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Kid's bedroom decorating inspiration gallery

Below are a collection of kids bedrooms projects completed by keen DIY'ers.

Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Colourful kid's room
For the love of the 50s

A colourful and vibrant 1950's style kid's bedroom... more
Mountain themed room
Room by room

A boy's room with a mountain themed mural... more
Colourful child's room
The growing renovation

A new colourful child's room in this earthquake damaged home... more
Purple bedroom
Room by room

A purple kid's room with a unicorn inspired feature wall... more
Pretty nursery
Pretty nursery

A pretty and feminine nursery in Resene Duck Egg Blue... more
Teenage girl's room
Worth the wait

A colourful and cheerful teenage girl's room... more
Yellow child's room
From unliveable to Airbnb

A freshly painted child's bedroom with a yellow colour scheme... more
A traditional girl's room
Fit for the family

A traditional girl's room with a green and white colour scheme... more
Ocean themed kids bedroom
Playful place

A calming but playful ocean themed kid's bedroom... more
Colourful feature wall
Decorating bug

A colourful feature wall in a kid's bedroom... more
Blue kid's room
Colour with compliments

A kid's bedroom with deep and warm colours... more
Neutral nursery
Worth saving for

A peaceful nursery with a neutral colour scheme... more

Colour surprises

A bright and vivacious feature wall in Resene Tree Frog... more
Teenagers bedroom
Funky feature wall

A colourful, contemporary, funky bedroom feature that pops... more
Boys surf themed room
Fresh eyes

A dark grey teenage boy's room painted Resene Raven... more
Teenage girls room
Fresh eyes

Their teenage daughter no longer wanted her little girl’s room... more
Girls pink bedroom
Projects on the go

A princess room with a palette of soft warm colours... more
Boys bedroom
Projects on the go

A four wheel drive adventure theme inspired by the Jeep bed... more
Boys blue bedroom
Full credit

Lisa’s favourite room to decorate was one for her five year old son... more
Girls bedroom
Welcome the light

It’s amazing the difference the walls make in a room... more
Girls bedroom
Mountains of fun

A painted mural that combines the child's personality and interests... more
Girls bedroom
On a colour journey

Resene Eighth Parchment, a soothing option showcasing artwork... more
Boys bedroom
On a colour journey

This sport's fanatic's room is painted in Resene Harp... more
Boys bedroom
Daredevil inspired

Looking for light colours in children's rooms... more
Girls bedroom
Daredevil inspired

Light colours with a feature wall in Resene wallpaper... more
Childrens bedroom wallpaper
Good things take time

For added features, wallpaper completes the look... more
Teeage girls bedroom
Teenage treasure

This room was designed for their teenage daughter... more
Boys bedroom in blue
Colour surprises

Behind the seemingly calm veneer of a classic white villa... more
Boys dramatic starry wall
Bit by bit

She couldn't wait to get started but quickly found it would take years... more
Girls room with geometric shapes
Bit by bit

Sofie painted one room at a time while her youngest had their nap... more
Colourfull childrens jungle mural walls
Jungle fun

A jungle themed room based on a love of animals and nature... more
Baby girls nursery
Working with the wait

Creating a gorgeous nursery - soothing, different and fun... more
Crisp white gender neutral nursery
Big kid room time

A masculine, cosy feel that is suitable as the child ages.. more
Crisp white gender neutral nursery
White is right

The crispness of the whites allow for a fresher and contemporary space... more
Jungle themed birthday bedroom
Birthday beauty

A beautiful, serene, calm colour is the backdrop for the urban jungle... more
Pale childrens room
Colour that sings

For the bedrooms, the aim was to create calm and serene spaces... more
Colour by three - girls room
Colour by three

In love with anything pink and girly. Topped off with wallpaper... more
Enjoy now extend later
Enjoy now extend later

This home is a 1960s beach-town bach... more
Feature colour makes the space
Feature colour makes the space

Adding colour to bring rooms to life. This room uses Resene Takaka ... more
Boldly going with colour...
Boldly going with colour

In their daughter’s room Katy hand painted a feature wall using... more
Like it now and like it later
Like it now and like it later

The biggest wall was painted, for the biggest impact... more
Bold corners
Bold corners

This room was decorated over a few months for a teenage daughter... more
Shades of grey
Shades of grey

A home that is both functional and stylish... more
Colour by three - boys room
Colour by three

A splash of colour with a bright yellow world map... more
Painting to be proud of...
Painting to be proud of

An ombre design from Pinterest for the feature wall... more
Starry starry night
Starry starry night

An idea for a dark blue wall snowballs into a full outer- space wall... more
Feature colour makes the space
Feature colour makes the space

Adding colour to bring rooms to life. This room uses Resene Stack... more
Enjoy now extend later
Enjoy now extend later

Nervous about using such a bright colour in such a small room, they... more
Bold corners
Bold corners

The orange part of the room is to reflect their daughter’s outgoing... more
Coolest room in the house
Coolest room in the house
Created for their son - a cool space to chill out or play... more
Colourful personalities meet colour..
Colourful personalities meet colour
Miranda’s circa 1890s villa survived the earthquakes... more
Boldly going with colour...
Boldly going with colour

As part of a major home renovation, the family made some bold choices... more
Spring in your step
Spring in your step

This is the most southern room in the house, and even though it's painted blue, it feels warm! ... more
A celebration of distance
A celebration of distance

Moving back from the Netherlands, the Roche family wanted to create a world map for their son... more
For the family
For the family

A relaxed room, now painted in Resene Gondwana and Resene Black White... more
Shades of grey
Shades of grey

A home that is both functional and stylish... more
Like it now and like it later
Like it now and like it later

They also used fluoro colours around the pinboards, for the girls’ names ... more
No stripes in this bedroom
No stripes in this bedroom

Son Christian turned 13 and it was time for him to move out of his childhood bedroom... more
A room for Lincoln
A room for Lincoln

Angela wanted his room to be special as he spends quite a bit of time indoors and deserves a cool space... more
Study space
Study space

Creating a bedroom that had instant warmth, plenty of storage, a study space, a sleeping space... more
Getting creative with paint
Getting creative with paint

In contrast to the monochrome colour scheme upstairs the nursery was decorated in bright... more
A treat of triangles
A treat of triangles

A beautiful, soothing space... well-designed, non-‘cutesy’... more
A door-able in colour
A door-able in colour

They injected colour into the bedrooms and entranceway by painting each of the bedroom doors... more
Ask an expert
Ask an expert

Debbie and Pete opted to paint the walls with neutral shades... more
Rent renovate repaint
Rent renovate repaint

Their daughter’s room has been painted in Resene Pot Pourri... more
Perfect first abode
Perfect first abode

This little room was slowly transformed into a Scandinavian nursery... more
Splash out with leopard spots
Splash out with leopard spots

Splash out and go bold with colours and patterns... more
A helping hand with colour
A helping hand with colour

Expert colour advice, has helped them to make their colour choices... more
Don't be afraid of colour
Don't be afraid of colour

Rooms are splashed with colour... more
Magnetic attraction
Magnetic attraction

Using Resene Magnetic Magic paint has been a great success... more
Beach house in the city
Beach house in the city

Both wanted very pink bedrooms, including a sparkly pink wall... more
Colouring a big boys room
Colouring a big boys room

A do-over that would last him through his teens as well... more
Homely and bright colour
Homely and bright colour

A neutral base on most walls with added colour on feature walls... more
Cheerful girls room
Cheerful girls room

Resene Jet Stream, Resene Alabaster and a chest of drawers in... more
Wall mural
Wall mural

A mural of mountains with golden snow-caps... more
In love with pink and purple
In love with pink and purple

Jasmine is delighted with her new, lovely and colourful, room... more
A canvas of colour
A canvas of colour

Resene French Grey to sits quietly with orange and yellow accessories... more
Beach room
Beach room

He loves his bedroom and spends hours playing in there... more
Star Wars room
Star Wars room

Zoe painted the Star Wars inspired room with Resene Cinder... more
Dr Seuss room
Dr Seuss room

Zoe fell in love with the Dr Seuss landscapes and trees... more

One for the girls

Resene Blanched Pink... beautifully soothing for a bedroom... more
Blue moon meets blackboard and bedroom
Blue moon meets blackboard...

Tessa was inspired by Scandinavian design while putting this room together... more
All in the greys
All in the greys

Running with the grey theme into Madison’s nursery, it still needed to have a ‘girly’ feel... more
A hand made room with love
A hand made room with love

Adding more interest, colour and warmth to the room... more
Don’t be afraid to go dark
Don’t be afraid to go dark

The design has made the room seem larger and brighter... more
Getting creative with paint
Getting creative with paint

She had decided on the theme (adventurer) early on... more
Colour brings character
Colour brings character

A soft palette that had a relaxed vintage feel... more

Made over with mountains...

Blues, starting with a light colour and graduating to dark, with a night... more

A princess castle mural

As an extra feature they also painted a princess castle onto her wall... more
A canvas of colour
A canvas of colour

Beautiful, vibrant and in vogue colours that kids love... more
Resene Half Thorndon Cream
Cottage kid's room

Light and simple interiors with Resene Half Thorndon Cream... more
Vibrant Resene colours
Rainbow girl's room

Vibrant Resene colours make this rainbow striped room zing... more
Resene Bedazzle, Resene Ballerina, Resene Dancing Girl
Be bedazzled

Resene Bedazzle, Resene Ballerina, Resene Dancing Girl... more
Resene Wham, Resene Splish Splash, Resene Havoc and Resene Fizz
Creative with colour

Resene Wham, Resene Splish Splash, Resene Havoc and Resene Fizz... more
Resene Splish Splash, Resene Havoc and Resene Fizz
Bedroom message

Resene Hyperactive wardrobe door brightens a boy's room... more
Resene Comfort Zone feature wall
Blue feature wall

Resene Comfort Zone features on the nursery wall... more
Resene Fringy Flower walls
Woodland nursery

Resene Fringy Flower walls and woodland decals... more
Resene Periglacial Blue with a painted tree mural
Tree mural

Resene Periglacial Blue with a painted tree mural in their son's room... more
Resene Spring Wood walls and Resene Alabaster trims
Mixed and matched

Resene Spring Wood and Resene Alabaster... more
Resene Pelorous
Magnetic magic

Resene Pelorous and Resene Half Tea walls... more

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Decorating ideas from Your Home and Garden magazine

Shared boys room
Shared rooms

This fun shared rooms walks the line literally... more
Safari themed room
Blackboard paint feature wall

Blackboard paint brings a new dimension of creativity to a child’s bedroom... more
Safari themed room
Safari themed room

Five beautiful warm neutrals have been used to create this hugely... more
Flower motifs - murals, pinboards.
Flower motifs

A posy of simple flower motifs in a few punchy hues... more
Make an individual styled childrens room.
All about individuality

With its patterned floor and expert use of a non-traditional colour combo... more
Make a woodland themed childrens room.
Whimsical woodland theme

Make a cosy home for forest friends with this whimsical woodland scheme in teal, punchy yellow... more
Mermaid's room
Mermaid's bedroom

Your child will have nothing but sweet dreams in this charming underwater room... more
Green themed kids room
Mean green themed bedroom

Creating this look can be remarkably simple with the help of a tonal Resene palette... more
A rainbow headboard
Paint the rainbow

There’s nothing sunnier than a rainbow, try a soft, tonal approach with shades of peach... more
Desert themed room
Welcome to my jungle

A tiger may not be able to change its stripes, but a bedroom can change its colours... more
Desert themed room
Desert themed room

Creating a desert-themed room is a great way to put a new twist... more
Old fashioned charm, girls room.
Old fashioned charm

This young girl’s room is full of old-fashioned charm... more
Paint a stary galaxy wall

Mini astronauts can take a bedtime trip to the Milky Way in this space-themed room... more
Kitty inspired bedroom
The "Purrfect" room

Consider this cute, kitty-inspired scheme... more
Painted headboard, gallery wall
Add a splash of colour

A striking headboard and mini gallery wall... more
Kids' room styling special
Kids' room styling special

A graphic wall statement and dynamic colour palette create a fun... more
Prickly but precious
Prickly but precious

A cactus inspired theme - we have let the paint effects be the hero of this scheme... more

Vintage-inspired bedroom

Surf's up in this vintage-inspired bedroom that shows you can work wonders... more

Blackboard paint

Blackboard paint offers a versatile base for a fun bedroom ... more
Contemporary wall feature
Bold wall feature

This bold, contemporary wall feature allows your teenager to give their space... more

Decorating ideas from OHbaby! magazine

Make a side table
A bit on the side

A stylish side table to accentuate your room. Paint the top circle and the half-round table base... more
Upcycled drawers
Naturally beautiful

A lick of paint and some tlc turns a set of old drawers into on-trend furniture... more
Paint themed pots for your kids rooms
A pot of colour

A lick of paint transforms terracotta pots into pretty planters... more
Paint block people
New kids on the block

Design your own block family for stacks of creative fun... more
Make an cute artwork for your kids rooms
Pretty in print

Create your own artworks using everyday painting accessories... more
Crafty storage solutions for children
Think Inside the box

Not too high, not too low, this crafty storage solution ensures books... more
Make a childrens kitchen oven
My kitchen rulz!

A homemade oven serves up the imaginary fun... more
Painting furniture
Make it POP!

Go slick this summer with a fresh lick of paint in a bold primary colour... more
Feature walls
Fine features

A feature wall will add vibrancy and personality and can help... more
Meal planner board
Dinner winner!

Create a functional and fun meal planner board... more
Make a height chart
Made to measure

Growth charts are at the height of popularity. We show you how... more
Pallet furniture
A discerning pallet

A pile of pallets makes perfect party furniture - for indoor or al fresco... more
Magnetic Alphabet
Now I know my ABC's

A magnetic alphabet to complement your decor spells out fun... more
Changing stations
Change it up

A well-designed changing station makes light work of nappy changes... more
How to make an utdoor kitchen for kids
What's cooking?

Upcycled pallets are the key ingredient for this outdoor kitchen... more
Paint the house
Paint the house

A doll's house is a great
place to try out colour
schemes... more
A garage storage solution
All on board

A storage solution to suit your family (and their stuff!)... more
This desk and stool gives little ones their very own space to sit and create
Working a desk job

Little ones love their very own space to sit and create... more
Cool storage barrels for kids toys
Barrels of fun

Old buckets become cool storage for toys... more
Toys are easily refreshed with some new paint
Good as new

Old toys and furniture are easily refreshed... more
Make this reading nook from an old pallet
The crate escape

An upcycled pallet becomes a cosy reading nook... more
Create this family tree using photos
Putting down roots

Display your family tree on the wall with photos... more
Drawers for toys
Bonus drawers

A must in any kid's room is a place for toys… more
Old cable reel a new life as a charming rocking horse
Rock 'n reel

Make a rocking horse from an old cable reel... more
A vintage printers’ tray makes a great display centre  for precious little collections
A place for everything

A printers' tray makes a great display centre… more
New use for a French door
When one door closes...

An old wooden French door finds a new life... more
Create a stylish head board
Create a head board

A simple head board complements any colour scheme... more
Roll the play from inside to outside
with this ever-changing play table
All hands on deck

Under-bed drawers are a movable toy box... more
Finally the beautiful stainless steel legs were revealed
Creative station

It's easy as pie to upcycle an old photo frame... more
Be inspired from colours you have around you
Inspiration point

Use known tones for a new exciting colour scheme… more
Paint drawers with a funky design
Paint by numbers

Apply a clever paint scheme using Resene colours... more
A bookcase that's as pretty as a dolls house
Upstairs downstairs

A fresh bookcase that's as pretty as a dolls house... more
Give them a personalised makeover
Just hanging

Give everyday items a personalised makeover... more
Painting a desk
Modern designs

Transform a second-hand desk with colour... more
Room to grow
Room to grow

Decorating a bedroom in anticipation... more
Light and pretty colours of a spring morning
Spring fling

The light, pretty colours of a spring morning reflected... more
Gender neutral
Gender neutral

Create a shared bedroom using colour… more
A pink bedroom need not be filled with ruffles and lace
Pretty in pink

Resene and Gorgi create a girl’s room that’s calming… more
A well thought out space will foster imagination and offer your child a sense of invention and discovery
Child's play

Decorating a playroom can be a load of fun... more
Newly acquired ‘vintage finds’ will both complement existing modern furniture purchases
A fine vintage

'Vintage' finds complement modern furniture... more
Neutral tones in greys and blues can be creative for your little individual
Old world

Mix old styles with neutral tones... more
Where the wild things are
- creating an African safari experience.
Where wild things are

Creating an African safari experience... more
Eco friendly room
The green room

Creating a green room is also about wall finishes… more
Vibrant colours will give your child his or her dream room
Colour my room

Give your child his or her dream room… more
Baby blue room with Resene Periglacial Blue
Baby blue
Resene Periglacial Blue is a great base wall colour... more
Sugar and spice
Sugar & spice

Changing from a nursery into a toddler-friendly... more

Decorating ideas from Little Treasures magazine

Nursery colours
Colour your world

Choose a colour palette that stimulates baby’s senses... more
In the frame
In the frame

Wondering what to do with all the artwork your kids make... more
Nursery chair and star mobile
Fly me to the moon

Get your nursery baby ready with a rocking chair and star mobile... more
Nursery storage
Whale tale

Create stylish storage for your nursery with sea-themed drawers and... more
Moving mountains
Moving mountains

Mobiles and baby gyms offer movement and texture that fascinate babies... more
Peg Board Organiser
Silver lining

This clever peg board organiser is a top-notch solution... more
Dreamland nursery

Creating a beautiful space for your baby is a great way... more
Coordinating chaos - kids organiser
Coordinating chaos

Create your family’s own organising corner... more
Market Stall
Market stall

Trash to treasure - make this cute stall... more
Add a sense of style to your baby's nursery
Birds of a feather

Add a sense of personal style to your baby’s nursery... more
Pack-away doll’s house
Home sweet home

This pack-away doll’s house is simple to make... more
Activity table for young artists
Paint and paper

This activity table is the perfect solution for young artists... more
Transform an old chest of drawers
Paint box

Transform an old chest of drawers... more
A simple to make little ice cream stand
Sweet treat

This little ice cream stand is simple to make... more
Street map
On the road

City street map for driving all over town... more
Geometric colourful blocks
Block busters

Colourful wooden blocks in geometric shapes... more
Brighten bedroom with crafts
Bright ideas

These ideas add to your child’s bedroom... more
Craft ideas in this bedroom
Cute corner

Pretty bedroom touches with craft ideas... more
Pretty bedroom
Room to grow

A room that was playful and met her needs... more
Boys' bedroom
The KAPOW factor

Bright and adventurous for her two her sons… more
When two brothers begin sharing a room,their mother decides it’s time for an exciting burst of creativity
Blue for boys

Having great ideas and following through... more
A giant, colourful feline is just one of the room's decorations
The cat got the cream

A stylish bedroom created for his daughter... more
Stylish girl's bedroom
Branching out

A bed in a tree and a cool retro-dairy mural... more
Stripping wallpaper from the 70s
First things first

Stripping wallpaper is an exhausting process... more
Rockets and robots is the theme
Beam me up baby

Rockets and robots as for their baby... more
Creating a special place for her daughter with stripes
Stripe me pastel

Pastel stripes that many
people might... more
Her children can enjoy the serene and quirky space she’s created for them
Labour of love

She's created a serene and quirky space... more
When Tinkerbell and Peter Pan share a bedroom
Finding Neverland

When Tinkerbell and Peter Pan… more
As long as it’s got wheels and an engine there’s a place for it in this Havelock North home
Planes and automobiles

Everyone's mad about motors... more
Paint techniques to create unique decorating ideas
Pretty as a picture
Paint techniques that might faze others... more
Dinosaurs and loads of exploring to do in the boys' new room
Walking with dinosaurs

You might just bump into a T-Rex... more
A pretty bedroom design, filled with rounded shapes and pleasing curves
I love you a circle

A pretty bedroom design... more
Inspired by the plant and animal life on their rural property
Natural wonder

Inspired by the plant and animal life... more
Tips and tricks when decorating
Tips and tricks

Hints for a room makeover... more
A nursery
A room for baby

Three gorgeous nurseries… more
Imaginative makeovers
Dream rooms

Parents' bedroom makeovers…more
When there’s a baby on the way, it’s time to nest
Place to come home to

Nursery makeover ideas… more
bedroom makeover
Magic places

Makeovers designed by parents… more
4 designs for childrens' rooms

Three children’s bedroom makeovers… more
Easily made child's market stall
Market stall

She will love this cute easily made stall...view
Kids can camp for the afternoon in this cute home-made tent
DIY Tee Pee

It’s summer, and that means camping, perhaps on the back lawn... view
DIY kid's kitchen
DIY kid's kitchen

What’s cookin’? Anything your junior chef can dream up...view
Convert an old bookcase to a doll's house
DIY dolls house

Turn an old, unwanted bookcase into this cute multi-level doll’s house...view
DIY Toolbench for kids
DIY toolbench

Instil the DIY spirit in your kids with this tool bench... view

Littlies magazine - Room decorating and art ideas

Stack, store & play

Anyone for a game of noughts and crosses? These cute and colourful storage cubes offer plenty of playtime too... view

Under the sea

Breathe new life into an old set of drawers with colour and creatures from the ocean... view

Summer days

Celebrate summer with these outdoor projects for littlies that are sure to brighten your backyard… view

Starry night headboard

Starry nights - transform an old wooden cot or headboard into these bright and colourful creations... view

Into the woods

Transform your child's bedroom into something they are sure to love for years to come... view

Children's decorating ideas

Create your own colour
Create your own colour

Once you have created your own colour... more

The KidzColour chart features bright and bold hues... more
Resene complementary colour suggestions for the Patersonrose linen range
Patersonrose linen colour co-ordinates

Resene complementary colour suggestions... more
Habitat plus kids' spaces
Habitat plus kids' spaces

Inspiration and colour choices for kids' bedrooms, play spaces, study... more
Habitat step-by-step
Parenting magazine

Decorating and art ideas from Parenting magazine... more

Project ideas and activities

Activity sheets
Activity sheets
Wordfind, maze, spot the difference, colouring in... more
Colouring in sheets
Colouring in pages
Pick your favourite Resene testpot character... more
Ground games
Ground games
Get children motivated to play... more
Kids art projects
Art projects for kids
Splash some colour and creativeness... more
Kid's garden projects
Garden projects for kids
How to garden project ideas... more
Create a mural
Create a mural
Get inspired to create your own... more
Use stencils to redecorate your room... more
Create your own entertainment
Toys and games projects
Create your own entertainment... more

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