How to use Resene’s fashion colour wheel

As New Year draws closer and closer, it's time you started thinking about that resolution. How many years in a row have you promised to redecorate the house, only to become 'too busy' and forget?

Well don't make the same mistake this year, as home decorating could well spice your life up. Bring the energy back into your home, using the Resene The Range fashion colours as your muse.

Hot hot hot

The year 2015's range of paint colours has plenty of warm hues to make any room glow. 

Start with the living room and examine what's already there. If you're happy with the way a lot of it looks, you may not require a full revamp. For example, bright, warm colours make a neutral room pop with only subtle additions. On a black couch in a grey/white room, think about adding cushions akin to Resene Adrenalin to add a bit of dazzle. Alternatively, a large art piece of a similar tone won't just make the wall glow, but it will warm up the whole room as well.

You could go in the other direction, too, and completely restyle the room to better suit the colour of passion. Ditch the dull and splash some Resene Havoc on a feature wall! Or if you want to keep to a more neutral, slightly less neon space then choose Resene Pohutukawa instead, as its brilliant scarlet sheen will stick with the darker atmosphere, but still provide that sense of romance. Scarlet also looks great on curtains and couches, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Going green

Much like the rest of our lives, 'going green' is set to become one of the most important trends in interior design as well. You could take this to mean building a more environmentally friendly house, of course, but you could also consider it literally. Green is a very stimulating, calming colour, and makes a home seem more at peace with itself – more down-to-earth. 

If you're not prepared to go wild, consider adding in some of 2015's pastel greens instead. Resene Secrets would look great behind a desk in your office, or used as the wall colour in your living room. Or be a little braver and use Resene Kandinsky instead.

For those of you who like to dare a little, grab a bucket of something stronger. Resene Kakapo is a wonderful colour to have on the walls of most rooms, setting the space apart from the humdrum of modern neutral living. This colour also looks great on the curtains, combined with one of the more pastel hues. 

Don't forget the subtleties, either. Little splashes of Resene Seaweed here and there add a mysterious sense of nature around the room, such as a few cushions here, a rug there or lining the interior of a bookcase in between. 

Better than the boy band

Blue is not only a calming colour, but it also looks very regal in a bedroom. On a similar note, purples have a similar sense of lavishness and luxury, while also adding a sensual appeal. 

To that end, a pastel blue lining the walls of any room adds a little colour but doesn't overwhelm. Resene Frozen and Resene Duck Egg Blue both have these qualities, so think about grabbing a Resene testpot and seeing for yourself.

For that sexy look, throw in curtains with touches of colour akin to Resene Fascinator or highlight the walls with it to add a little spice to the bedroom. 

If you want to feel the stylings of a royal, try Resene Skydiver in subtle hints around the room, or as feature pieces such as curtains, bed sheets or a rug. Of course, it does also look great on the walls so don't discount a feature wall or something with patterns. 

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