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What's your colour personality?

Have you ever felt that the colours in a room weren't to your taste but didn't know why? It may be that they didn't fit with your colour personality!

How to decorate with mixed seasons
Mixed seasons

Accommodating the personalities of different family members is easy when you know how!

Colour personalities can be defined many ways. To help you find your colour personality Resene has used the seasonal concepts developed by Johannes Itten (our colour wheel is also based on his theories) to develop a colour personality test and information on each season's tastes to get you started developing schemes to suit your personality. Of course no-one is purely one colour personality. However focusing on your dominant colour personality when developing a room scheme can help you put together colour schemes that feel right quickly and easily. Once you've finished your home makeover you can translate the seasons approach to colour personality into clothing, makeup and more.

Put your colour personality to the test... Take the Resene Colour Me test

Find out more about the seasons

Surrounding yourself with colours that fit with your colour personality can help you feel at home in your environment. Without these comfort colours you may always feel a little out of touch, detached or dissatisfied as your personality works hard to try and find things in the environment that resonate with your preferences. Even introducing a few elements of your colour personality into a room can make it feel instantly welcoming even if the overall scheme fits another colour personality.

The Spring palette

Spring colour personalities love daylight and prefer airy homes with lots of windows and natural light...

The summer palette

Close to nature, blues and greens are important in the Summer palette, with blue often being the favourite colour...

The Autumn palette


Fireplaces, warm clothing, slowing pace and a sense of cocooning ready winter is reflected in this colour personality...

The winter palette

Like Winter personalities, the Winter palette is self-assured and intense. Subtle colours are left to the other...

Take the Resene Colour Me test

From your walls to your wardrobe
Now that you know your colour personality, here are some colour options you could use to help you choose a future wardrobe.


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