Eighties nostalgia – three trends making a comeback

The eighties brought us wonders like Prince, Star Wars and lycra, but it also produced some great interior design trends that are now starting to see a comeback.

Trends will always repeat themselves eventually (just think of those jumpsuits!), but they will often pop up with new added elements or designs.

Here are three of the best trends that have origins in the eighties, but are reappearing in current design.


These were big back in the day in stark black and white patterns, but these days the trend has been repurposed and is used with colour for a fresh remake of this once-outdated style.

More subtle tones like white and pale green are the new way of bringing the chevron into the home. While still a striking pattern, the less eye-popping colour contrasts offer a toned-down and gorgeous print for cushions and artworks.


Unlike the eighties look of highly polished 'I-can-see-my-reflection' brass, today's look is all about the antique or burnished finish.

You'll usually see brass on door knobs, but if you want to incorporate it into your home, try it in picture frames, lamp bases or knick-knacks around the house. Keep the look subtle to avoid going over the top with just a few well-placed pieces.

Brass will generally go with most colour schemes, but for the best result, stick to warm, rich colours like red or plum, such as Resene Pohutukawa.


Think about Andy Warhol and his Marilyn prints.

These fun retro colours are now being used in a new way. They are no longer the super-fluoro neons however, now you can liven up a room with brights, such as Resene Smitten or Resene Shooting Star, that don't offend the eye.

Orange, such as Resene Whizz Bang, is popular, as well as other citrus colours like lime, such as Resene Dizzy Lizzy, and yellow.

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