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Mural Masterpieces - Heritage Walkway Te Puke

Best Community Mural | Highly Commended

Mural Masterpieces

Paengaroa School mural

Heritage Walkway Te Puke.

Accessible to public:

Background to mural creation:
Created through Creative Te Puke Forum, with 10 separate murals created that will be displayed as part of the Heritage Walkway in Te Puke.

Mural 1 – Hurihanganui

Theme: Te Ao Maori, Tino Hurihanganui, Whanautanga

Created by a collaboration of all iwi, hapu and whanau in correlation with our wonderful Te Puke teaching staff to create unity through Te Ao Maori.

Hurihanganui mural

Mural 2 – Rangiuru School

Theme: Local inspiration

Local inspiration was interpreted as meaning what is local around the school that is important/relevant to the school community.  The picture depicts children playing amongst kiwifruit and farmland. 

Rangiuru School mural

Rangiuru School mural design

Mural 3 – Te Matai School

Theme: Local inspiration

Local inspiration for the Te Matai School community means maunga (mountain), whenua (land), moana (sea), awa (river) and people.  The school community is happy to showcase what inspires them and to know that it’s the same as what probably inspired ancestors many years ago as well.

Te Matai School mural

Te Matai School mural design

Mural 4 – Te Panga School

Theme: Local inspiration

Te Panga School is a small country school surrounded by native bush, often filled with native NZ birds.  The school gathered together the student council to brainstorm ideas for this year’s design.  Every student was very fast to mention how lucky they were to have such beautiful views.  They all agreed what makes the school unique and inspires all daily is the amazing surroundings/learning environment.

Mural 5 – Te Puke Primary School

Theme: Local inspiration

Created as part of the Creative Te Puke Forum, the children of Te Puke Primary School enjoy going around and seeing which each school has completed.  It provides a platform for the children to work together and be part of something bigger for the wider community.

Mural 6 – Pongakawa School

Theme: Local inspiration

The year 7 and 8 teachers asked what Local Inspiration meant to the students.  The Year 7-8 Arts Committee – Izzy Beattie, Brooke McGowan, Nikita Haack-Rangi, Ashlyn Oats, Janah Dunham, Jules Delaere, Mollie Wilton, Sofia Robinson, Kazaiah Roberts, Kahurangi Puru-Maxwell – took those ideas and drafted sketches that reflect the reserve and bush area, the resident NZ birdlife and the proud oak trees standing tall in front of the kura.  The students were supported in their painting by artistic parent, Amanda Oats.  The painting of the board itself became an inspiring experience for all.

Mural 7 – Fairhaven School

Theme: Local inspiration

Created as part of the Creative Te Puke forum project giving students the opportunity to be part of a larger creative project and brighten up the community with art.

Fairhaven School mural

Mural 8 – Paengaroa School

Theme: Local inspiration

This mural was a collaboration between whanau, parents and teachers to facilitate the development of Paengaroa tamariki.

Paengaroa School mural design

Mural 9 – Te Puke High School

Theme: Local inspiration

Created as part of the Creative Te Puke forum project giving students the opportunity to be part of a larger creative project and brighten up the community with art.

Mural 10 – Te Puke Intermediate

Theme: Local inspiration

The school community looked at how learning centres inspire us to do our best.  They set the skills they learn in the inspirational environment of Te Puke – with the Papamoa hills (of our ancestors nga tipuna) being a feature of the mural.  The abundance of fruit and vegetables is also portrayed (feeding our minds and bodies).  All of these skills float from the school prospectus – which inspires the next generation of learners to challenge themselves to do their best too.  Students have been keen and capable to develop the theme themselves – some had helped paint previous murals from their old primary school and wanted to continue with the skills learnt.  Others found out their work would be presented in town and that also inspired them to give up their lunchtimes to complete this new mural.


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