Resene paint textures and specialist effects

The Resene range of textures and specialist effects includes a myriad of finishes from mineral effects to metallics, low build to high build depending on the look you want to create on your project.  

Different application methods will give a wide variety of other finishes limited only by your imagination, so be sure to sight and approve a sample panel for the contractor to use as a reference for the complete project. These textured and special effects are generally suitable for both exterior and interior application, allowing you to continue with the same finish inside. Integrally coloured specialist and textured coatings remain true to colour even when damaged and reduce the need for additional coloured topcoats, saving time and money.

Resene Multishield+
Resene Multishield+

(now Resene Concrete Clear)

Anti-graffiti systems

Coatings have a role to plat in combating graffiti by providing smooth sealed surfaces that prevent penetration.  As the coating then becomes the layer that receives the graffiti, it in itself must be able to resist the cleaning agents and strong solvents used to remove the offending messages.  This necessitates the use of very hard, densely cross-linked coatings, such as specially formulated two pack epoxies or polyurethanes with solvent resistance as their chief parameter.

Anti-graffiti paints should be specified as a system.  When upgrading existing coatings some softer PVA and waterborne coatings are less tolerant to hard solvent containing topcoats so must be sealed off with multi-layers of tougher acrylics and where possible, the use of anti-graffiti topcoats with less aggressive solvents in them.

The Resene coating most commonly used as an anti-graffiti system is Resene Uracryl (see Data Sheets R54-RA59), which combines superb exterior durability with graffiti resistance.  Although the graffiti resistance of many existing coated surfaces can be improved by overcoating with Resene Uracryl, best results are achieved when the system is applied at the time of construction.

Sealants in expansion joints should not be painted over with two pack products or cracking of the paint and then the sealant is likely.  Often the method of application dictates the product to be used.

When specifying anti-graffiti coatings, bear in mind that anti-graffiti coatings will be wasted on areas inaccessible to humans, such as the seventh floor exterior walls of a building.  Coatings will not develop full solvent resistance (and therefore graffiti resistance) for at least a week, longer in winter.

Keep your your place cooler with a Resene CoolColour™

A dark coating that keeps its cool even on the sunniest day? Once a contradiction in terms, with Resene CoolColour technology decorators and specifiers can recommend and use dark colours without losing their cool.

Dark colours on areas such as roofing are suntraps soaking in the sun’s rays placing significant stress on the coating and the substrate. All dark colours absorb a lot of light. This in isolation is not an issue however in combination with the light absorption dark colours also absorb heat from the infrared rays of the sun causing significant temperature build up on the surface. White and light coloured paints reflect both light and heat and therefore are not affected.

The unique formulation and materials of the Resene CoolColour range allows them to absorb light so they look the same as a normal colour but simultaneously reflect a large proportion of the heat falling on them keeping the surface significantly cooler than their standard counterparts. In essence, the colours work by reflecting energy in the near and far infrared region of the spectrum even though they absorb strongly in the visible region. The end result being that a Resene CoolColour will look the same as a standard colour but surface heat build up will be slower and to a significantly lower level than a ‘not so cool’ traditional colour.

In hot summer conditions a Resene CoolColour will help keep the roof temperature down, minimizing the energy required to keep homes and building maintained at a comfortable temperature. A secondary benefit is that the Resene CoolColour technology will reduce stress on the coating and substrate.

Resene CoolColour technology performs optimally on dark colours that are the most prone to heat build-up. Available in a range of Resene products including Resene AquaShield, Resene Enamacryl, Resene Hi-Glo, Resene Lumbersider, Resene Lustacryl, Resene Sonyx 101, Resene X-200 and Resene Waterborne Woodsman. Available in selected other products on request.

See Architects memo #78 – Cool eh

Resene Limelock seals in free lime

Resene Limelock (see Data Sheet D809) is a preparatory coating used for the curing and sealing of cementitious substrates. It promotes curing by producing a moisture barrier, which, unlike traditional curing membranes, may be overcoated with a waterborne paint system at any stage.

Its ability to cure and seal the substrate eliminates the need to leave the plaster to cure for seven days before painting. This is of immense benefit to the contractor as they can cure and seal the surface using Resene Limelock while the scaffolding is still up, allow to dry and then start painting on the waterborne topcoats, without waiting the usual 7-21 days. The product may be applied by the plasterer to promote cure or by the painter who wants to ensure the surface is sealed. When dark, heat-absorbing topcoats are planned, it is still prudent to wait seven days before painting.

Resene Limelock traps free lime in the cementitious substrate protecting the paint finish against the appearance of unsightly lime staining, and providing a perfect base for subsequent Resene finishes. Resene Limelock is designed to be overcoated. It is considered part of the surface preparation process and should be applied as soon as possible over plaster systems to achieve maximum potential.

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