Get a little help with your colour choices

Homeowners and DIYers who may not have a natural eye for selecting the right colour are in luck. The Resene ColourHelper has been developed especially for you, turning complex paint jobs into quick and easy projects.

Whether you're repainting an area and aren't sure of the existing colour, or want to match a paint to a fabric swatch, the ColourHelper can quickly and efficiently match the hue to a corresponding Resene paint. The device can be placed on the target colour, pressed to 'read' the tone three times and then will let you know the three Resene colours that most closely match up with the one measured. If you're looking for complementary colours, it will also bring these up, as well as pointing out differences between two different shades.

The ColourHelper will also indicate which colours are to the left or right of the original tone on the colour wheel if there are no available matches in the Resene library. If you need a custom colour to perfectly match up, it can even provide a starting point for the formulation. The best thing about it? ColourHelper units can be used free of charge at all Resene ColorShops and Resellers, and even when representatives are on site visits. Because it's battery operated, you don't have to worry about pesky power cords standing between you and your dream colour.

The unit uses a tiny digital camera built into the device, taking a small picture of the colour. It then uses an imbedded microprocessor to analyse the image and determines the exact Resene colour it matches. The closest colour match is shown first, with a rectangle filled with bars showing how close of a match the colour is to the original source.

One creative way to use this is by using the device to match a paint colour with your favourite item of clothing or fabric covering. It will save you hours trawling through catalogues and paint stores looking for the perfect shade.

For those who aren't sure if colours will match in the home, the unit can also indicate whether two colours will harmonise with each other. Software and mathematics can indicate whether two colours will work together, and if not, suggest alternatives to help make choosing your colour scheme easier.

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