for the fourth year running Most trusted again
When Readers Digest announced its Most Trusted Brands survey results, Resene was proud to be named Most Trusted Paint for the fourth year running. And for the first time we made the top 10 most trusted brands! Thanks for your ongoing feedback that helps us to continually improve. And remember we always welcome constructive and helpful feedback - simply email us at or fill out the contact form on this website.
Resene has developed a series of electronic paint colour tools including Resene BIM Revit Easy access to BIM paint colours
Architectural, rendering and graphical software has brought with it the ability to see the finish before the painting has started. Paint, itself, isn’t a BIM object because it is typically considered too thin to fit within the system parameters. However the paint can be brought into the system via the paint colour. That’s why you will see BIM paint colour files, rather than just BIM paint files. Resene has over many years developed a series of electronic paint colour tools and files to make incorporating Resene colours into projects easy. This includes Resene BIM Revit and BIM ArchiCAD files. Visit and click on the grey links at the top to select the files for your desired software… more
Resene FX Fluoro paint is released in 5 colours Bright spot
There’s nothing quite like a shot of fluoro to really make something stand out and attract attention. While Resene has always had some very bright colours – think Resene Turbo or Resene Wellywood painted on all walls and you’ll know what we mean! - we’ve never really ventured into the fluoro category… until now. Now you can recreate the high vis highlighter pen look on walls and art with Resene FX Fluoro paint. Available in five colours - blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. It’s ideal for use for after dark events and locations with blacklight for a striking fluoro effect. The new fluoros are available from Resene ColorShops and selected resellers.
Resene Paints (Pacific) Ltd  operates from Suva Half century
50 years ago, Resene Paints (Pacific) Ltd first started operating in Suva, on the eastern side of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu. Now 50 years on, it’s still going strong reaching out beyond its home of Fiji to nearby Pacific Islands and across to Vanuatu.
The Resene range of high performance coatings Make it a membrane
When you have a high rise concrete building to coat, you want to do it once and do it right. Choose from the Resene range of high performance coatings, with Resene X-200 weathertight membrane, Resene X-300E to protect flexing structures from concrete carbonisation, Resene X-400 thixotropic ultra high build weathertight membrane and Resene XC-700 a clear high build finish designed to seal concrete and masonry walls… more
Enter your project in the Resene Total Colour Awards Win a colourful award
We’re on the hunt for creative and colourful projects finished in Resene paints and colours in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Have you completed a project with creative and excellent use of Resene colour? Then make sure you enter it into the Resene Total Colour Awards. View entry details and get your entry form online… more
In style
It seems no matter how many inspirational homes and projects we feature, there is always demand for more inspiration and more tips and tricks so that homeowners can transform their own home. The new Resene Style Guide series created with designer LeeAnn Yare and photographer Larnie Nicolson shows how to achieve popular decorating looks with inspirational photos, great advice and paint colour suggestions. Each guide is themed so it’s a quick and easy way to get ideas on recreating a look… more
Endless possibilities with new wallpapers  Dress up your walls
The ability to print, colour, emboss and add texture and elements to wallpapers lends itself to endless possibilities about what can be delivered through a wallpaper. The latest wallpaper collections are no exception with quality designs that are a far cry from the humble wallpapers our grandparents might have used in their homes… more
Videos that show how to use Resene paints and colours creatively in a home TV time
We’ve gathered together a series of handy videos at habitat TV. These videos go behind the scenes of Habitat magazine shoots and show how to use Resene paints and colours creatively in a home. From styling to how to projects, the videos provide quick and easy inspiration. See them online at
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