Prepare for summer with a fresh coat of colour

If you're considering doing renovations in the near future, let the sunny season guide your choice of paint.

Summer palettes usually consist of cool blues and greens, and avoid anything too bright or 'hot'. You could opt for subtle paint colours and keep decorating understated to let the sunshine speak for itself, especially if your home has a lot of indoor-outdoor flow.

Turquoise is a quintessential summer colour but it can be quite bright. Consider painting a feature wall in the hue (try Resene Windfall) and pair it with crisp white to keep the colour from becoming overwhelming.

You could paint all walls in a muted grey or taupe, such as Resene White Thunder, and inject pops of colour in furnishings, such as cushions and rugs. A new set of curtains in a summer colour could be all you need to take a room from winter to summer.

For those who love the outdoors, channel cut grass and beautiful landscapes with green paint, such as Resene Kandinsky. It can look beautifully fresh when paired with stark white, and will also evoke feelings of peace and serenity.

If you love the beach, a deep blue, such as Resene Whale Tail, can evoke feelings of calm and remind people of the ocean. If you're bold enough to coat your walls in this shade, focus especially dark tones on feature walls or smaller accents to avoid making the room gloomy.  For a seafoam feeling, try Resene Escape.

If you can't resist capturing that summery feeling with bright yellow, try teaming colours like Resene Southern Cross with wooden decor to tone down the brightness. Add hints of florals for a country-inspired look, and accessorise with vintage photo frames to bring the look together.

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