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Stencil card

It’s easy to use a Resene stencil and testpot to create your own range of cool greeting cards.

Stencil card - instruction sheet

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Resene kids art with Mark Rayner - Project 119

Difficulty level: Moderate

You will need: Low tack masking tape, Paintbrush, Piece of white cardboard measuring approximately 17cm x 30cm, Printout of a Resene stencil from the Resene website, Resene testpot of Resene Glitterbug, Scissors

Top tip: You can also create your own stencil by drawing a shape onto a piece of paper and cutting out with scissors.

Here's another idea: This cool turtle card was made with a Resene stencil and a testpot of Resene Go Go Go.

Stencil card
Stencil card

A cool turtle card Another idea: A cool turtle card

Step 1
Step one
Fold the piece of cardboard in half, as shown.
Step 2
Step two
Carefully cut out the Resene stencil – you might need a grown up to help with this bit.
Step 3
Step three
Place the stencil onto the front of the card and hold in position with a few pieces of low tack masking tape.
Step 4
Step four
Gently ‘stipple’ the paint over the stencil, taking care not to let paint seep under the edges. Carefully remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry. How cool is that?

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