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Fly me to the moon

Craft - inspired by Resene, from Little Treasures magazine

Get your nursery baby ready with a rocking chair and star mobile that are out of this world.

Nursery with rocking chair and star mobile

Rocking chair

You will need:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Before you begin, place your chair on a wipeable surface, such as your kitchen floor. Give the chair a light sand down with sandpaper and use a damp cloth to wipe excess sanding dust from the chair.

  2. Paint the chair with a coat of Resene Quick Dry sealer and leave to dry.

  3. Paint the seat, back and arms of the chair with two coats of Resene Lustacryl in Resene Cotton Wool; leaving to dry and lightly sanding between coats. Leave to dry.

  4. Paint the legs of the chair with two coats of Resene Lustacryl in Resene Bright Spark and then leave to dry. In between coats, lightly sand. Leave to dry.

Nursery rocking chair
Rocking chair

Star mobile for nursery
Star mobile

Star mobile

You will need:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Knead air clay to soften. Roll out on a piece of baking paper to 5mm thick (this makes it easier to remove the stars and gives both sides a smooth surface).

  2. Use cutters to cut 9 large and 4 small stars. (The number of stars you will need will depend on the length of your piece of driftwood).

  3. Use the flat end of the wooden skewer to make a hole in one point of each star.

  4. Leave to dry on the baking paper for a day, clay will become hard and whiten in colour.

  5. Paint both sides and edges of stars with two coats of Resene paint – we painted 3 large and 1 small star in Resene Half Baltic Sea, 2 large and 1 small star in Resene Cotton Wool, 2 large and two small in Resene Bright Spark and 2 large stars in Resene Buzz.

  6. Paint the Resene Cotton Wool and Resene Buzz stars with 3 thick coats of Resene FX Nightlight.

  7. Cut string to varying lengths and tie one end to the stars and the other to the driftwood 2cm apart. We cut our strings in lengths of 55cm, 40cm, 30cm and 20 cm.

  8. To hang your mobile, cut 1 metre of string and tie to each end of the driftwood, creating a loop.

Nursery with star mobile and moon mural

Moon – wall mural

You will need:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Use tape to stick two pieces of newspaper together so you have a big enough piece of paper to draw a 40cm circle.

  2. Draw a large 40cm circle with a pencil in the middle of the newspaper and cut out.

  3. Use painters tape to tape your cut out circle template to the wall.

  4. Using a paint brush with a little paint (colour Resene Bright Spark), paint a crisscross pattern inside your template, leave to dry. You should see the brush strokes and the wall colour behind.

  5. Repeat with colour Resene Cotton Wool and leave to dry.

  6. Paint over with a little of colour Resene Bright Spark and leave to dry.

Testpot tips

  1. Use Resene testpots and Resene FX Nightlight to create a galaxy of planets and stars on the ceiling, so that your child has something to look at as they go to sleep. Resene FX Nightlight charges up in daylight and the glow will slowly start to wane once the lights are turned out.

  2. Use existing colours in the room and bring them into your mobile and moon to help them fit in with the rest of the room.

  3. To build on the space theme, undercoat your wall colour in Resene Magnetic Magic first, then apply your topcoats. Create magnetic rockets and stars and let your child play in their very own galaxy.

  4. For a more sparkly effect, paint the stars for your mobile using Resene FX Metallic testpots. These will shimmer and shine as they catch the light during the day time.

  5. Why not extend the stars theme even further and create a name plate for your child using a collection of Resene stars in the same colour as the mobile for their lettering. Why not fix it to their door, which would make a great entrance.

  6. We have chosen a moon and stars theme but you can really use any design you like. You can even be inspired by your child’s favourite stories and bring them to life.

  7. Paint your wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen so it’s easy to wipe off fingerprints later. As your child gets older, you can also use it as a blackboard finish.

  8. To get the room look, we used Resene Half Baltic Sea for the dark wall and Resene Cotton Wool for the light wall. Though the contrasting colours of the walls may initially appear a little daunting, they really make colourful accessories POP!

How to create a great nursery

There comes a time in every pregnancy when thoughts turn to creating a beautiful nursery for your wee one. In the third trimester, the drive to make a nest can reach urgent levels – it’s not uncommon to find a heavily pregnant woman up a ladder, painting, late at night. Getting it right is important because in those first few months, you and your family are going to be spending a lot of time in your nursery – at all hours. Feeding, changing, burping, and maybe a bit of swearing will happen in there. Here’s our top tips to create a great nursery:

The Cot

The cot is an investment piece. It’s possible your child will sleep in it for up to four years if it’s one that converts to a bed. Look for something sturdy and practical with versatile features, such as a side that lowers, and a base that can be set at two levels: bassinette height for when baby is little, and lower for when baby rolls over or can climb out. Even if you choose to use apēpi pod or wahakura in the early days, the cot can be a great place to put it, with or without a sleeping baby inside. A gender neutral style is great if you are planning on having more than one child.

Blackout curtains

Curtains with a black outlining are not essential as your newborn needs to learn the difference between day and night, but they can be a lifesaver when trying to get an older baby or toddler down for a day nap.

Feeding chair

The idea of buying a special chair to breastfeed feels like going overboard until you realise how much time you’ll spend feeding. Comfort is essential. The chair needs to be low enough that you can put your feet comfortably on the ground,and needs to have arm rests and decent lumbar support.

Temperature control

The recommended room temperature for a baby is between 16 and 20 degrees centigrade, with 18 degrees being ideal. That may seem cooler than you think but experts recommend a heater only to take the chill off baby’s room, and that babies should not sleep in a hot room. For peace of mind invest in a thermometer. Opt fora heater that’s safe and can’t be knocked over, like a panel heater.

Changing table

You might think a changing table is a luxury but bear in mind newborns need their nappies changed seven times a day, and nappy changing will continue for two to three years. Having a table that’s above hip level can reduce back pain and means you can enjoy the ritual of changing your baby’s nappy. It’s a great time to bond. Go for something with storage for nappies, wipes and clothing.

“It’s not uncommon to find a pregnant woman up a ladder, painting, or moving furniture late at night in preparation for her new arrival”


A dim or night light is essential for night feeds and nappy changes when you don’t want baby to wake more than necessary. A lamp near the feeding chair is a good option.


Adding a personal touch to your nursery can be as simple as a homemade mobile or a string of bunting. If you have the budget, there’s no limit to the amount of fun you can have.

Smoke alarm

Did you know children won’t wake to the sound of a smoke alarm until they become teenagers? The Cavius Wireless Family alarms connect via new RFtechnology; when one alarm sounds,all other connected alarms will sound,providing your family with the earliest detection. All adults in your home, whether they’re upstairs or downstairs will know immediately if there is a potential fire developing. Fast detection provides vital minutes and will help with evacuation out of the house faster in the case of a fire.

Choose baby-safe paint

Ask for water-based paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). You’ll find a range of these at your Resene ColorShop. If you're’re repainting an existing wall finished in waterborne paint in good condition, usually a quick clean and two topcoats is all you’ll need. If you’re pregnant, it’s best to let someone else paint the nursery and allow to air until dry.


Created by Sarah Ebergardt.

Photography by Bryce Carleton.


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