How to utilise wood in your home

As we all become more environmentally friendly, we're heading back to the basics when it comes to what materials we manufacture with. Cardboard and glass are cropping up more in the supermarkets, and wood is appearing back in homes. 

To keep up with the modern interior design trends of going natural, try using some wood in your home. But how?


First off, you need to think about what tone you'll use in your home. Will the dark woods of yesteryear tickle your classic tastes, or will the light-wood of modern living brighten up your life? The Resene Colorwood range encompasses all of these and is great for inspiration. Wood brings a warmth and homeliness to a room no matter which colour, but whether you need dark or light is entirely up to your own tastes. 

Also, do you want a rough-looking natural aesthetic or a shiny, sleek and modern stain? 


To use lots of wood, or to not use lots of wood: that is the question. A question that is also answered with a question: what do you want the theme of your space to be?

For example, if you have wooden walls and flooring and then add in natural furniture, you will have a very classic, warm living space. It will feel at once alive and historical. However, it might not feel very modern, so that could be out of the question. In which case maybe you should consider using woods to highlight and accent?

Add in a furniture setting made from an old tree, a stained-oak bookshelf in the corner and maybe a feature wall behind the fireplace. Rather than something out of Shakespeare itself, you will have a more contemporary looking space that breathes with a natural energy and doesn't appear sterile.

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