Four ways to use leftover wallpaper

Wallpaper is an interior design trend that is only gaining in momentum. When you've finished updating your feature walls with fresh new designs, you may find yourself with leftover paper and nowhere to put it.

If this happens to you, fear not. There are plenty of creative ways you can use that leftover wallpaper and keep your home looking great.

Drawer liners

While your houseguests may never see the inside of your drawers, you are faced with them every day! Liven up this small space by lining the bottom of your drawers with leftover squares of wallpaper. You'll get a flash of colour and print every time you open the drawers, and it can be a subtle way to carry a theme throughout a room.

You don't even have to use wallpaper paste for this job. A simple strip of double-sided tape is all you need to keep the lining in place.


For the quickest and easiest pieces of artwork you can make, cover a blank canvas with leftover squares of wallpaper. You can hang these on top of walls with the same covering, creating an interesting 3D effect, or go for a different look by hanging the pictures on contrasting colours, patterns or styles of wall covering.

Alternatively, you could hang a vertical length of paper on flat wooden rulers for a scroll-like wall hanging. This will look particularly effective in Asian-inspired rooms, with wallpaper such as Resene Walltrends II 25206.

Book covers

Treat your loved ones to a homemade gift this summer by covering notebooks, diaries and their favourite novels in wallpaper offcuts. Pick up blank notebooks from a stationery store or grab some fiction books from your local second hand book shop and get crafty!

Table runner

Leftover wallpaper can also make a statement table runner to be used during a dinner party. You could base the rest of the party decor around the colours in the paper, right down to the napkins and crockery.

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