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Cinderella Trade - from NZ Painters and Decorators 1958, reprinted with permission Master Painters New Zealand. View article.

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How can professional painters better manage cashflow?

As a small business, staying financially afloat can be a tricky task for many. In Australia alone, small businesses have the lowest survival rate (56 per cent), according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with experts blaming poor cashflow management as an overriding issue.

And while many sole traders go through cashflow problems at some stage, if money issues continuously rear their head, it may be a sign that cashflow is a weakness in your business that needs fixing... more

How to deliver top customer service

Great customer service is the cornerstone of any company. So how can you ensure that's what you're offering your clients? Here's a quick list of some of the main factors that will leave customers satisfied with your service and will encourage them to pass your name onto their friends and family... more

Have you got a plan B?

A business continuity plan (BCP) pinpoints the most important parts of your business, identifies potential risks to these critical pieces and prepares you to recover as quick and easy as possible. Contingency planning is a crucial part of continuity planning – it means having a backup if your original plan no longer works. It's your plan B... more

Employment in painting and decorating

One of the key inputs to workforce development planning is information about total employment in a sector and how this is forecast to change in the future. In 2016 BCITO produced a Workforce Development Plan for Painting & Decorating. This was updated in 2017 with new forecast information.In March 2018 Infometrics has done their annual forecast update... more

4 ways to grow your business

So you've set up your business, built up a great reputation, and have steady work coming in. The question usually comes down to: What's next?

Growing your business even further is the next natural step, and there are plenty of ways you can go about it. Here are four different strategies you can take your trade business to the next level... more

How to optimise your website for mobile (and why you should)

As much as any trade is all about physical skills and tools, a lot of your branding and marketing is locked behind a digital screen.

For a long time, a well-designed, helpful and appealing desktop website was the key ingredient to marketing yourself online. While it’s certainly still important, the relevance of a mobile site has grown exponentially, to the point where it has even surpassed that of a desktop site... more

Small business social marketing do's and don'ts

New to social media marketing? Discover some of the top do’s and don’ts for small businesses in the tradie or painting trades.

Social media marketing allows businesses to connect with their audience, build brand awareness and grow a customer base. In New Zealand alone, 93.6 per cent of businesses use some form of social media... more

A beginner’s guide to getting your business on Instagram

We live in a world ruled by social media. From Facebook to Snapchat, there are so many platforms a business can utilise. One of the most popular is Instagram. This photo-sharing app focuses on all things beautiful – just like that of a painter/decorator... more

How to deal with a negative review

While you can’t stop a customer leaving bad feedback, the way you deal with it can massively influence the way they and others see your business. How should you handle a bad review?... more

Painting by overall floor plan area

Because the essential elements of a house are all pretty simple the idea of a rate for each square metre of the floorplan became common with housing developments, particularly in Australia, and the idea spread into the painting trade, producing some very unfortunate consequences for painters because the rate tends to decrease with time and competition rather than increase... more

Material costs

The paint manufacturing industry shares data regarding market share, material trends and overall yields among other bits and bobs – some for their own interests and for others such as Government Trade and Commerce data... more


These are the costs used to run your business that are separated from the costs of the function of painting (paint and accessories) and are recovered (hopefully) by including an average for the overheads in prices you give customers for work... more

Estimating and preparing quotes

Estimating and preparing quotations for work is critical to the success of any painting business and a proper understanding of all the costings is essential... more

quick check for quality quotes     › price sensitivity

When an account becomes 'overdue'

When an account becomes 'overdue' always contact your customer and ask for payment. If there is a problem with your workmanship or other matters at least you will know and (by law) you have the opportunity to put it right... more

overdue accounts   › Terms of trade/Conditions of sale

The Consumer Guarantees Act and Painting

This Act provides a guarantee of performance for customers and there are plenty of grey areas in establishing just how well your painting work performs and for how long customers may take actions against painters either real or imagined, for problems that arise with work... more

Apprenticeships – add value to your business

Taking on and training an Apprentice is a way for you to invest in our Industry’s future, give back to your trade and improve the skill set of your employees. For information on Apprenticeships and how to get involved in workplace training... more

Working out areas

View detail drawings with dimensions for: badminton courts, tennis courts, netball courts, basketball courts and a guide for working out object areas... more

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