A shady story: How to hang curtains

Sure, blinds might be all the rage. But sometimes all you want for your property are stunning curtains to reflect your home's design and keep your home insulated during cooler months.

Hanging curtains doesn't have to be a difficult process – this step-by-step guide will help revitalise your living space, bedroom or study. Set aside a weekend day to measure and install these home essentials.

1. Select your design

It might seem like an obvious step, but you don't want to underestimate the importance of picking the right curtains for your home. 

For instance, if you're planning on hanging curtains in your living space, take a careful look at your existing furniture, paint colour and accessories. If block colours and neutral hues dominate, you can afford to play with patterns when selecting a curtain design.

However, if you've got a living room adorned with zany rugs, experimental artwork and patterned wallpaper, a simple, block-shade curtain design is probably more appropriate.

2. Measure your curtain track

Next, you'll need to measure your curtain track. This is the horizontal width of the window the curtain will hang over. If you need to get up high, make sure you've got a sturdy ladder to use – think something with rubber feet, for stability.

You may need to install a new track – for instance, if you've previously had blinds in the space. If so, it's a smart idea to add 20 cm to each side of the window measurement. When you push the curtains open to let sunlight flood into the space, this will ensure that clear window space is maximised.

3. Draw the cords

Whether you've opted for the geometrical charm of Resene Kinetic or the subtle simplicity of Resene Sophistry, you'll need to draw the cords. 

Simply draw the cords in by roughly 10 cm, then tie them in a knot. Repeat the process on the other side until the curtains are the appropriate width, tying a knot again. 

4. Hook and hang

Finally, slip the plastic hooks upside down into the woven tape, every fourth pleat or so. 

Moving from one side to another, hang the curtain to the track by attaching the hook to the curtain tracker. Slide the hung curtain along the track – evenly spaced out to check it all looks okay – then sit back and enjoy your new curtains.

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