Did you know you can get a colour consultation for your home?

If you're undergoing home renovations you might be wondering how certain colours and styles  will look in your home. Maybe you've got a fetish for fuchsia but you're not sure if it will fit in with your family room, or you're considering coating your bathroom walls baby blue.

Before you rush out and stock up on paint and curtains for your big project, why not book in a Resene Colour Consultation?

A consultation can provide you with the tools to choose your next wallpaper, curtains, paint or even help with putting together a completely new look for your home. You can either request a visit from a Resene Colour Consultant or head in-store for a complimentary consultation.

Charges do apply to on-site visits and any that occur outside of a Resene ColorShop, but the expert advice and assistance you'll receive will more than pay for itself.

If you don't live close to a Resene ColorShop, another option is to ask an online expert for free advice. Send your colour questions through and include photos of your project along with specific details for the most accurate advice possible! A colour expert from Resene will get back to you as soon as possible with practical feedback.

A consultant will be able to guide you on the best shades and tones for your project, and suggest plenty of options from the Resene range. For instance, they may guide you towards Resene Smitten to fulfil your fuchsia fantasies, or recommend Resene Refresh for your baby blue bathroom.

And if you already have colours in mind, the Resene colour expert might be all you need to give you the assurance that you have a colour combination that will work well together so you can get on with the painting with confidence.

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