Erect a timber fence on your property

If you're looking for a bit of extra privacy or just want to update your property, it might be time to build a fence. Timber is a versatile and durable material to use for this, and you don't have to call in the experts to get the job done. Simply pop on your gumboots and get your spade out for a DIY job made easy.

To construct a timber tongue and groove fence, you'll first need to assemble your materials. You'll need two 100mm by 75mm H4 treated fence posts, three 120mm stainless steel dynabolts and eight lengths of 200mm H4 treated tongue and groove landscaping timber. You should also have 100mm galvanised nails, 1600mm of fence capping and 3.6m of 50mm by 50mm treated timber, along with the standard drill, hammer, measuring tape and paintbrush, Rapidset concrete is required too, along with Resene Waterborne Woodsman oil stain in whichever shade you desire.

Next, dig a hole about 600mm deep and fill with rapidset concrete. Position one of the fence posts in this to secure. Drill three holes evenly along the length of the other fence post, and dig a second 600mm hole. If you have a concrete wall the fence can lean against, this hole can be dug against this to give the post something to attach to. Fill the base of the hole with concrete and secure the post in there, pushed up against and secured to the concrete wall if you have one.

To attach the lengths of tongue and groove on the posts, start at the bottom and work your way up. You may want to finish off each edge of the fence panel with more timber, then coat the length of the fence with the Resene Waterborne Woodsman oil stain to complete the look.

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