5 ways to brighten up your bathroom

It's easy to put decorating your bathroom to the back of your mind – after all, you probably spend more time in the living room and kitchen. Plus, there's plenty of chatter about the benefits of a kitchen renovation.

However, don't discount the bathroom. There are a number of ways you can brighten up this essential room. Here are our best tips!

1. Replace your shower curtain

This change is far from a significant bathroom renovation, but sometimes it's the small changes that make big differences.

If your current shower curtain is an insipid colour or worn at the edges, consider replacing it. A transparent curtain looks sophisticated, and can be picked up cheaply from a local department store or hardware shop.

2. Add white tiles

There's something ever so fresh and charming about white tiles in your bathroom.

You might re-tile your shower, or focus on tiling a smaller area, such as around your bathroom vanity. If you want the space to look bright and open, always opt for white over coloured tiles – a shade like Resene Sea Fog is a wise pick.

Be aware though that white tiles on the floor can show up dust and hairs – sometimes a tile with a slight pattern, texture or shading can help to hide this. Or opt for white tiles on the walls and a bit more colour or texture on the floor.

3. Give it a good scrub

Do you like your bathroom's interior design, but feel as though the space is grubby?

Soap scum build-up in the shower and grime on the mirror is going to detract from your bathroom's aesthetic. There are plenty of products on the market to cut through soap scum – some will need to be left on the shower walls, then scrubbed off and rinsed with hot water. 

As an ongoing measure, invest in a spray-and-forget shower spray – the last person to use the shower each morning simply needs to squirt the solution on the interior. The steam from the shower helps the solution work its magic.

4. Add an elegant sink

Is your bathroom particularly cramped?

Alongside white tiles, consider your current sink arrangement. A bathroom vanity is great for storage, but a sink attached to the wall won't take up floor space. The latter could be a good option if you want to open the space up.

5. Look to the sky

If your bathroom is dim, why not add a skylight?

Not only will this brighten the space up, but it's also a great way to get rid of condensation.

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