Design inspiration: A minimalist home

If you're considering undertaking some renovations on your home to get it ready for summer, why not strip things back and go for a chic, minimalist design?

The pared-back aesthetic has been popular for a while now, so if you haven't taken the plunge and de-cluttered your home, now might be the perfect time.


The easiest way to brighten and lighten your room is by giving it a fresh coat of paint in a neutral tone. A white shade such as Resene Alabaster can provide the perfect blank canvas for your home, and will complement any other tones you decide to use.

Many minimalist interiors feature wooden accents. You may choose to incorporate wood into your decor by stripping back your carpet and polishing your floorboards or adding wooden tables and bookcases to living spaces.

Treat wooden highlights with a stain from the Resene Colorwood range to ensure they look polished and fresh. If you're looking to add colour there are bright varieties, or you could stick with the traditional timber tones of Resene Red Beech.


Minimalist interiors often feature sleek, clean lines and low furniture. Long couches that sit close to the ground, in plain shades of white, grey or black leather will look great in living rooms, especially when accompanied by coffee tables in modern designs.


Minimalist rooms are usually characterised by their bright, open spaces. To achieve this effect you'll want your home to get as much natural light as possible. Utilise all windows by keeping curtains pulled open all day and placing mirrors around the home to reflect light throughout.

Similarly, chrome and stainless steel furniture can be strategically placed around a room to bounce light around and give the effect of a brighter space.

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