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Welcome to Resene's decorating blog – pg. 7

Paint your home beautiful. Discover the latest decorating trends, tips and colour news!

Decorating blog - tips, trends and colours

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Feeling blue from lack of creativity?

If you feel like banging your head against the table from lack of creative inspiration, looking at the colour blue might prove to be just what's needed... more

16 September, 2015

Bohemian beachy bach

Revamp your holiday home with the latest trend in interior design: Boho-chic?... more

15 September, 2015

How can you make your desk space healthier?

Here are some tips for setting up your desk space with health and wellness in mind... more

11 September, 2015

Colours for a tea party

Here are fifteen paint colours that the Mad Hatter would love for a tea party... more

10 September, 2015

Blending masculine and feminine styles

From raw industrial design to feminine floral chic, everyone has different tastes. How do you appeal to two different taste aesthetics?... more

08 September, 2015

Latest trends in master ensuite bathroom decor

You'll be blown away by the relaxing styles that are being embraced by interior designers, making the ensuite an indulgent and calming space... more

25 August, 2015

How to mix and match vintage and modern

One of the latest interior design trends is to mix and match the old with the new in a tasteful way... more

23 August, 2015

Va va vroom: How to do up your garage

Feel welcomed into your home, sweet home from the second you park your car... more

06 August, 2015

Colours for the elderly

Determining which shade of paint best suits a specific space should be done not only by considering the area and its particular use but the individuals who will be using it as well... more

07 August, 2015

Colour me silly

Designing or decorating a playroom is a great way to offer a space that not only lets kids be kids and have some fun playtime, but also helps them learn and grow... more

01 August, 215

Five tips for decorating an apartment

With these five decorating ideas and interior design tips, you might just fall in love with your ex-shoebox apartment... more

30 July, 2015

 Regional colour trends

Travel from region to region and country to country and you’ll often find slight variations in colour preferences... more

19 July, 2015

Bring out the best in your bathroom

With bathrooms you can afford to be a little more courageous with colour... more

18 June, 2015

Colours for teenagers

Sophisticated patterns and colour palettes are more appealing, and as they hit their mid teens, children, especially boys, start to show a preference for darker colours.... more

08 December, 2014

Choosing the right curtains for your home

Originally designed for purely practical reasons, curtains are a key part of your room's colour scheme... more

29 October, 2014

Colours in the work environment

Studies have shown that the colour on our office walls can have a significant impact on our productivity and wellbeing... more

10 September, 2014

Masculine style

A style that represents strong, no-fuss lines, deep colour tones and finespun fabrics... more

06 July, 2014

Power of colour

Colour has the power to transform not only our homes but the way we feel. It can stimulate or subdue, motivate or mollify... more

13 June, 2014

Let there be light

Choose your joinery colour wisely and you can enjoy it, and the flexibility it gives you, for years to come... more

17 April, 2014

The high view

A question often asked is 'What colour should I paint my roof?' and mostly it is asked after all other colour decisions have been made for the exterior of the house... more

10 April, 2014

Preparing your home for sale

Is your home buyer friendly? When it comes to selling your house, first impressions count... more

06 April, 2014

The finishing touches – doors and windows

Doors and windows are a hardworking part of your home... more

02 April, 2014

Jazzing up furniture

Painting tired furniture is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to revive a room’s décor... more

15 December, 2013

Colour basics

Interior designers use colour to create certain atmospheres and psychologists may use it to influence moods... more

29 November, 2013

Colour therapy (chromotherapy)

It’s no secret that colour has the power to transform our emotions... more

18 November, 2013

Shopping for colour

When it comes to decorating, choosing the right paint colour can be a daunting exercise... more

14 October, 2013

How to be brave with colour

Where to start – how to pick colours that are going to work for you and your home... more

17 September, 2013

Colours of the 1990s

Fashion and decor reflected the dirtier colours and minimal look of Gothic, Grunge and Hip Hop... more

30 August, 2013

Colours of the 1980s

This era was all about major changes both industrial and economic... more

24 August, 2013

Colours of the 1970s

A collection of colours from the 1970's... more

16 August, 2013

Colours of the 1960s

A decade of radical change, rebellion, vibrancy and a desire for freedom – of any sort... more

07 August, 2013

50 Shades of Grey Resene style

If you're more of a decorator and less of a bookworm, you might like to try some of our favourite fifty shades of grey... more

03 August, 2013

Beating the trends

The first question I'm nearly always asked is 'How do you name colours?' followed shortly thereafter by 'How do you know which colours are trendy?'... more

16 July, 2013

Resene backyard

Give your outdoor space a fresh face with some clever, budget-friendly decorating tricks... more

10 July, 2013

What's underfoot?

Choosing the right flooring for your home... more

24 June, 2013

What goes with wood?

We love wood. Many people have panic attacks if others suggest painting over it... more

03 June, 2013

Colour on the ceiling

Just as colour on our walls can add drama or sophistication to a room, colour above us can transform a room’s look and feel... more

12 April, 2011

What makes a good home?

A good home is one that you can't wait to go back to... more

16 March, 2011

Shed some light on the situation

Learn how to choose the right lighting for your home... more

04 December, 2010

Kids rooms trends

When it comes to decorating children’s spaces, it helps to see a room through the eyes of a child... more

27 December, 2009

Decorating in a feminine style

When it comes to decorating, adding femininity to a room need not mean girlie or over-the-top pink... more

17 June, 2009

What's in a colour contrast?

We are often asked about colour contrast and how to figure out what is enough of a colour contrast... more

10 April, 2009

Bring out the best in your kitchen

Bright, invigorating colour schemes can boost energy levels when you have a lot of cooking and cleaning to get through... more

06 December, 2008

Outdoor makeover

An exterior facelift instantly transforms the look of a home, and a fresh coat of paint is all that’s required... more

17 October, 2008

Adding the furnishings

Learn how to choose the right furnishings for your home... more

30 September, 2008

Top protection for your roof

Before you choose a Resene roof paint system, check the condition of your roof... more

15 December, 2007

Decorating on a budget

Smart redecorating ideas to help you save time and money... more

04 July, 2006

Feng Shui

Harnessing energy for happiness, contentment and abundance... more

11 June, 2006

Vastu decorating

Vastu is somewhat of an Indian equivalent to Feng Shui, based on related elements but interpreted in a different manner... more

03 June, 2006

Colours for living and learning

There is a cycle of changing colours that affects us through the different stages of life. These are reflected in our changing colour preferences... more

19 February, 2004

A fence you can be proud of

Fences can have a huge impact on the way you feel about your home as they are often the first thing you see when you get home... more

10 February, 2004

Colour Masterclass Series

View a collection of articles from the Abode magazine Colour Masterclass series which detail a range of inspiring colour palettes and colour schemes... more

Filter:  budget | colour trends/inspo | colour theory | kids | design styles | DIY projects/maintenance | home organisation | curtains | wallpapers

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