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Below are a collection of home exteriors projects completed by keen DIY'ers.

Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Wrapped in colour
Wrapped in colour

The body of this weatherboard home stands out in Resene Tarawera... more
Bed and Breakfast
An unexpected colour journey

The outside is in neutral tones with weatherboards in... more

Freedom of choice

Downlights showcase this impressive deep royal blue into the night... more
Cute cottage colour
Cute cottage colour

The exterior of the home is painted in Resene Pale Rose... more
Shades of grey
Shades of grey

Creating a home that is both functional and stylish... more
Inspired by spring
Inspired by spring

The facade is colourful and cheerful, inspired by daffodils... more
For the love of blue
For the love of blue

The Hickson family wanted to brighten up the space... more
Eyesore no more
Eyesore no more

Creating a warm and gorgeous beach side bungalow... more
Colours bring the cohesion
Colours bring the cohesion

The Hazelhurst family are addicted home renovators and bought this house five years ago... more
Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Resene St Tropaz put the love and life back in and has awoken our sleeping beach beauty... more
Wrapped in colour
Wrapped in colour

The main body of this home stands out in Resene Tarawera... more
Capturing the calm
Capturing the calm

Resene contributes the capping tone to the renovation of this villa... more
Spring in your step
Spring in your step

For the past year Nicola’s husband has been working on painting their home’s exterior... more
Inspired by paddington
Inspired by Paddington

Nicola loves her villa, but it was definitely due a new exterior paint job... more
An unexpected colour journey
An unexpected colour journey

As a new bed and breakfast it needed new colours inside and out... more
Personality plus
Personality plus

The design was kept very much with a bach lifestyle in mind... more
In need of TLC
In need of TLC

Reinvigorating a tired 1970s cedar and concrete block home... more
Home of art
Home of art

Exterior balcony, garage and back gallery are painted in Resene Blackjack... more
A door-able in colour
A door-able in colour

Neutral colours allow landscaped garden to really stand out... more
Colour brings character
Colour brings character
Keeping heritage features... a soft palette with a relaxed vintage... more
Alterations, additions and paint
Alterations, additions and paint

Transforming the whole look with paint, alterations and additions... more
Monochromatic home transformation
Monochromatic home transformation

An exterior home transformation... more
Black meets white
Black meets white

This paint doesn’t hold onto the heat the same way a standard colour... more
Tackling it one piece at a time
Tackling it one piece at a time

Using a colour scheme that is fresh, yet subtle... more
Overdue for a makeover
Overdue for a makeover

This home built in 1959 had a complete exterior makeover... more
Colour from the basement up
Colour from the basement up

The entire house inside and out has a focus on gentle colours... more
Colour makes this home
Colour makes this home

A striking first impression.. with a pop of colour... more

Bursts of colour

Using Resene colours extensively, particularly as highlights... more
Beach house in the city
Beach house in the city

Exterior colours that complement the stone wall that had been built... more
Rewinding back to go forward
Rewinding back to go forward

Restoring weatherboards under old brickalite cladding... more
A touch of colour
A touch of colour

Highlighting the look of the silver corrugated steel... more
Unified from inside out
Unified from inside out

Using a unified colour scheme for both the interior and exterior... more
A dream home
A dream home

A clean look with LINEA® painted in Resene Blackjack... more
Best of the blues
Best of the blues

Maintaining the house’s historic look while making it fresh and bright... more
Home becomes an artwork
Home becomes an artwork

Inspired to use her home as a canvas for artwork... more
Standing the test of time
Standing the test of time

Keeping in character with the colour schemes used in the 1930s... more
Boho Beauty
Boho Beauty

Giving a lovely little cottage a vibrant facelift... more
Picturing a picket fence
Picturing a picket fence

An old villa in Resene Bone White completed with a picket fence... more
What lies beneath
What lies beneath

Repainting weatherboards found under old faux brick cladding... more
Dressing a cottage in neutral shades
Dressing a cottage in neutral shades

Adding a light and clean look... more
A home around a door
A home around a door

They carved their story into a 90-year-old church door... more
The start of many challenges
The start of many challenges

Lifting the paintwork and giving it a 70s Scandinavian feel (plus some fun)... more
Ask an expert
Ask an expert

Using Ask a Resene Colour Expert service to get some colour ideas... more
Place of rainbows
Place of rainbows

From a plain, practical farmhouse to a fun, colourful holiday... more
Resene Half Stack and trims in Resene Bokara Grey
Cottage comeback

Resene Half Stack and trims in Resene Bokara Grey... more
Resene Pavlova
From colourful to calm

Resene Pavlova with black stained retainer wall planters and eaves... more
The walls of the house are painted in Resene Terrain
Resene Terrain

Resene Terrain with a family of blues... more
Resene Quarter Ship Grey weatherboards
At home with colour

Resene Quarter Ship Grey weatherboards... more
Resene Flash Point
Art Deco twist

A theme of 'Modern Art Deco with a South Pacific Twist'... more
Resene Concrete and Resene Stack
Major makeover

Resene Concrete and Resene Stack for the window surrounds... more
Kiwi House is looking eye-catching from the road in Resene Clouded Blue
Kiwi house

Resene Clouded Blue walls and Resene Alabaster trims... more
She created a Scandinavian/bach feel
Relaxing retreat

Resene Quarter Ironsand painted Shadowclad®... more
Resene Flash Point
Picture perfect

Resene Half Black White, Resene Keppel and Resene Rhino... more
Resene Quarter Grey Friars
Total makeover

Resene Quarter Grey Friars, Resene Black White and Resene Pohutukawa door... more
Resene Triple Thorndon Cream on roughcast walls
Complete refresh

Resene Triple Thorndon Cream and Resene Ironsand... more
Resene Flash Point
Matching the joinery

Resene Bokara Grey was an excellent match for the bronze windows... more
Resene Triple Ash with Resene Clockwork Orange front door
Orange front door

Resene Triple Ash with Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream trims... more
Resene Gravel and the door in Resene Wasabi

Resene Gravel and the door in Resene Wasabi.... more
Outside the house is finished in Resene Biscotti, Resene Leather and Resene White
French provincial
Resene Biscotti, Resene Leather and Resene White... more
Resene Triple Black White walls
Redecorated villa

Resene Triple Black White walls and Resene Red Berry door... more
Resene Black walls
Black meets blue
Resene CoolColour™ Black over deep blue Resene Surfs Up... more
The bay window has shingles in multiple colours
Revamped exterior

She painted the bay window shingles in multiple colours... more
Resene Silver Chalice on the weatherboards, Resene Ship Grey for the basement and Resene Black White on trims and joinery
Bright clean refreshing

Resene Silver Chalice walls and Resene Ship Grey basement... more
Resene Pohutukawa
Colours from nature

Resene Pohutukawa on stucco home... more
Cool blue - Resene Comfort Zone
Blue for you
So cool. Resene Comfort Zone with Resene White... more
Resene Sonyx 101 CoolColour in Resene Trojan
Deeper colour

Resene Sonyx 101 CoolColour in Resene Trojan... more
Resene Sisal walls with Resene Lemon grass and Resene Blue Charcoal trims
Resene Sisal walls

Resene Lemon grass and Resene Blue Charcoal trims... more
Resene Citrus, Resene Saltbox, Resene Nepal and Resene Tea
Resene Nepal blue

Resene Citrus, Resene Saltbox, Resene Nepal and Resene Tea... more
A neutral scheme with Resene Perfect Taupe walls and Resene Quarter Rice Cake windows
A neutral scheme
Resene Perfect Taupe walls and Resene Quarter Rice Cake windows... more
A a frieze integrates the deck on the first floor with the ground floor and entry
Colourful frieze
Resene Iko Iko and the roof in Resene Twizel... more
A stunning Resene Alo Alo exterior
A lively colour

The exterior now glows in stunning Resene Alo Alo... more
Resene Tsunami and the finishing touches of Resene Rhino on doors and windowsills and Resene Sea Fog
Resene Tsunami

Resene Tsunami and Resene Rhino on doors and trims.. more
Outside, the home is finished in Resene Periglacial Blue and Resene Celestial Blue
A former church

Resene Periglacial Blue and Resene Celestial Blue... more
Home exterior walls painted with Resene Half Fossil and Resene Double Fossil for the base
Character full

Resene Double Fossil for the base of the home, Resene Half Fossil and Resene Quarter Fossil... more
Stunning Resene Half Stonehenge walls
1900s home

Stunning colours of Resene Half Stonehenge, Resene Sea Fog trims and Resene Akaroa... more
Striking Resene Enigma exterior walls with Resene Black White joinery
Beach home

Striking with Resene Enigma and Resene Black White on the joinery... more
Home exterior walls painted with Resene Zorba
European style

Resene Zorba, with bargeboards in Resene Ship Grey, eaves and gable apex in Resene Tide... more
Resene Santas Grey walls and Resene White windows and trims
Repair needed

Resene Santas Grey on the weatherboards with Resene White windows and trims... more
Resene Biscotti exterior walls and Resene Leather garage
No restrictions

Resene Biscotti is used on the random cedar with Resene Leather on the garage... more
Home exterior walls painted with Resene Half Colonial White
Cottage do-up

Resene Half Colonial White, Resene Punga and Resene Flash Point for sills... more
Resene Helium and a feature wall of Resene Hairy Heath
House makeover

Resene Helium on the exterior, with Resene Hairy Heath on the feature wall... more
Resene Iron and feature walls in Resene Shuttle Grey
Total refurbishment

Resene Iron and the feature walls in Resene Shuttle Grey, and window sill edges... more
Resene Blue Bark
Brand new coat

Nicola's home has been rejuvenated with a dark palette of colours, Resene Blue Bark... more
Resene Innocence
Quick choices
West Coast cedar stained with Resene Woodsman Limed Ash and Titan board... more
Home exterior walls painted with Resene Buttery White and Resene Deco trims
Art Deco

Resene Buttery White on walls, Resene Deco on trims, Resene Triple Napa on the deck... more
Resene Black
Colourful palette

Resene Black walls and window frames in Resene Double Pearl Lusta to make it creamy and luscious... more
Resene Iron and Resene Shuttle Grey
Country living

Deep earthy colour complements the rural surrounds and makes... more
Home exterior walls painted with Resene
Top to toe

The house is painted in Resene Bermuda Grey with Resene Madison around the windows... more
Resene Coastal Blue external walls and Resene Black White trims
Seaboard style

Resene Coastal Blue graces the exterior with trims painted in Resene Black White... more
Resene Powder Blue and Resene Wan White
Beach scene

Resene Powder Blue and Resene Wan White and a front door of Resene Daredevil... more
Resene Half Pearl Lusta, Resene Valentino, Resene Well Read and Resene Citron
Happy place

The home is striking in Resene Half Pearl Lusta, Resene Valentino... more
Resene Half Pearl Lusta, Resene Valentino, Resene Well Read and Resene Citron
Neutral palette

Resene Chicago, Resene Half Alabaster and Resene Charcoal garage doors... more
Resene Merino external walls
Preserving history

Resene Merino walls, Resene Double Tea and Resene Coffee Bean... more
Resene Grey Chateau on the walls
Modern style

Resene Grey Chateau for the main walls with Resene Tuna for the spouting and doors... more
Resene Puerto Rico
Retro right

A white exterior with Resene Puerto Rico trims to add a sea/coastal element... more
Resene Dutch White

Resene Dutch White, the roof in Resene Karaka, the windows in Resene Thistle... more
Home exterior painted with Resene Canterbury Clay
1910 bay villa

Resene Canterbury Clay is a neutral with attitude and a Resene Blue Lagoon door... more
Resene Half Napa walls and Resene Ironsand fence
Pride in paint

Resene Half Napa walls, Resene Ironsand fences and garden edging in Resene Pitch Black... more
Resene Quarter Sisal on the walls
Blending in

Resene Climate roof, Resene Quarter Sisal walls and black Resene weatherboards... more
Resene Napa
120 year old villa

Resene Napa on walls, Resene Double Napa on trims, Resene Gravel on the windows... more
Resene Pipi with contrast trims in Resene Pohutukawa
Colour with a twist

Resene Pipi is the main exterior colour with Resene Pohutukawa and Resene Aviator trims... more
Resene Triple Parchment
Neutral palette

They wanted the house to blend into the landscape while giving a light, welcoming feeling... more
Derived from nature
Derived from nature

Resene Hillary, Resene Double Hillary and Resene Eighth Hillary exterior base, walls and soffits... more
Resene Arrowtown on Exterior walls
100+ year old villa

Resene Silver Chalice walls and Resene Alabaster windows, doors, and fretwork... more
Resene Bokara Grey on Exterior walls
Balinese influenced

The exterior is finished in Resene Bokara Grey and Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream... more
Resene Triple Ash exterior walls
Palette of Ash

Exterior is finished in Resene Triple Ash and blends in well with the planting... more
Resene Mischka walls
Art deco

Resene Mischka walls, Resene Gun Powder for the trims and Resene Shiraz provides pop... more
Resene Coffee Bean on house exterior
Favourites forward

The front of the house was painted in Resene Coffee Bean with Resene Pohutukawa door... more
Reseane Half Tea and Resene High Tide
Moving makeover

Resene High Tide roof, Resene Half Tea walls and trims are Resene White... more
Resene Limed Gum on Exterior walls
Welcome in

They wanted a home that melted back into the surrounding bush, and a home that reflects... more
Resene Linen
Working from wallpaper

Resene Double Napa and Resene Alabaster for the trim. Easy... more
Resene Stack
1980s home in the bush

Painted shades of grey to help it blend into the regenerating native bush... more

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