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Resene Quick Dry acrylic primer/undercoat

Architect's memo 32: September 1983

Resene Architects Memos have indicated that, theoretically at least, waterborne acrylics should be excellent materials for wood primers. This is based on the well documented evidence that acrylics maintain their flexibility over a much longer term than do oil-based paints. In the United Kingdom, in fact, acrylic wood primers have made an appearance and an appropriate British Standard has been written to cover them.

In New Zealand the concept has remained at the 'theoretical' level because the large expanses of timber used demand a lot from a primer, and acrylics have generally been unacceptable because of either poor flow, grain-raising, poor stain-resistance, and low film build.

Resene has looked at the concept of acrylic wood primers for over 15 years, evaluating different methods and raw materials. Nothing stands still however, and the past five years have seen some useful raw materials emerge; materials such as high-solids polymers, flow agents, adhesion promoters, stain inhibitors etc. By judicious formulation using these latest technical advances, Resene has developed a primer that realises the potential of acrylics as primer medium whilst overcoming the drawbacks mentioned earlier.

The product also has some very desirable features other than the convenience of being waterborne and fast drying - for instance it has exceptional durability so can be left uncoated for long periods (up to 6 months depending on environment); it is equally at home over bare timber and sound paint so touch up areas end up with a uniform surface; it does not activate wax in reconstituted timber products; it is suitable for Totara and Matai giving, at last, a quick-drying, flexible primer for these timbers; it has a low sheen surface with excellent enamel hold-out making it suitable for use as an undercoat; it can be overcoated with either acrylics or enamels.

We believe that this product is a significant advance in technology and will be readily accepted by the trade.

NB: Ever increasing quality standards have meant Resene Quick Dry is today New Zealand's leading acrylic primer undercoat. Recent advances have given Resene Quick Dry greater flow (reduced brush marks) and superior sandability.

Download as a pdf. (You will need Acrobat Reader).

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