Does your work get the Green Star seal of approval?

The 21st century will probably always be remembered as the time we all started to sit up and take notice of the environment and the way our actions can impact the planet.

Countless groups and schemes have been set up to join in the fight, and the Green Star rating tool is just one of them.

Under the scheme, star-rated office, industrial and educational buildings are assigned stars that signify the environmental friendliness and responsibility of each building. Four stars mean that the building is up to the standard of best practice, five shows excellence, and the maximum of six stars is reserved for buildings that qualify as world leaders.

Scores are based on a points system that looks at everything from wall partitions and paint choices to illumination of interior spaces.

Companies, specifiers and owners can all choose to join in on the initiative and get in touch with the New Zealand Green Building Council.

This can help them to learn and understand the requirements for achieving Green Star NZ rating points and make sustainable improvements to their businesses and homes with the help of seminars and consultations.

The council also provides information and resources to help individuals and companies to reduce the footprint of their products, buildings and specifications.

Many people are interested in making a positive difference to the environment in any way that they can, and getting in touch with the NZ Green Building Council can help them to achieve this goal.

Projects like this highlight the significance of small, everyday choices that can have a real impact on the environment.

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