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Artist's gallery

A wide range of artists are using Resene paints in their work, on everything from interior paintings to tactile artworks and mural masterpieces.

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If you're an artist using Resene paint in your work, we'd love to hear from you and give you the opportunity to have your work included in the online Resene Artist Gallery free. Click here to find out what you need to do.

Andrew Dempster Alex Bartleet
Waste not want not. Alex Bartleet builds sculpture pieces using all recycled materials, old rubbish and lashings of recycled paint. His work is artistic without being a burden on the environment. Because he relies on using materials that are being recycled or disposed of, each piece of work is unique... more
Andrew Dempster Andrew Dempster
Andrew's life is immersed in art, from a love of art at school, attending art school and teaching art at secondary school. Andrew enjoys seeing young people's creativity unfold and grow while also unleashing his own artistic talents in fresh works... more
Angela Croft Angela Croft
Angela’s work is based around tourism in Rotorua, inspired by a statement that features on the Resene website. “Rotorua is a natural wonderland of geothermal activity, New Zealand native bush and beautiful lakes. This natural beauty is underpinned by a strong Maori heritage and sense of pride in this unique place.” Her assemblages relate directly to each of these four features with an additional piece on Architecture as an extension on the statement… more
Anita Madhav Anita Madhav
Committed to her artworks for over a decade, Anita Madhav has branched out to interior design study to round out the services she offers. Anita’s work embodies a mixed media abstract art style, with works inspired by nature and what it provides to us. The finished works have considerably texture and depth that can only truly be appreciated in person… more 
My Tui Anna Evans - Star-Arts & The Art Lab
While Anna Evans is a freelance artist in her own right, she now shares her love for the arts teaching art classes for children. Inspiration for the work comes from the environment and the vivid imaginations of the children. The artwork created with the children is often multimedia, making ceramic relief elements painted with Resene paints and glued onto mural backdrops painted with Resene... more
Anne Taylor artist Anne Taylor
Anne Taylor is a predominantly self-taught New Zealand artist based in Greytown, Wairarapa, a rural region north of Wellington. She works mainly in 2D - painting, drawing and monoprints. Modernist art has been a longstanding interest which influences her work, along with history, art history and women artists... more
 Annette Spanski Annette Spanski
Surfers Paradise is Annette's source of colour inspiration - explosions of colour, spiritual calm and tranquillity. Annette's signature art is her textured spiral paintings. Each spiral is finished with a unique eye catching centrepiece... more
Anni Morris Anni Morris
With an artistic mother who was a commercial artist Anni started creating art at an early age. Anni’s art is like looking into a bowl off licorice allsorts, rich in colour, with a whimiscal flavour and absolutely delicious. It is obvious she paints what she loves and although she uses some great artists to gain inspiration from the work she creates is uniquely her own. She has sold work throughout New Zealand and overseas... more
Beate Minderjahn Beate Minderjahn
A passion for colour and textures with a creative mind characterises the work of artist Beate Minderjahn. She believes that colour has the power to affect our well-being, to inspire emotions and to stimulate our minds. She feels that transforming a living space into a comfortable and individual sanctuary makes all the difference of living somewhere or really feeling at home... more
Belinda Duffy Belinda Duffy
Urthen is a boutique design art studio specialising in creating innovative designer ranges of artworks that can be custom designed in the size and colour of the customer's choice and placed in series to create timeless pieces. The simplicity of colour, tactile textures and striking balanced design are used to enhance a space's dècor. Symmetry works are created using Resene Zylone 20 flat acrylic... more
Artist Bodhi Vincent

Bodhi Vincent
Bodhi started drawing as a child and has now developed those early beginnings into Bodartproductions focusing on sculpture painting and murals. Inspiration comes from primal spirit nature and human beings. Bodhi has created many public murals domestically and internationally. Resene Lumbersider low sheen waterborne paint is used on three-dimensional large scale sculptures... more

Candy Clarke Candy Clarke
Candy Clarke has been painting for over 25 years more or less continuously since graduating from art school in 1983 where she majored in graphics. She balances this with her work as a freelance graphic designer. She paints her works in acrylic on acrylic using everything from sheets of Perspex to moulded shapes and small blocks to more conventionally, framed sheets. Because Cindy paints on the back of the Perspex you look through the sheet… more
Catherine Jurgens Catherine Jurgens
Catherine’s work is best known for its beautiful, vibrant colours and brushstrokes with a focus on simplistic, contemporary designs. Catherine uses high quality canvases, impastos and environmentally friendly paints… more
Chantelle Smith, artist Chantelle Smith
Fantasy, utopia, painting, concepts of a new age and science fiction are driven together with concentrated effort by Chantelle Smith's artistry to create a pseudo-spiritualised climatic tension. Resene acrylic paints are used extensively in her work ... more
Chantze Rohe, artist Chantze Rohe
Chantze grew up in a small town known as Wairoa. Educated by family and friends in Maori arts - kapa haka (performance), kirituhi (skin art) and te reo Maori (spoken language) - his family noticed his developing fascination for the arts so he was packed up and sent to live in Hastings... more
Charlene  Lucas Charlene Lucas, CLArts Home of Affordable Arts & Design
Charlene’s work is based on abstract and texture. She loves a painting that has colour and lots of texture, the type that makes you want to reach out and touch it. What she loves about abstract is that every single person will make the painting to be something of their own imagination… more
Charmaine Pomerenke artist Charmaine Pomerenke
Charmaine Pomerenke was a co-owner of a fine art gallery when she was inspired to take up painting. She attended weekend workshops, but was drawn to abstract work with 'paint drips'. Most of her works are created using acrylic paint, including Resene Testpots applied from small squeegee bottles to create the desired effects... more
Christian Griffiths Christian Griffiths
Christian began as graffiti artist in 1994. Developing skills and broadening his arts knowledge he now often works in mixed media and paints a variety of subjects but it was the pro-active approach of graffiti that drew him into the art world. Christian Griffiths (aka Sauce) is a mural artist based in Murwillumbah… more
Cliff Uepa Cliff Uepa
After a gap of 28 years, Cliff restarted in the arts in 2009 focused on an exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. He's well known for his striking and detailed murals and was the Resene Mural Masterpieces 2011 professional category winner ... more
Intertidal Cristina Silaghi
Cristina Silaghi's paintings could be characterised as abstract; however, they often exhibit qualities associated with representational art, such as animation or a sense of space. Christina applies paint directly to paper or canvas; alternatively, she allows paint to dry on a PVC sheet, and employs collage and decoupage to reshape the paint before
adding it to her works... more
Mural Artist Dan Mills Dan Mills
Dan started his muralist career by painting murals during his first year of Art school in Blenheim in 1995 when he worked on a community project called 'Murals for Marlborough under the guidance of two professional artists. This laid the foundation for Dan to branch out on his own mural projects, which he continues to do today. In 1996 he undertook a number of mural projects in Lower Hutt and created volunteer pieces for Rainforest action groups that led to some murals at the HQ of the World Wildlife Fund... more
Dave Fowell artist Dave Fowell
Dave Fowell’s intricately wrought timber sculptures are given added dimension with often vibrant colour. Dave Fowell is a pragmatic sort of an artist. About three years ago he began creating wooden rather than stone sculptures, partly because he could work on them indoors during the winter. Now he’s painting his wooden sculptures, partly to stop them looking weathered as they age. But painting the large, intricately built works has also brought a huge creative bonus by emphasising their form and creating more impact… more
Debbie Thyne, artist Debbie Thyne
Debbie has always liked the sleek-yet- boxy simplicity of Resene’s colour chart wallets for specifiers with their potential as portable, modular painting supports. Based on this, Debbie’s bee image is specifically designed for their black surfaces, to repeat randomly across the wall in a formation of flight. The handles suggest a portmanteau exhibition, transient, packagable, playful. The bee is iconic... more
Denise Petrie, painting of a dog Denise Petrie, Canvas Conviction
Denise has always been drawing, bust hadn't had the time to pursue a passion. She attended art classes with Vicki Peacock and her art developed from there with her own style and techniques. Denise has completed many commissions of dogs, with landscapes and animals popular requests also. Her inspiration comes from natural resources, other artists people and the environment... more
Denise Wilkinson, artist Denise Wilkinson
Denise Wilkinson has been making art since the 1990s in various materials from cast glass to painting. Her current work explores paint, making paintings on canvas using a small straight mark, overlapping lines and layers, building up textures, mixing colours for contrast or complementary effect. Denise’s current practice with paint is inspired by formal explorations of paint, texture, colour, mark making... with a now conscious link to knitting and crochet... more
Paint skin upholstery Elena Scott
Five litres of paint makes one paint skin. And one paint skin is enough to cover a range of furniture, depending on its style. During her studies at the Manukau School of Visual Art, Elena Scott has developed a new concept in furniture upholstery… more
Ellen Coup, artist Ellen Coup
Since 2000, Ellen Coup has been beautifying buildings and spaces with her painted murals using Resene products, alongside making works on canvas in both oil paint and Resene paints. Her work spans a range of sites and sizes, from exterior public projects several hundreds of square metres in area to interior private artworks under 10 square metres and many works in between… more
Emilie Truscott Emilie Truscott
Emilie Truscott has always had a passion for art. She deviated from making art for a few years while she got her BA in Psychology and a Diploma in Applied Social Services: Counselling, and now these subjects heavily influence her work. She focuses on mixed media work: acrylic paint with paper collage overlay... more
Esther CampbellEsther Campbell
Her works range from landscapes through to people’s favourite TV and comic stars, often inspired by walks or watching a fantastic movie. Often certain colours will provide inspiration to create a specific piece... more
Fiona Ehn ArtFiona Ehn Art
Fiona’s designs are created for those searching for that little something special, those who value locally made products, original designs and high-quality product standards... more
Gaye Hall Gaye Hall
Tutored by three leading NZ artists over the last 25 years, and with work sold locally and internationally, Gaye Hall originally started painting oils on canvas but more recently has focused her work on waterborne paint finishes. A few years ago she was contacted by the local Council to paint on a sheet of corrugated iron for outside decoration. This led Gaye to Resene Testpots and to experiment with outside art... more
Gerry Copas Gerry Copas
The current focus of Gerry’s work centres around the ambiguity and the absurdity of words and phrases. Gerry says “words in my case become the object of my art. I use text and language as a vehicle for examining issues of perception and reality in relation to how we receive and communicate words. I find the physicality of the letters, such as the positive/negative spaces created by the typography also of interest from the point of abstracted shapes and mark making in general… more
Ginney Deavoll artist Ginney Deavoll
Ginney has painted around 16 murals in and around Christchurch including the Sumner Surf Club. These days Ginney still paints the odd mural but mainly focuses on gallery work.  She had her first exhibition in 2010, which was a great success, boosting her confidence to make painting her career. So now she spends half her time painting and half working as a guide in the outdoors.  Ginney's inspiration comes from the natural world and New Zealand in particular.  She finds her best work comes... more
Grant Tilly artist Grant Tilly
During the 1970s and 1980s Grant worked as an illustrator for David McGill's articles in The Evening Post - "Cityscapes" and later "Harbourscapes" and then on his own column "Drawing On History". The articles charted the changing face of Wellington's urban landscape. It was the late John Drawbridge who suggested that some 1964 drawings of Wellington be published, which led to his first book of drawings, "The Old House Town". He later encouraged Grant to mount his first ever and highly successful exhibition at Harry Seresin's Settlement Gallery... more
Graphic Design Time Graphic Design Time
Graphic Design Time created the famous award winning Moo Suede Shoes themed cow in the Auckland Cow Parade - a modern Elvis bovine style! Moo Suede Shoes was a very popular character amongst the grazing herds created using Resene paints, giving Elvis fans a little reminder of their favourite star... more
Hannah Jensen Hannah Jensen
Hannah used Resene paints throughout her studies, mixing together various testpots to create colours to suit her style and themes. Her creative instinct saw her design a technique that uses copious volumes of paint, covering boards with layers of waterborne paints encompassing sometimes fifty layers or more.  Then with care she carves intricate and beautiful designs into the surface using a small v shaped lino cutter. The result is distinctive… more
Helen Calder, artist Helen Calder
Spending six months pouring out hundreds of litres of paint sounds wasteful until one discovers what they have been poured onto. Helen Calder has developed a new artistic technique involving carefully planned pours of Resene Enamacryl gloss waterborne enamel over composite panel to create her works - a departure from her normal preference of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel... more
Helen Claira Burt
Helen's work focuses mainly on the female form, although she occasionally does geometric work. Inspiration comes from intuition and dreams. Helen likes to express the Goddess in her varied archetypes. She is has worked on a range of Goddesses as a contributing artist to a set of oracle cards... more
Ira McCully, artist Ira Mitchell-Kirk
Realising there are so many people that want to be surrounded by work that is special to them, that matches their lives and their spaces, Ira Mitchell-Kirk has built a business designed to reflect every client's individuality. Clients simply advise the Resene colours used in their space and testpots of these are incorporated into the commissioned piece to ensure it truly fits with the room environment... more
Jacqui van den Berg - artist Jacqui van den Berg
As well as Jacqui van den Berg being a painter on the Kapiti Coast, she has also been helping with murals in schools. Jacqui has assisted in creating over 10 mural pieces located from Kindergarten through to College level. This is great, rewarding work, working alongside young talented students... more
Resin art by Jake Feast Jake Feast
Jake Feast is a self-taught artist who creates resin art and abstract expression, with a huge contrast between each style. His resin work is art mixed with science, a process of continual development and experimentation... more
Jane Douglas Jane Douglas
Jane has always painted in various styles, but on discovering Resene's large range of strong bright colours she now focuses on a style of simple clarity. Her work involves painting pictures on canvas. These designs are then also printed on gift cards including a range of Christmas cards. She gets her inspiration from the old Kiwi feeling of a simple life. Jane likes to paint images of a forgotten era, a feeling of hot summers... more
Jane Gray, artist Jane Gray
Painting professionally since 1989, Jane has enjoyed sell out exhibitions in New Zealand and the UK with numerous showings in press and magazine. Jane's work has extended onto a range of substrates, including working as a resident artist for a Massachusetts restaurant chain and producing paintings for walls and tableware, through to creating paintings... more
Jane Toy - artist Jane Toy
Jane Toy follows the work of the American Abstact Expressionists and got into poured paint work (along the lines of Helen Frankenthaler) for which Resene testpots were perfect. They blend with each other so well and 'bleed' into each other in fasinating patterns that can't be recreated. Jane enjoys employing techniques where the materials are allowed to do their own thing... more
Jarene Caroll - artist Jarene Carroll
Jarene Carroll paints Kowhaiwhai in Maori Contemporary Art, drawing inspiration from her surroundings, books about art and the dynamics in Toimairangi School. Jarene paints flatly using Resene paints. She almost 'draws' rather than paints to create her works. She draws in colours and products to suit her works and tends to go through phases of flavours - at the moment, it's Resene Paris Daisy... more
Jason Kelly, artist Jason Kelly
Based in Wellington, Jason has always had pad and pen in his hand since childhood and took this into a signwriting apprenticeship many years ago. He then progressed from that to working on Lord of the Rings and set work for TVNZ, simultaneously exhibiting and successfully selling his Word Art painted on recycled timber, sourced from the Pencarrow coastline and salvage yards... more
Jil Sergent Jil Sergent
In a career spanning back to an innocent 2 year old, Jil Sergent has had a long history in creating ground games. Sent outside by her mother with house size paintbrushes and a bucket of water, Jil created her first ground games before she had even started kindergarten. For the past 12 years this talent has been generously shared with Hawkes Bay children to nurture 'zest for life' and a 'respect for life'. Ground games are created by painting Resene Super Gloss enamel directly onto concrete using an array of bristle brushes in a myriad of bright hues to suit the game selections... more
Jo Blogg, Artist Jo Blogg
Painting on man made surfaces using a myriad of Resene testpots is Jo's specialty, allowing her to "flaunt house paint as the greatest, most cost effective product available to artists today". A Black Barn Gallery exhibition will feature 209 paintings on Perspex, plastic tile and CD cases... more
Joanne Thomas Joanne Thomas
Jo invented the photographic process she uses in 2004 through study of photography with a focus on commercial and alternative photography, enjoying a faultless 100% grading when she produced her painted canvas hand developed photos for an assignment. As the only artist producing this type of work... more
artist Joel De Vries Joel de Vries
Nature and the world around us is all the inspiration that Joel de Vries of J and J Art needs to create his work. Self taught, Joel was influenced by his uncle who is also a painter... more
artist John van Dolleweerd John van Dolleweerd
John designs and paints original patterns on heavy art paper or card that are symmetrical around a central point.  All my work is abstract but is also very structured in as much that all the motifs are repetitive and spaced evenly in relation to each other and to the centre point... more
Johnny de Vries artist Johnny de Vries
Johnny started painting in 2001 on a film set in Foxton. On the film set he worked with an artist who encouraged him to continue my painting after the film was finished. Ultimately Johnny ended up working on murals, especially those depicting ocean life... more
Jonathan Grange, is a self taught airbrush artist Jonathan Grange
Jonathan Grange, is a self taught airbrush artist who has painted murals around the Rodney district and on the North Shore of Auckland, including a residential mural that came second in the professional category of the Resene Mural Masterpieces competition. He started airbrushing about 25 years ago, doing the usual painting onto cars trucks etc.. then he progressed to commissioned paintings... more
Jun Arita artist Jun Arita
Jun Arita hails from Osaka, Japan but currently resides in New Zealand where he describes himself as a Japanese Pop Artist, Freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Character Designer. Jun is an Artist and Graphic Designer, whose colourful work draws its influences from Pop Art, Traditional Japanese Art, Kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing) and graffiti... more
Juria Chuah Juria Chuah aka Shorty
Shorty comes from a mixed creative background. With art and design being consistent strengths and passions throughout school, she completed a Diploma of Art & Design, studied a Bachelor of Spatial Design and then moved onto a Diploma of Computer Graphic Design.  After noticing more and more art exhibitions around Auckland, Shorty was inspired to get her work onto the art scene... more
Karen Beckett Karen Beckett
From existing and new buildings to shipping containers to bus exteriors, if it stands still long enough it is likely to become another piece of Meaningful Art's gallery of work. An environmental artist with a quarter of a decade of work history spanning the mediums of murals, watercolours to oils, stain glass art, pottery sculpture, wearable arts and tapestry wallhangings, Karen Beckett is well... more
Karen Obert - Artist Karen Oberg
Karen's mixed media work is bold, colourful and intriguing. Her mission is simple. She loves what she does and hopes her passion is contagious. As a mixed media artist Karen is unconfined to any particular technique or medium. Each time she employs a new medium she plays with it; exploring and probing its qualities and limitations. Once familiar with the new medium she then takes it to a new height by combining it with other media. The possibilities are never ending... more
Kate Allan Art and Design Kate Allan, Kate Allan Art and Design
As long as Kate can remember she has concentrated on drawing female portraits. In fact she still has some she did as a 10 year old. She gets inspired by "awesome Resene colours and different jewellery and clothing items" that she sees in magazines and on friends etc... more
Katherine Lawrence Katherine Lawrence
Katherine Lawrence, trading under the business name Little White Dog, started her creative career when she wanted to try something different. At the time she was living in the country. She had made a large garden, rock walls, willow hurdles and lots of needlepoint and was looking for a fresh way to show off her creative talents. Today, Katherine paints mats which can be used on the floor or as wall hangings... more

Katie Gracie
When Katie began painting again she found it difficult to find the colours she desired so she started using Resene testpots and has never looked back. Now all Katie's art is painted using only Resene paint. Her work focuses on vintage theme girls and native birds and recently she has added her own line of colouring in books... more

Kathie Watson artist Kathie Watson
Stand back and view works by Kathie Watson - her exhibition 'Answering Hanly in a BIG way' is a pure expression of her response to him as an artist, silent mentor and guide. While she never knew Hanly personally, she responded to his art in a way that makes one wonder if they had crossed paths somewhere. Clearly Watson's work shows the influence of Hanly, with her 'poured chance' of trickles of enamel paint... more When Katie began painting again she found it difficult to find the colours she desired so she started using Resene testpots and has never looked back
Katy Oaks Katie Oaks
Katie Oaks is a self-taught artist who has been painting for many years, predominantly using Resene Testpots in a range of colours on various surfaces, mostly canvas block and wood.  Working in an instinctive manner Katie's most successful paintings embrace the haphazard and erratic nature of abstract painting, blending colours and creating rhythms that draw the viewer into the painting where they can find their own meaning... more
Katrina Ward, for Art, Wallpaper and Fashion Katrina Ward
Katrina Ward has always been a drawing fiend and she likes to feast on colour and coffee. Katrina studied at Elam School of Fine Arts, taught in secondary schools for several years and has now returned to her passion for painting... more
Kirsty Britton Kirsty Britton
Through four years of studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Auckland, Kirsty has developed paint techniques to create her works. Resene paints have been used throughout... more
Korana Wilson Korana Wilson
Since a very young age Korana has drawn upon pop culture's iconic imagery to reflect and often construct contextual narratives within her work. She’s often reminded of a scene from a movie or a story told to her when viewing completed paintings, inspired much by the entertainment violence found in many parts of the media... more

Kristina Andersen, artist Kristina Andersen
Kristina loves to paint and hasn't been able to stop since she first picked up a paint brush. Initially she had hoped to try decoupage but discovered that wasn't really her style. She did however find she liked the painting aspect of the decoupage project, and decided to focus on that instead. Kristina considers herself a refugee from the corporate world and finds being creative much more meaningful. Painting makes her heart sing. Kristina is inspired by animals, nature... more
Artwork by Kristine Daly Kristine Daly
Kristine worked in the display department at Beaths as a window dresser and ticketwriter, painting the showcards to hang around the store and in the windows. She learnt how to china paint, building up the pictures with layers of paint after each firing, and to paint realistic paintings with detail. Eg flowers and birds... more
Krkoska Krkoska
Krkoska has always had an ability and passion to paint and draw, and trained in Fine Arts at Charles Sturt University Australia. Compositions from life situations inspire thoughts and impressions into a dynamic expressionistic forms. Inspiration comes from life experiences; light, colour effects and energised scenes, and night city scenes where colour and form take on new meanings... more
Leigh Hutfield, artist Leanne Gant
Leanne had always loved drawing and art. Looking for something to help with anxiety, Leanne turned to her love of art at the ripe old age of 48. Leanne’s work is very intuitive and focused on emotions to bring out creativity. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Everyone sees something different in her paintings… more
Leigh Hutfield, artist Leigh Hutfield
Leigh Hutfield is a professional artist who works on artworks for both inside and out.  She donated her time along with an art colleague to paint murals for a local kindergarten in Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast.  From there her outdoor range emerged.  Leigh is inspired by the magic of life and the little mysteries that float by on the whisp of the wind - butterflies, dragonflies, ladybeetles, magic, fairies, mushrooms, flowers... more
Leigh Hutfield, artist Leonie Mulqueeney of Loniart
Leonie has been sketching and drawing all her life. Previously, she has been a Building Designer, manually drawing plans and presentations, a Graphic Designer designing office stationery/branding, an Interior Design Teacher at TAFE and a complusive doodler... more
Lily Verschnaetti, artist

Lily Verschnaetti
Lily's start on this artwork project was somewhat unorthodox. Somebody gave her as payment a small boxful of Resene testpots. She combined them with some objects she had sourced which were too precious to throw away or cut up for firewood. Lily loves to recycle and give things a second or third chance... more

Linda Paul, artist Linda Paul
Linda is a self taught artist who focuses on painting with acrylics. She has painted different types of pictures from landscapes to abstract designs and has not yet settled down in a specific style. Last year two of her adult children decided to join a local theatre group and Linda bravely volunteered to do their artwork. The painting was done on a canvas 26ft long by 6ft drop. Linda loved every minute of that challenge and it proved to be a resounding success. Linda also partially credits the result to the vibrant Resene colours she used... more
Lisa Antonelli, artist Lisa Antonelli
Largely self-taught, Lisa enjoys the isolation that accompanies the artist's lifestyle. A chronic thinker, painting brings a lovely blank to her otherwise busy mind and allows her to paint from the soul. A fascination with imagery and form led to a 15 year stint as a freelance photographer. The natural progression along this same pathway brought her to painting... more
Lois Perry Lois Perry
In the words of the artist herself, Resene Enamacryl has been subjected to, and withstood, considerable abuse in the course of new art. Lois Perry, an up and coming Auckland artist, focused exclusively on using Resene Enamacryl gloss waterborne enamel with a Resene Quick Dry acrylic primer undercoat over substrates of aluminium, canvas and board as part of a final study year for a Master of Fine Arts at Elam... more
Mindalive Lyn Bergquist
Carving a niche for oneself in the art world calls for the development of an innovative style to draw in art lovers and to clearly differentiate one's work. Lyn Bergquist has taken this in his stride combining unique themes and compositions while foregoing traditional restraints on material choices such as replacing the usual Gesso as canvas preparation with Resene Quick Dry Acrylic Primer Undercoat and the artist topcoats with Resene Lumbersider... more
Lynne Campbell, artist

Lynn Campbell
Lynn Campbell started with decorating houses, that turned to floor and wall borders before leading into painting on canvas. Most of Lynn's work is realism, but she's happy painting just about anything... more

Marcia Scott, artist Marcia Scott
Artist Marcia Scott uses an unusual yet practical canvas for her colourful artworks. After two decades of creating artworks for walls, Marcia Scott decided she wanted a new type of canvas. She came up with the concept of a stool which, at 500mm tall, also works well as a little table. 'I like to think of them as artworks for the floor... more
Marilyn Andrews, artist Marilyn Andrews
Artist Marilyn Andrews has used Resene paint and testpots for murals for two decades and counting. The first very large mural was commissioned by 'Keep Nelson Beautiful' to beautify a CBD Nelson building. Formerly Deka building... the largest mural she has undertaken.  From there Marilyn painted 12 murals and used Resene product to undercoat canvases for almost 800 heart paintings.  More recently she has begun experimenting with colour on large canvases... more
Mark Whyte, artist Mark Whyte
The smattering of paint left over on an artist’s palette when an artwork is completed is usually washed away before it dries, with scant regard for the environment. But a West Auckland painter with a conscience – and a penchant for experimentation – is keeping it green. His novel way of recycling leftover paint has proved a winner and his artworks are much in demand… more
Martin Kerschbaumer, artist Martin Kerschbaumer
Martin devotes many hours to every work. He lovingly applies the lightest, watery brushstrokes and gradually builds up a beautiful depth of colour and then alternates this with dry brush applications forming a gestural texture… more
Max Lucas, artist Max Lucas
Max's love of colour, a desire to banish 'drab' finishes and itchy fingers, was all the encouragement he needed to turn his talent to artwork. Max paints furniture and creates outdoor sculptures with paint on canvas, wood or anything that sits still. His inspiration comes mainly from his over-active mind... more
Michael Smither artist

Michael Smither
Well-known artist Michael Smither has literally captured the colour of sound in a recent exhibition. In radiant Resene colours, big, bold, bullseyes pulse out from the canvas like sound waves. The longer you look, the meticulously painted concentric circles turn and vibrate with a compelling energy… more

Murals from Michael Hurman Michael Hurman
Michael picked up a pencil when he was a kid and he's never put it down. As a self taught artist and Director of ATB Tattoo Studio and Gallery, Michael dabbles in a variety of different mediums one of which is painting murals using Resene paint. He works with a plethora of amazing clients and have helped convert their ideas into a design that looks good and complements the environment in which it sits... more
Mindalive Mindalive
In a departure from a facts and figures based teaching regime, MindAlive nurtures attitude and state of mind to assist students aged over seven to understand the value of learning and gain a thirst for knowledge and skills. Incorporating a range of subjects from which students may select 3-6 tutorials, art is a compulsory element in every student's program. MindAlive buy... more
Oliver Walker – Aardvark Images Oliver Walker – Aardvark Images
Oliver was always doing art and winning competitions from his early primary school days. He started painting traditional silk hangings with his mother in 1988 and then began tutoring the same year in her studio and doing live demonstrations and workshops from then on. He began working on a larger commercial scale from 1993 onwards... more
Paula Kerslake Paula Kerslake
Paula redefines the art of painting in her extraordinary abstract expressionist works that balance geometric shapes with energetic movement. Her artistic process is both concealed and revealed in her paintings that challenge the viewer to interpret and reinterpret what they see. Using rich earthy colours and gel mediums she creates layers of texture in engaging and vibrant works... more
Philip Liggins artist Philip Liggins
Fantasy and reality, dark and light all weave through the lustrous artworks of Philip Liggins. It’s an art form used centuries ago on icons and sacral paintings, but artist Philip Liggins uses the technique of reverse painting on glass to great effect today. Everything is the opposite to traditional painting on canvas. The signature, details and foreground work, such as trees or birds flying, are painted first. And when they’re dry, he paints the next layer, like the sky, over the dry foreground work… more
Reg Turner Reg Turner
Reg Turner describes his art as “uninfluenced, undisciplined and untrained”. Reg’s artworks are painted in a unique technique that would make art puritans raise their eyebrows. He uses the repellent properties of oil and waterbased Resene house paints to create texture, movement and colour effects reflecting the land and seascapes of his surroundings. Reg applies the two different types of paint to canvas straight from the can, mixing primary colours with impunity... more
Rodney Edge Rodney Edge
Brightly coloured with a preference for primary hues and intensely idiosyncratic, the sharp-edged, carefully blended images explore icons of faces, flames, frames and symbols cleverly juxtaposed into works that seemingly create their own direction. Rodney has combined his artistic painting... more
Rohan Wealleans Rohan Wealleans
Rohan Wealleans pushes the painterly expressionist tradition of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning to its limits and in doing so reflects on primal and instinctive in art, making sculptural paintings with knives and mannequin busts. His marble-like monumental and simultaneously delicate millifiori-like works… more
Romp artworks Romp artworks
Fun, funky and original - those three words sum up the artwork created by Stephanie Swetman to brighten up children's bedrooms and play spaces. Romp artworks works are not only popular with children but also with adults that cannot help to be drawn to popular works... more
Sabine and Doug Ford Sabine and Doug Ford
Sabine and Doug Ford have turned their art talents to beautify Auckland streets by transforming unsightly traffic boxes and walls into works of art...more
Sally Simpson, artist Sally Simpson
Sally was a late starter in the painting stakes, and is mostly self taught in the abstract field, so her work is all her own, hopefully unaffected by anyone else's ideas, rules or restrictions. Sally's paintings tend to zoom across the canvas in bright streaks of colour - nothing dull or boring here... more
Samantha Walker artist Samantha Walker
Samantha Walker paints a variety of artworks for both inside and out. Increasingly she has been doing more exterior work as she has already covered her interior wall space with her works. Recently Samantha has started painting on Perspex and needed durable outdoor paints so that the Perspex pieces could be used as outdoors art... more
Sam Mathers

Sam Mathers, SM Creative
Sam's works are a visual diary of his travel around the world - they way he sees and experiences places. They document the iconic and instantly recognizable as well as the odd and interesting. He's fascinated by the back story - the cultural history behind the well known images. Along with scientific rules and the mechanics of how things work... more

Sharron Tancred, artist Sharron Tancred - Tailored Artworks Pty Ltd
Think about the work and effort you put into your environment in order to have everything exactly as you want it. The Resene paint, the furniture, the fixtures and finishes, all carefully chosen with a grand scheme in mind. But the artworks? Finding ideal matches for your corporate and/or residential space is both difficult and time consuming... more
Shaun O’Riordan

Shaun O’Riordan
Shaun’s work reads like a stream of consciousness. Keeping to the right side of the canvas, he scribes his favourite things – 80s music, stereos and magazines - all in shades of Resene paints and colours. Shaun has been selected as Highly Commended finalist in the IHC Art Awards several times... more

Sheryl Ross Sheryl Ross
Sheryl Ross has always enjoyed creating artistic pieces. After renovating their first home she decided to turn her love of colour and design into a career and did a Diploma in Interior Design. Inspiration for her contemporary art comes from many sources including the environment - the city, nature, the sea and places she has traveled to. Sheryl loves working with colour and texture and many pieces have 3D elements… more
Snehal Patel Snehal Patel
Inspiration for Snehal came from having to live with blank walls.  After two years of living with bare walls, Snehal decided to take matters into her own hands and create artwork to adorn the space.  Most of her work is abstract and she loves working with geometric shapes... more
All HEart by Sonia Farrell All HEart by Sonia Farrell
Sonia's work focuses on contemporary realism... using lots of colour, using texture, colour and symbolism to add meaning and stories to her artworks. Sonia loves the simple things in life and has deep spiritual connections which inspire her... more
Stephen Hodgson Stephen Hodgson
Stephen began painting in 2010 after having wanted to take up art for many years.  He thoroughly enjoys releasing the creativity within himself.  Most of his work is acrylic on canvas in the abstract style. Viewing other paintings provides him with inspiration to reinterpret the same felling in his own unique style. Stephen is self taught... more
Steve Clothier, Corrugation Creations Steve Clothier, Corrugation Creations
Steve was asked to build The Dog Information Centre in Tirau. From there he has made thousands of pieces, from barbecuing cows to parachuting sausages. Some pieces, like the pukeko and kiwis in Otorohanga, are quite large, others are small pieces to decorate the back garden or man cave. The artworks are made out of corrugated iron… more
Susanne Morning, artist Susanne Morning
With working time divided between New Zealand and Asia, Susanne Morning uses both cultures as inspiration for her artwork, characterised by a bright, broad palette often punctuated by loose disjunctive patterns, and her poetry... more
Tania Clarke Tania Clarke
Having left her glass painting skills unused for two decades, Tania Clarke is now making use of her unique painting techniques to create artworks on glass. Works focus on topics and themes popular to her clients, such as celebrities, actors and singers. Tania's artworks look much like stencil works... more
Tara Spicer artist Tara Spicer
Tara Spicer combines life as a working artist with life as an art teacher, allowing her to nurture creativity in both herself and others. Tara's first introduction to Resene was for a series of murals for Jones Parade Kindy in the SUnshine Coast, which she worked on with fellow artist Leight Hutfield. Coming from a more traditional, Fine Art background using very high quality fine art paints... more
Te Ao Marama Arts Te Ao Marama Arts
With an interest in art stemming back to drawing and colouring as a child through to art in High School, it was the suggestion of the art teacher to abandon a career in hairdressing in favour of art. Studies at the Design & Arts College, Christchurch and a Bachelor of Maori Visual Arts from Massey University, Palmerston North have helped develop these early artistic talents… more
Theresa Reihana Theresa Reihana
Far North based Theresa Reihana combines Maori artistry and motherhood, culminating in recent exhibitions in Melbourne and Italy after only a five year history of painting. All her work is completed using Resene paints, predominantly Resene Lumbersider satin acrylic that she purchases... more
Vicki Catlow ThreadedStitch - Vicki Catlow
Creating by hand is Vicki's passion, As a practising artist for over 30 years the ThreadedStitch vision is to encourage others to enjoy the feeling of creativity whether for a gift or the home. Most of us do not have walls big enough to hang a full quilt so these limited edition quilt blocks... more
Tongariro King, artist Tongariro King
Tongariro has always had an artistic eye. He carved throughout high school and teachers encouraged him to give painting a try. He’s passionate about art and loves everything about it... more
Tracy Day Tracy Day
Creator of Stiles Wall Tiles, a tile comprised of stretched Hessian coated in various designs. Each colour group consists of four stiles, designed to be sold individually to allow customers to mix or repeat tiles as desired. The ever versatile Resene Lumbersider satin acrylic has become a key element of 'stile'... more
Tracy Rasmussen artist

Tracy Rasmussen
Artist Tracy Rasmussen’s twin passions are order, and colour… in that order. And she goes to considerable lengths to celebrate those qualities in her artworks. For her Alphabet of Colour works, for example, she bought a testpot of each colour in the Resene The Range 2004 and 2005 fandecks and let the names of the paints determine the final artwork... more

Trish Shirley - Merrybook Studio Trish Shirley - Merrybook Studio
Trish is somewhat of a jack of all trades when it comes to artwork having created a wide range of work over the years, ranging from oil and watercolor portraits of people and animals to her current fantasy-style mixed-media collages... more
A recent Modern Masters project Tricia Osborne
Creating one masterpiece is enough of a commission to keep most artists busy. Multiply that by thirty and you have the project that Modern Masters has just completed for a Melbourne hospital. The thirty pieces range from 14 pieces 900 x 1200mm to the largest piece, a triptych called Orchestrate... more
Val White, artist Val White
Painting is in Val's blood, having dabbled in the arts since school days, albeit without monetary reward until more recent years. Her love of art inspired her to complete an Interior Design degree, from which it seems like a natural extension to offer her artistic services... more
Vanessa White artist Vanessa White
Award winning Waikato artist, Vanessa White, has her sights firmly set on the international art market. As an established artist based in Te Awamutu, Vanessa, with her unique mixed media style, is set expand into national art scene, armed with the knowledge that two of her pieces have already been bought specifically to export... more
Vicki Catlow Vicki Catlow, ThreadedStitch
Creating by hand is Vicki's passion, As a practising artist for over 30 years the ThreadedStitch vision is to encourage others to enjoy the feeling of creativity whether for a gift or the home. Most of us do not have walls big enough to hang a full quilt so these limited edition quilt blocks... more
Vicky Peacock artist Vicky Peacock
Vicky studied Art at University in England before immigrating to New Zealand in 2001. She has been painting ever since, finding inspiration from the bright, vivid colors of New Zealand's beautiful landscape... more
Wayne Kelly's artwork Wayne Kelly
Wayne began painting from an early age and acrylic paints appealed because of their fast drying and extensive colour range. He has experimented with many styles and subjects from modern to traditional but went through a period of painting exclusively motorbikes... more
Wellington banner artwork Wellington banner artwork
The Wellington City Council in conjunction with Resene have taken artwork to the streets enlisting 32 schools and a selection of local artists to turn blank banner canvases into works of art. The banner collection finished with Resene Lumbersider testpots displayed along the streets of Wellington... more
Whimsys and Frivols Whimsy & Frivols
Located in rural Manawatu, Whimsys & Frivols is the collaborative adventure of two mature artisans with a collective professional art experience of over eight decades. Their creativity extends to painted mirror frames made of solid wood and crafted with attention to detail... more

Feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Check out our step by step art ideas to get you started. Or help your children get creative with our kid's art ideas.


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