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Answers to your questions from our colour experts, p. 111

Here's a taste of some of the Colour Expert questions and answers to help you with your own colour scheme.

If you would like more colour advice for your project, please ask our Colour Expert for help or come in and see our staff at your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller. Colours are a representation only.


Q&A   p. 111

Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.

Q. I am tossing up between colours and I am unsure what to go with and or what parts to paint what colour. I want a blue/green tone with white accent. I can’t decide between Resene Emerge or Resene Hermitage. I am trying to stay away from painting it grey like everyone else. We have white aluminium windows so would like to match these but maybe not stark white. We also have a garage door to paint and are unsure what colour to paint that. White or the main house colour?

A. Blue/green hues always look very timeless on weatherboards and are a great choice if you're looking to inject a touch of colour. Resene Emerge and Resene Hermitage are very elegant colours and I would also suggest trying Resene Duck Egg Blue. As for the timber joinery, whites such as Resene Double Alabaster and Resene Black White will deliver a crisp, white look without being too stark. Continue with your selected blue/green hue on the body of the garage and complement with a charcoal such as Resene Foundry on the door.

August 2021

Q. We have a California Bungalow and the previous owners put in modern doors which we have removed and replaced with original bungalow doors but I am struggling with what colour to have them painted. Our house is painted Resene Armadillo. I want the front door to pop a bit but still be looking like it sits well with the other colours.

A. For a strong impact, I would suggest Resene Foundry tinted into Resene Enamacryl gloss. Alternatively, try Resene Atomic or Resene Rebel.

August 2021

Q. Our whole house has been previously decorated with Resene Spanish White and Resene Double Spanish White on the windowsills. We have wooden polished floors mixed with a pinky fawn wool carpet. I'm finding that even with colour accents (pillows and wall pictures) it's just too bland. Can you offer me some other colour that I can paint our dining area which will go with Resene Spanish White? The dining area and main lounge are separated by an arched wall which you can see both rooms.

A. A navy such as Resene Safehaven would look incredible in your dining room and will complement the Resene Spanish White lounge. It will enhance the beautiful natural timber and create a strong base for your colourful artwork. Alternatively I would suggest the restful Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue or Resene Xanadu.

Resene Safehaven

Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue

August 2021

Q. I have a new build and am looking at interior paint - my floors are polished concrete. My top picks are Resene Sea Fog, Resene Wan White and Resene Rice Cake. Which is warmest, coldest and which primary colours are the tint so I can plan furniture colours?

A. Resene Rice Cake would be your warmest choice with its crisp, creamy undertone. Resene Wan White and Resene Sea Fog follow closely after with their subtle hint of warm grey. All of your options are versatile and have the ability to work with a variety of coloured furniture and décor. You may like to pair Resene Rice Cake with rich terracotta, blanched pinks or inky blues. Or pair Resene Wan White or Resene Sea Fog with fresh natural greens, rich timbers and deep charcoals.

August 2021

Q. We are looking to freshen up the dated interior of our kitchen/living area. At this stage, we don't want to change the cabinetry or the joinery. We need to find a white for the walls and a colour for the carpet which would work with cabinetry that is similar to Resene Sandspit Brown and joinery which has a cream undertone, similar to Resene Pearl Lusta. There are also tiles that have both greyish/blue and cream/beige flecking. We are keen to move away from the yellow/beige and were thinking of trying to pull out more of the grey/blue by using something like Resene Half Concrete or Resene Wan White. Any suggestions of other whites to try would be appreciated.

A. I would suggest trying Resene Sea Fog, Resene Wan White or Resene Half Athens Grey. These soft, grey hues will modernise your space and their subtle warmth will be sympathetic to the existing brown/cream tones. You could certainly explore shades such as Resene Half Concrete but keep in mind that this may make your cream joinery stand out in contrast.

August 2021

Q. We are trying to find a light sage green. Can you please suggest some good options?

A. I would suggest trying Resene Peace, Resene Bud or Resene Pumice.

August 2021

Q. I am looking for a suitable white. We have medium grey carpet with tan couches. Our room has lots of natural light. We want a colour that we can use in the living kitchen and hallway. The hallway and kitchen are rather dark but the living has a lot of natural light. The kitchen will be redecorated with soft grey cabinets and good tapware and handles etc.

A. I would suggest trying Resene Merino, Resene Half Sea Fog or Resene Alabaster.

August 2021

Q. I have a workshop with a corrugated COLORSTEEL® exterior. The colour is called FlaxPod. I have to use a Resene colour from the British Standard colour prescribed by the Council. Can you give me the name of the closest colour to what the Council will accept?

A. I would suggest Resene Birch or Resene Maire. Click here to view the Resene BS5252 colour range.

Resene Element (equivalent)

August 2021

Q. Which greens would go well with Resene Hot Toddy without looking too much like an Australian green/gold theme?

A. I would suggest trying Resene Family Tree, Resene Rivergum or Resene Half Tana.

August 2021

Q. Our house has been painted Resene Black Haze right through. We have wallpaper we don’t like on a feature wall in the lounge and on a feature wall in the master bedroom.

We want to repaint the feature walls in a colour that will complement Resene Black Haze and create a warmth in these areas. Which colours would you suggest?

A. Resene Black Haze is a very versatile neutral. For a warm, neutral approach, I would suggest Resene Triple White Pointer, Resene Double Blanc or Resene Truffle. For a touch of colour, I would suggest Resene Sunbaked or Resene Artisan.

August 2021

Q. What is a warm white (for walls, ceiling, window and door frames) that will work with kitchen cabinets in Resene Quarter Silver Chalice and Resene Double Silver Chalice? Resene Rice Cake has been suggested to me. The house is a 1930s bungalow.

A. Resene Rice Cake is a soft white with a subtle creamy tone which would certainly complement your Resene Quarter Silver Chalice and Resene Double Silver Chalice cabinets. Alternatively I would suggest Resene Merino or Resene Quarter Rice Cake.

August 2021

Q. I am interested in a colour to paint weatherboards that would complement a Grey Friars roof/gutter and Silver Pearl joinery.

A. Grey Friars and Silver Pearl are both very versatile colours. For a classic, neutral look I would suggest trying Resene Merino. Alternatively for a touch of colour, try Resene Duck Egg Blue.

August 2021

Q. I’m looking for a midnight green and grey combo for my room. I want to make the colour/atmosphere an ambient peaceful kind of vibe.

A. I would suggest pairing Resene Atlas with Resene Double White Pointer. Alternatively, pair Resene Family Tree with Resene Silver Chalice.

August 2021

Q. I am after a deep, moody blue, that is almost black. For a north facing kitchen cabinetry. My first thought is Resene Indian Ink?

A. Resene Indian Ink is a good choice. Another possible option might be Resene Black Rock. Both of these colours when seen in shadow look quite black. It is only when sunlight – or artificial light – is directly on them that they show their blueness.

May 2021

Q. I have a fibre cement home and am looking to paint the exterior a light grey.

A. A light grey colour on fibre cement might make it look like industrial/unpainted concrete. Is that the look you are wanting to achieve? If that is the case, then the following may appeal to you – Resene Grey Area, Resene Half Delta or much lighter/whiter may look fresher – try Resene Athens Grey or Resene Half Surrender.

May 2021

Q. I plan on doing a makeover for my garage. I love the old brown beams (about 33 years from construction), I think they’re stained. I would like a white ceiling and walls with the concrete block wall an accent of blue as well as the cupboards under the mezzanine attic. I’m thinking of painting the concrete floor. My father built this for his boats but I have inherited it and besides the car and gardening stuff I would like to have family gatherings and have friends over to do yoga or art so I would like it more upbeat and welcoming. Can you send me colour charts for brown stains for the beams and blue paint for the cupboards and concrete block accent wall please? I plan on fixing up the wall and fixing things. My son wants me to get garage carpet. I’ll get a quote for that but I’m leaning toward just painting the floor. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

A. Some brown stain colours to check out are Resene Woodsman Bark or Resene Woodsman Dark Oak.

Some blue colours to consider are Resene Torea Bay, Resene Half Resolution Blue or Resene True Blue.

Some neutral colours for the walls might be one of the following – Resene Quarter Wheatfield, Resene Quarter Spanish White or Resene Pale Slate.

May 2021

Q. I am using Resene Baltic Sea on my high cupboards in the kitchen and side large cupboard. I am looking at Resene Double Black White to contrast on the bottom cupboards. Do these colours work together?

A. Yes, Resene Double Black White is a good contrast colour for the bottom cupboards. You might check out another white – just to make sure that Resene Double Black White is the best one – try Resene Milk White.

May 2021

Q. Which has a greyer tone – Resene Half Duck Egg Blue or Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue? I want to paint my bedroom and am looking for a green/blue/grey.

A. Either of the colours shows a blue/grey tone – especially in shadowy rooms or in south facing room. In a west facing room you may lose the tiny bit of blue in the colour and see a bit more grey tone. It is really all about the quality of light and how it plays on the colour. Neither show much green undertone. If you wanted a colour that has more grey/green undertone you could try Resene Tiara.

May 2021

Q. I am looking for a white colour paint. My room faces east and does not get a lot of light. I am looking for a warm white but not too warm.

A. Try these warm whites for your east facing room – Resene Half Orchid White, Resene Quarter Solitaire, Resene Eighth Spanish White or Resene Bianca.

May 2021

Q. We have a bedroom on the southern side of our house (so cold and a little dark, no direct sun). The walls are all painted Resene Spanish White except for one feature wall. We want to change the feature wall colour to something that do brings in some warmth and light.

A. Resene Spanish White is quite a strong colour and can sometimes compromise what other colour options can be used with it. Some ideas for you to check out – Resene Just Dance, Resene Freelance, Resene Harvest Gold or Resene Bud.

May 2021

Q. I have a terrace painted in Resene Double Rakaia with white lattice trim. I want to paint the door baby pink can you recommend a colour that would work?

A. You could try Resene Pot Pourri, Resene Vanilla Ice, Resene Sauvignon, Resene Gelato or Resene Pale Rose.

May 2021

Q. Our aluminium joinery colour is Thunder Grey. Which if the following three colours – Resene Gravel, Resene Half Gravel or Resene Squall – is going to look the least green against the joinery?

A. Resene Squall is a Resene match to COLORSTEEL® Thunder Grey. Resene Gravel is a good colour to use with Thunder Grey as it is deep enough not to look too green. Resene Half Gravel may be too yellow/brown/olive green as it is lighter. If you wanted a deep warm grey that may also look good with Thunder Grey you might check out Resene Windswept.

May 2021

Q. I would like advice on repainting the exterior of our plaster house. It needs to be a colour available in Resene X-200 and to tone with our neighbours up the drive (who have an off white – I would like to be a little darker than that but not too dark). I was thinking something in more of a brown or neutral based beige but am open to suggestions.

A. I recommend you try these colours – Resene Quarter Napa, Resene White Pointer, Resene Truffle, Resene Eighth Stonewashed or Resene Tea.

May 2021

Q. We would like our entrance to look Victorian. It has two windows, a door and a picket fence at the front.

A. I recommend you use Resene Coriander as the main colour, with Resene Tusk on the picket fence, Resene Prairie Sand on the door and Resene Flax on the windowsills.

May 2021

Q. My house is currently brick and vertical cedar cladding with a concrete tile roof. I am thinking about painting the cedar and roof in either Resene Grey Friars or Resene Ironsand. What shade of white would work best with each of these for the brick?

A. A white option to go with Resene Grey Friars could be Resene Poured Milk or Resene Half Black White. A white option to go with Resene Ironsand could be Resene Half Sea Fog or Resene Half House White.

May 2021

Q. I want to paint an accent wall in my lounge Resene Indian Ink with Resene Double Merino but my partner prefers Resene Delta. Our house has high timber ceilings and our furniture is mostly dark browns.

A. I think Resene Double Merino may suit your mainly brown furniture. It is a warm neutral. Resene Delta is a grey that may make the room look dark. It is a cooler neutral compared to Resene Double Merino.

May 2021

Q. We are painting our new build exterior weatherboards. The aluminium joinery is Grey Friars. We would like a very soft grey that does not throw a blue tinge. We are looking at Resene Quarter Concrete. Do you have any other suggestions?

A. Resene Quarter Concrete is more of a grey/white. If you wanted the main house colour to be slightly more of a grey you might consider a more coloured option like Resene Half Concrete.

The following are some colour suggestions that may appeal to you – Resene Double Black White, Resene House White or Resene Barely There.

May 2021

Q. I would like to use three colours on the woodwork at the front of our southwest facing house. I am fond of neutrals grey/beige/white.

A. The following may give you some options to check out – option 1, try Resene Eighth Friar Grey with Resene Friar Grey and Resene Triple Friar Grey. Or option 2, try Resene Athens Grey with Resene Silver Chalice or Resene Double Stack. Or option 3, try Resene Quarter Merino with Resene Eighth Stonehenge and Resene Half Stonehenge.

May 2021

Q. I am trying to choose a grey for kitchen cabinets. We are including white and a blonde wood in the colour palette. We are aiming for a calm mid-century modern scandi style. Do you have any suggestions?

A. The following greys are worth checking out – Resene Cloudy, Resene Mountain Mist, Resene Rakaia or Resene Surrender. They are soft mid toned colours and are quite different to each other.

May 2021

Q. We have Lichen coloured joinery and want to paint the outside of the house. What colours go well with Lichen?

A. Lichen is a very definite yellow/brown olive. The following are some colours that you might check out to see if they appeal to you – Resene Taupe Grey, Resene Half Masala, Resene Bison Hide, Resene Double Ash or Resene Toi Toi.

May 2021

Q. We were hoping for some thoughts on internal colour schemes for our house. We have a property in rural Queenstown, it has recently been repainted in Resene Nomad (with Resene Half Nomad trims) on the exterior. We are going to repaint the interior in Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta and need some inspiration for colours for the sliding bedroom doors. We are thinking of maybe using Resene Nomad again for this but struggling to think of other possibilities. The flooring is grey polished concrete.

A. Using either Resene Nomad or Resene Half Nomad are your easy options as they carry through from the exterior. They also add warmth. They will look deeper in tone in an interior – all colours do.

You might check out the following colours and take the time to compare them with each other so you can see their unique coloured undertones – Resene Truffle, Resene Dusted Grey, Resene Silver Sand, Resene Archive Grey or Resene Greige.

May 2021

Q. Could you please tell me popular light grey options to paint inside?

A. The grey that you choose must work with existing or new flooring, drapes, furniture, bedlinen and in all aspects of natural light – N/S/E/W. All greys carry undertones of colour in them. Until you compare them this is often not noticed.

Try these light greys – Resene Surrender, Resene Half Silver Chalice, Resene Half Delta, Resene Concrete or Resene Eighth Tapa.

May 2021

Q. We are thinking of Resene Home Run for our kitchen both top and bottom cupboards and the island. We will have white benchtops and the island top is white. We have a lot of light coming into the house with views of the Tasman Sea and native bush and Southern Alps. Would it be too much?

A. Resene Home Run is really bright and bold – almost iridescent. It would draw all attention to the cabinetry and away from any views from the windows. Is that the look you are wanting to achieve?

Some other options you could try are Resene Away We Go, Resene Leap Year or Resene Robin Hood.

May 2021

Q. We’re painting a dated 1980 apartment style house. We are thinking of using Resene Half Akaroa as the main colour with Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta ceilings. What white would you recommend for a small wall in the kitchen? Will Resene Black White work with these colours? We want the house to look clean and fresh. We like greys but don’t want it to look cold.

A. I am not 100% certain about using Resene Black White. It is the odd man out when you consider your other warm colours. But if you like a grey/white tone on the wall in the kitchen you could consider using Resene Triple Black White or Resene Double Sea Fog. They work with Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta on the ceiling and Resene Half Akaroa as the main colour.

May 2021

Q. I live in a mostly unrenovated 1915 semi-detached house. I now intend to renovate my kitchen. I have the Resene colour charts and am interested in the Resene Weathered Orange for my kitchen cupboards. Could you please advise me on other colours that would ‘work’ with this colour?

A. There are many other colours that work well – perhaps you might check them out – Resene Warrior, Resene Casal, Resene Cinder, Resene Half Foggy Grey, Resene Powder Blue, Resene Halcyon or Resene Double Black White.

May 2021

Q. I am living overseas and my house is tenanted. It needs painting and it’s difficult to choose colours from long distance! It is currently a Mediterranean sort of yellow (faded) with New Denim Blue on trim, soffits, doors etc. My friend has tried to match the current colour using Resene colour charts and the closest is Resene Marzipan. What would be your suggestions for a trim colour to go with that?

A. I think the colour of your house may be slightly less yellow/orange than Resene Marzipan but that may be because the photos might have been taken in the later afternoon.

Westerly sunlight is redder toned and that does influence how many colours look when photos are taken later in the day.

Perhaps it may look like one of the following – certainly, they are worth checking out – Resene Melting Moment or Resene Mellow Yellow. With such a strong yellow colour on the body of the house it does control what options you might consider for the trims.

New Denim Blue is a COLORSTEEL® roof colour and is often used for trims as well. A lighter colour that might be used are some variants of New Denim Blue – Resene Half New Denim Blue or Resene Quarter New Denim Blue.

Alternatively, some greys – Resene Raven or Resene Quarter Grey Friars.

May 2021

Q. I have Resene Double Black White on the walls and have just installed a new kitchen – pale grey cabinets –– almost same as wall colour. I’m putting a wood look floor to bring in some warmth and grey blinds. The benchtops are a whitish stone with grey chips and a slight sparkle – I’m wanting a colour that will go on the back of the splashback.

A. You have so many options available to you. You could go for bold and bright or metallic and sparkly – here are some ideas to get you started – Resene Pohutukawa, Resene Cleopatra, Resene She’ll Be Right, Resene Silver Aluminium, Resene Infinity or Resene Obelisk.

Resene Cleopatra

May 2021

Q. My roof is COLORSTEEL® Pioneer Red on a 15 year old weatherboard house. I’m hoping you might recommend colours for the weatherboard. We would like to brighten the boards up.

A. The following are some light/bright colours that you might like to check out to see if they appeal to you – Resene Orchid White, Resene Bianca, Resene Rice Cake or Resene Quarter Spanish White.

May 2021

Q. I have picked Resene Artemis and Resene Green Meets Blue to paint my house. I am wondering if there will be enough difference between the two colours. One colour would be the apex. the other the walls.

A. Resene Green Meets Blue is a green and Resene Artemis is a slate blue. They sit very uneasily together as they are too similar in depth/tone. Neither colour has a half tint version at this point in time. Resene Green Meets Blue looks lovely with Resene Juniper.

May 2021

Q. I have recently painted my inside walls with Resene Double Alabaster. I’m looking to paint a kitchen and scullery (mainly cupboards) in a white tone to blend in with the walls.

A. If you want the walls and cabinets in the kitchen and the scullery slightly deeper lighter than the main colour in the house, you could use Resene Sea Fog. If you want a lighter variation, you could use Resene Alabaster. These two colours are tonally related to Resene Double Alabaster (Quarter Sea Fog).

May 2021

Q. We are building a new home. We have Resene Quarter Black White on the ceiling. We have full Resene Black White on walls and skirtings. We are looking at either using Resene Quarter Half Black White or Resene Half Black White on doors and architraves.

A. If you want the doors and architraves to merge more with the walls and skirting boards then Resene Black White in a Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss or Resene Enamacryl gloss waterborne enamel might be used.

If you want the doors and architraves to be a slightly lighter feature you could use Resene Half Black White.

Resene Black White being very slightly more 'coloured' may help to disguise all the finger markings that doors get.

May 2021

Q. I have a small law firm and am about to move offices. The current office is Resene Half Smalt Blue with grey/taupe carpet. I would like a more blue-grey this time. Perhaps Resene Coast but it may be too dark? Could I try Resene Half Coast? Should I do trims in Resene Milk White or keep them the same as walls?

A. I am unsure about Resene Coast as it can look more like it has a blue/green/grey influence. And it is a deeper tone and may look darker again if all four walls are painted.

Colours in an interior have the potential to appear double their depth (or brightness depending on the type of colour) which can be a bit of a surprise – not always appreciated.

A half version of Resene Coast is Resene Safehaven – you might check it out to see how it may work and a few blue/greys like the following – Resene Ivanhoe, Resene New Denim Blue or Resene Rhino.

May 2021

Q. I have a stucco house which is currently being painted. I have chosen half silver chalice for the walls and Resene Black White for the windows. I am yet to decide on the sill colour or door colour of which there is two – front and back. My roof is long run colour Storm Blue I believe (it is no longer made in this colour). The fence surrounding my property is Resene Half New Denim Blue in colour.

A. I think your roof colour – COLORSTEEL® Storm Blue – may be the same as Resene Coast. So that colour might be your default colour for both the sills and the doors. Some other options for you to consider – Resene Lusty (a brighter type of red), Resene Merlot (a soft toned red), Resene Double Silver Chalice (deeper variant of your main colour) or Resene New Denim Blue (deeper variant of your fence colour).

May 2021

Q. I am using Resene Fuscous Grey as a feature wall in an entry at the beach and this goes down one side of the hallway and into the dining room. I want to use a lighter colour with it on the other walls so was thinking of Resene Eighth Arrowtown. I love cosiness in colours so what would you recommend as a roof colour and on the skirtings and doors. I thought of just sticking to the Resene Eighth Arrowtown as a skirting for the Resene Fuscous Grey and so all the same on the walls with the Resene Eighth Arrowtown. But then when I head downstairs, I want a lighter colour in more of a bone that would complement the continuation of the skirting and doors downstairs in the Resene Eighth Arrowtown.

A. You might use one of the following colours for the lightest colour downstairs to complement Resene Eighth Arrowtown and Resene Fuscous Grey – try Resene White Pointer, Resene Milk White or Resene Quarter Tea. They will need careful testing as I am worried that they may grey up a bit too much.

April 2021

Q. In the time we have lived in our home we have painted every wall in Resene Double Alabaster (and love it) but have never painted the ceilings. Now that we need to paint the ceilings, we are not sure if we should use the same colour or if there is some sort of standard ceiling white to use, or something else.

A. You could use the same colour on the ceiling as you have on the walls but it will look slightly more 'coloured' and appear different. This is because the way the light falls away from the ceiling creating shadow. Alternatively you could use a lighter variant of the wall colour – Resene Quarter Alabaster or Resene White.

April 2021

Q. My colour quandary is my 4 year old daughter is wanting a pink bedroom (with a hand painted rainbow). Are you able to suggest a lovely modern (non-candy) pink/peach vibe? We don't want anything ‘full on’. The ceilings/skirtings/windows will be white.

A. Some delicate shell pink/peach types of colour might be one of the following – Resene Half Pot Pourri or Resene Cest La Vie.

All colours in an interior have the potential to look deeper or brighter than you might imagine they will do. This can often be as much as double what you imagine they will look like. For this reason I have suggested the palest pink/peach colours.

April 2021

Q. We want to repaint the interior of our home. Currently it is painted in a yellowy-creamy colour which looks quite close to Resene Quarter Dutch White. Following the advice of an interior designer, we are using a cool white on walls, ceilings, skirtings & door jambs. The doors are being left rimu. We have painted one room and are finding it quite a cold and stark colour with little warmth. We definitely want to stay away from the yellowy whites but at the same time I would like some warmth to the colour. Please could tell us which warm whites might work best.

A. Sometimes when we seek to make a change there is the potential to knee jerk to the far extreme (from what we have had) which sounds as though it has happened to you. Resene Quarter White Pointer may look lovely in a room that is totally sunny and bright all day but not in cool or shadowy rooms.

Some warm whites that are totally different to Resene Quarter Dutch White might be one of the following colours – Resene Half Bianca, Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta or Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream.

April 2021

Q. We are wanting to use Resene X-200 for our exterior wall (plaster). What are the most popular neutral colours? We have a darker shade of royal blue for our roof.

A. Some popular neutral colours are the following – Resene Half Thorndon Cream, Resene Quarter Tea, Resene White Pointer, Resene Black White or Resene Albescent White.

April 2021

Q. We're going to be using Resene Waikawa Grey as a feature in our living room and we need a mid to light green to use in the kitchen that will work with it, and a soft white that will work with both.

A. The following options – the first is slightly warm – and the second is slightly cooler – may help you come to a decision. Option 1 try Resene Spanish White or lighter Resene Green Spring with Resene Double Alabaster. Or option 2 try Resene Ravine or lighter Resene Haven with Resene Black White.

April 2021

Q. I'm using your Resene Foundry and Resene Quarter Foundry colours on a project. What colour would you suggest as a lighter version of the Resene Quarter Foundry?

A. A bit lighter than Resene Quarter Foundry might be Resene Quarter Grey Friars.

When there isn't a full range of tonal variations of a colour, I look to find similarities in the colour codes – i.e. Resene Half Grey Friars N45-005-261 looks similar to Resene Quarter Foundry and the colour code relates reasonably well so for a lighter variant of that colour – Resene Quarter Grey Friars N51-007-260 – might be considered as a lighter/similar variant of Resene Quarter Foundry N46-005-255.

April 2021

Q. We have a property we would like to modernise a bit while maintaining the architectural design. It is a two storey house and it involves a lot of warmth from cream carpets and paints and a lot of wood features. One decision we cannot make (and I know it is very much dependent on personal preference) is whether to paint over the window/door trims, skirtings and doors or to keep them wooden and stain them. The main thing is that the entire ceiling of the upper level is also all wood which will definitely remain as is but it feels a bit dated with so much timber everywhere.

A. I think – and it appears that you do as well – that the ceilings are the 'look at me' feature in the house and as they can't be changed or altered then every other 'wood' trim must take a lesser role.

Perhaps if you paint all the trims in one smaller room to see how it looks it may help you to feel comfortable continuing in other rooms. If you paint the wood trims and doors in the same colour as the walls – but in a Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel – it will give you a simple, open and sophisticated look.

The wooden ceiling and the terracotta tiles reflect a rustic ambiance and there is no way to modify that unless you do a major refurbishment of the house.

Some colours to work with that particular look might be like the following – Resene Half Thorndon Cream as the main colour for walls and trims, doors etc or Resene Quarter Grey Olive – perhaps for overly bright rooms to modify the quality of sunlight.

April 2021

Q. We are doing a rebuild of our bungalow and have chosen a COLORSTEEL® Ironsand roof. The windows will either be white or silver white. We need to choose the colour for the weatherboards. We like light greys. Our street front is south facing and the living area on the north side gets lots of sun and has a sea view. We would like a light grey that works well for both sides of the house.

A. You might check out the following greys – they are warm with subtle undertones of colour that may work well with the earthy olive/brown charcoal of the Ironsand roof – try Resene Quarter Friar Greystone, Resene Foggy Grey, Resene Atmosphere or Resene Quill Grey.

April 2021

Q. We are painting the entrance outdoor foyer of a brick Art Deco unit. Outside is brick with bottle green detail. Inside we are doing the walls Resene Half White Pointer with Resene Alabaster skirtings etc. We’re looking for a warm mid grey for the outside entrance in the same family of Resene White Pointer.

A. The following colours may appeal to you – Resene Triple White Pointer, Resene Taupe Grey or Resene Friar Greystone.

April 2021

Q. We have a Resene Cloud roof and matt white joinery. We want a white for the house that complements. Would Resene Sea Fog work with this?

A. Yes Resene Sea Fog would work for you. Some other whites that would work also could be Resene Black White or Resene Quarter Titania.

April 2021

Q. What is a suitable very light colour to use with Resene Thor. We have redone three metal lampshades with it over the kitchen bench and a feature wall in the pantry and laundry. We are also using it as an accent colour in various hues for throws, cushions etc.

A. Resene Thor works well with the following light colours – Resene Half Villa White, Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta, Resene Sea Fog, Resene Wan White and more definite Resene Half Emerge.

April 2021

Q. Can you suggest a mustard/golden yellow that would go with Resene Rice Cake? Would it go with Resene Solitude and can you also suggest some green options?

A. Resene Solitude is such a very pale delicate blue it doesn't much like trying to compete with stronger types of colours. They overpower Resene Solitude completely but if it was in a room that was shut off from the other colours then that would be fine.

If you want another white to go with Resene Solitude I recommend Resene Quarter Alabaster.

Some mustard/golden yellows to go with Resene Rice Cake might be one of the following – Resene Half Putty or Resene Vienna. For a green option try Resene Gum Leaf or Resene Half Lemon Grass.

April 2021

Q. We have a 1920 villa with a COLORSTEEL® Mist Green roof and white aluminium window joinery. Could you please recommend some exterior wall colours?

A. The following colours may appeal to you – Resene Half Tea, Resene Thorndon Cream, Resene Half Foggy Grey or Resene Peace. If the white windows are a true white (not a coloured white) then any of the suggested colours will work really well.

April 2021

Q. We have a COLORSTEEL® roof in Desert Sand. What exterior paint colours can we use for the weatherboards and trims? I do like the grey hues however we’re not sure if this can work with the existing roofing colour?

A. You are right in regard to the grey hues not working so well with the rich yellow/beige Desert Sand of the roof. Perhaps you might check out the following colours to see if they appeal to you and work with the roof colour – Resene Half Spanish White, Resene Half Sisal, Resene Sugar Loaf or a little different – Resene Half Inside Back.

April 2021

Q. We are looking for a grey for our living room walls. It is a sunny north-facing room with some large windows and French doors. Our kitchen/dining room walls are painted Resene Robin Egg Blue (which we love) and the hall between the kitchen and living room is Resene Half Milk White. We have wooden rimu and Kauri floors, and our sofa is a beige colour. Please can you help with a darkish grey?

A. You may need to carefully test any grey toned colour to make sure you know how it looks with the warm toned wood floors and the beige sofa.

One of the following colours may appeal to you – Resene Trojan, Resene Half Scarpa Flow, Resene Half Jumbo or Resene Archive Grey. They may look deeper in tone than you might imagine (twice the depth) when a whole room is painted.

April 2021

Q. Can you please recommend a light mushroom interior colour – with a warm tone? I'm looking for one that is like the inside cup of a white mushroom!

A. Try Resene Eighth Stonewashed, Resene Tide, Resene Swirl, Resene Pearl Bush or Resene Eighth Drought.

April 2021

Q. We just painted a house with Resene Blackout and now are wondering about what colour for the base. I was thinking we could take the black out right to the base, but my husband thinks we need a contrasting colour.

A. If you choose a definite colour, you are effectively saying 'These baseboards are gorgeous and they need to be a contrasting colour so everyone can admire them'. If you paint the baseboards the same colour as the house you are wanting to blend/merge rather than highlight them. But because there is nothing else for the eye to 'fix' on it may be a heavier overall look.

If you want a default option that is not a definite colour but not the black either – then perhaps a mid-toned grey might be considered – try Resene Baltic Sea or a white like Resene Double Black White that isn't too stark.

April 2021

Q. I love colour and would like to paint each room of my small unit a different greyed-off colour using blues, blue-greens and a pale blue-lilac for the bedroom. What would be a good trim colour to tie all these colours together? I don’t want the trim to stand out too much so I think a light grey would work, perhaps Resene Sea Fog?

A. You could use Resene Sea Fog or possibly Resene Black White or Resene Poured Milk. They all are a bit too pale to be considered a light grey – they are described as greyed whites. A light grey is more like Resene Half Concrete or Resene Athens Grey – but these may compete with the wall colours.

April 2021

Q. We are building a new house with an open plan kitchen, dining and living area. The kitchen is matt black and stainless silver. The floor is dark brown wood. I like Resene I Do but my family thinks it is too pink.

A. If you are keen on a mauve/pink/slightly grey type of colour – but not Resene I Do you might check out the following colours that are warm but not such a definite mauve/pink colour – Resene Bon Jour, Resene Greywacke, Resene Swiss Coffee or Resene Ebb.

April 2021

Q. I have one red wall in a house I have just moved into that I am wanting to paint over. It’s a passageway on the south side of the lounge which is very visible from the main living area. The wall itself gets very little natural light. The colours of the other walls are Resene Akaroa. The ceiling, skirtings and door frames are Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta. Personally I am drawn to neutral colours particularly greys or blue/green however I’m a bit stuck as I don’t want it looking cold or if it’s too light it may wash out and I don’t want anything too dark/bold either.

A. Some blue/greens and greys can be cold and some colours can seem dark especially when seen with colours like Resene Akaroa and Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta. If that doesn't worry you then the following colours could be checked out – Resene Bluff, Resene Casal, Resene Cutty Sark or Resene Half Innocence.

You could default to a deeper variant of Resene Akaroa like Resene Triple Akaroa but it may look a bit too yellow/brown.

April 2021

Q. I'm looking for an exterior stain that's going on band sawn cedar that will look like a naturally silvered off finish. We are trying to achieve an even silvered finish on the cedar so that shaded areas are the same as areas in the sun.

A. A silvery aged look in a stain for band sawn cedar might be one of the following – Resene Waterborne Woodsman Bleached Riverstone, Resene Waterborne Woodsman Riverstone or Resene Waterborne Woodsman Smokey Ash.

Unfortunately the control over light and shade in regard to colour is not something that is possible. As light alters throughout the day and on each aspect [ N/S/E/W ] of the house all colour changes. It isn't something that humans have control over.

April 2021

Q. We have just painted our kitchen/dining/lounge area. It’s currently an empty room prior to the kitchen, flooring and curtain installation. We have a small Resene Green Meets Blue feature wall in the kitchen and the rest of the walls are Resene Half Duck Egg Blue. Our kitchen will be white but we haven’t chosen any other room furnishings. We absolutely love Resene Green Meets Blue but the duck egg colour was maybe the wrong choice to pair with it. What are some good colour options to pair with Resene Green Meets Blue, perhaps something more neutral with green undertones, without being too dated?

A. Some colour options to trial might be the following ones – Resene Zumthor, Resene Breeze or Resene Slipstream.

A neutral that may pick up colours that are around it but not be so 'coloured' in itself might be the following – Resene Wan White or Resene Half Athens Grey.

April 2021

Q. We have painted the exterior of our house in Resene Double Concrete and Resene Quarter Black White for the window trims. Can you please suggest a colour for the house base that would contrast nicely with the above colours?

A. It depends upon how much the base of the house is visible as to what colour may be appropriate. If it is a modest base area – i.e. no more than half a metre – then you could use exactly the same colour as the main to make the house seem taller. A dark colour on that type of basement draws a lot of attention as well as making the house look squat. A very big/deep basement can be overpowering if painted too dark a colour.

But you might check out the following colours to see if they might appeal to you – Resene Black White, Resene Concrete or Resene Half Jumbo.

April 2021

Q. I have purchased 20L of Resene Half Duck Egg Blue to paint my home interior but would like a contrast colour to use in the living and dining room.

A. You might check out the following colours to see if they appeal to you – Resene Perfect Taupe, Resene Virtuoso, Resene Quarter Regent Grey, Resene Coast, Resene Artemis or Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue.

Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue

Resene Artemis

Resene Virtuoso

April 2021

Q. I have a fibrolite home painted in Resene Double Foundry with Resene Alabaster windows. I am looking for an exciting colour option for the front door. It’s currently orange but I’m looking for a change after 5 years.

A. The following are amazing colours that may appeal to you – Resene Lemon Ginger, Resene Chelsea Cucumber, Resene Galliano or Resene Lip Service.

April 2021

Q. I have a new small ensuite wardrobe finished in Resene Concrete. I want to paint the wall opposite a complementary or contrasting colour that is a pop of colour to brighten the space. It’s a fairly dark room – no natural daylight and has a dark stained brown ceiling. I would love a few suggestions. I’d be happy to go down blue, green or yellow routes. Not really keen on reds or pinks.

A. I have reservations about suggesting a yellow as it may make Resene Concrete look a bit lilac. Mind you in saying that you may not mind the silvery grey of Concrete looking slightly lilac and if that is the case then Resene Moonlight could look quite lovely – warm, light and bright.

Some other colours worth considering are the following – try Resene Gum Leaf, Resene Azure or Resene Paradise.

April 2021

Q. We are painting the board and batten exterior of our new house at the beach. We have white picture windows and want an exterior colour that makes the white ‘pop’ but not too much. We are looking at Resene Half Rakaia or Resene Half Atmosphere. We are wondering if these are the right choice. What other colours and or strengths would you recommend?

A. All colours on an exterior look much lighter (often by a half tone) and brighter. This is due to the very harsh sunlight.

In order to create a point of difference and a well-balanced contrast – so the white joinery 'pops' – you might need to use slightly deeper versions of the colours that you are interested in – try Resene Rakaia or Resene Atmosphere.

Some other colours for you to consider might be the following – Resene Grey Seal or Resene Silver Chalice.

April 2021

Q. A little guidance would be appreciated on choosing colour for new joinery in kitchen. It’s Shaker style in a 1914 bungalow with rimu floors. We will have white marble-look bench and white walls (probably Resene Half Bianca and Resene Alabaster trim) and possibly vintage green tiles.

We love black but it’s a sunny kitchen so we think a charcoal would be better. We have tested Ironsand, which works with the warm tones of the house. The exterior is Resene Granite Green and Resene Tumbleweed and there is lots of greenery that you can see through the windows. Any there any other nearly black or charcoals that may work?

A. If you favour warm toned charcoals and greys the following colours may be appealing to you – try Resene Windswept, Resene Porter, Resene Baltic Sea or Resene Half Bokara Grey.

April 2021

Q. I want to paint our bathroom walls in a white colour. Our ceilings are Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta and doors Resene Half Pearl Lusta. Which white would you recommend for the walls?

A. Because you have already used very definite colours on the ceiling and the doors, I recommend that you stay with that palette of colours. An alternative (cooler) or otherwise unrelated white may make the ceiling and the doors look quite yellow. Try Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta or Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta.

April 2021

Q. I am going to paint my bedroom with a feature wall in either Resene Avalanche or Resene Atomic and was wondering if a neutral like Resene Black White would work for the other three walls? I prefer a grey-ish white but am not sure what would match those two blues.

A. Resene Black White would work well. If you want a cooler crisper looking greyed white then you might check out Resene Poured Milk or Resene Half Athens Grey.

April 2021

Q. Our house is in the Southern Highlands. Most rooms get a lot of sun, as the house is wide and shallow and almost entirely north facing. It gets very cold here. We haven't repainted since we bought the house several years ago, and the walls are painted in a yellowy-cream colour that feels naff and dated – made worse by warm, yellow lighting we haven't changed. Doors and trims are in a slightly deeper/darker tone of the same warm colour. Externally, the house is an earthy stone colour, which we're happy to keep.

We're finally getting round to repainting two south-facing rooms in the house – a study and guest bedroom (as they desperately need new paint) but we're hoping to choose a colour that will work also throughout the rest of the house. We'll also be updating lighting from what's currently yellow light everywhere to a more neutral white light.

We have tried out a bunch of neutrals/whites. We can't decide and would like some input from a colour expert who can guide us as to which one to choose.

1. Do the colours generally get darker or lighter once a whole room is painted in them?

2. Given the house gets quite a bit of warm natural light, we want to choose a white that will play well with sunlight (even though the first two rooms we're repainting get limited light) – which colours would do this best?

3. Even though we get lots of natural light, we want to avoid something that will make us feel the cold when temperatures drop, especially at night.

4. Our interior styling tends towards pops of colour in reds/rust, greens/olive, browns/clay/orange. We tend to avoid blacks and blues. Does that sway things?

5. We have Brushbox floorboards in the home, and an acceptable neutral warm ivory carpet that we're keeping for the time being.

6. We will probably sell in 5-7 years’ time, so we want something that isn't too trendy and might date.

7. Anything else we should consider? In essence we're after a nice neutral/grey-white that isn't too warm but isn't too cool, probably more on the light mid-tone, earthy side.

A. Colours in an interior have the potential to double in depth or brightness. The same colour in different rooms is a different colour. See my comment about light, shade and aspects of natural light.

All colours respond to sunlight. All colours respond to artificial light. All colours alter in the presence of other colours in a room. Colours with yellow ochre in them appear warmer than those that use umber or black as a predominant colourant. As yet it appears that you don't truly know what the colours look like because of the way you have tested them.

A colour that may show more warmth at night or when the winter sunlight modifies how it is seen might be Resene Merino or perhaps Resene Half Thorndon Cream. These colours may work well with the reds/rust, greens/olive, browns/clay/orange you have mentioned. They also work well with wood – any colour/type of wood.

If you choose a grey/white it will look cooler. Grey/whites may sit very uneasily with the reds/rust, greens/olive, browns/clay/orange you have mentioned. Would that worry you??

April 2021

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