Inspire office productivity with the right paint colour

If you've been charged with designing a new office space or are responsible for renovations, you may want to carefully consider your choice of paint.

Studies suggest that different colours of paint evoke certain feelings which can impact on your work. Keep your office environment positive and inspire productivity by selecting from the following colours:


Green is a fantastic colour choice for spaces where balance and serenity are encouraged, according to colour psychologist Angela Wright in an interview with A Year of Productivity.

Ms Wright believes that bright colours stimulate whereas low-saturation colours soothe, so if you're trying to promote a tranquil, peaceful environment then pale green tones, such as Carefree and Resene Secrets, may be a great choice.

Doctor's offices would benefit from being painted in muted shades of green as the shade may have a reassuring effect on nervous patients.


Red can be used in the workplace to stimulate employees as it is a very energetic colour. It has been shown to increase brain activity and stimulate strong emotional feelings of love and passion.

On the flipside, red has been shown to aggravate people and get them worked up, so it may be best to use the colour sparingly in the workplace.

Red is also seen as an impressive colour and can give off a fantastic first impression, so consider using a deep shade, such as ever popular Resene Pohutukawa, on a feature wall in meeting rooms.


Yellow is an overwhelmingly positive colour and its association with the sun can make people feel happy and warm. You could use accents of yellow in artworks, furnishings or a feature wall if you want to avoid overpowering a room with the tone.  Resene Turbo is a popular yellow to use to brighten up spaces inside and out.

A yellow that is too bright can trigger feelings of hunger and anger, so a hue in a lower saturation or tending towards cream, such as Resene Double Bianca, may be best to use in a general office area.

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