Window treatment trends

There's now more you can do than ever to dress up a window, from curtains to blinds and everything in between.

Neutrals are still a hit

There are so many bright colours, patterns and textures to choose from in curtain fabrics these days. However, neutral curtains that let other furnishings speak for themselves are still a popular choice for many rooms.

Neutral shades are timeless, allowing you to play around with colour and patterns in other areas of the room. Even if you change your wall paint colour or the theme of a room several times in the same year, neutral curtains are likely to match any new theme you bring in.

Luxurious fabrics are in

Why not make your room feel a little lush by indulging in some quality curtains? Fabrics such as silk, organza, velvet and suede can drape beautifully and add a hint of glamour to a room, no matter how sparsely decorated it is otherwise.

Sheer fabrics are hot

Semi-transparent curtains are a great way to bring the outside indoors. You can use them on their own or layer them underneath heavier fabrics to create a two-curtain effect. In summer you can leave sheer curtains, such as the Resene Meander Voile, drawn with a window open to create beautiful shadows and effects with wind dancing underneath the light fabric.

Trims and embellishments

Update plain or patterned fabrics with extra embellishments such as beading, tassels and studs. In many cases you can apply these details yourself.

Beaded trim can be added to a wide range of curtain styles and designs. Whether your base material is plain and neutral or already bold and bright, a hint of sparkle or texture on your curtains can be a great way to update the whole appearance of your room.

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