Lush and leafy: 5 ways with green

There's nothing quite as lush as bold green paint in your home, whether it's jade, forest or pine. That's not to mention some of the brighter shades, such as the playful Resene Impromptu.

Sure, beige, white and cream can add a soothing, neutral vibe to your home. However, why not make a statement and bring some leafy green hues into your house?

This doesn't necessarily mean painting all the walls the colour of foliage – in fact, there's plenty of more delicate ways you can make use of this at-touch-with-nature hue into your property. 

Think about embracing green, whether you live in a cosy apartment or sprawling villa. 

Home office

There's something soothing about green, so why not utilise this shade in your home office?

A hue such as Resene Kaitoke Green is soothing, without being dull. Pair it with cream carpet and plenty of natural light and you'll feel inspired to knuckle down and get your work done!

Kitchen countertop

A glossy concreted or plastic laminated countertop in white with colourful sides will lift your kitchen's aesthetic, without being overpowering. 

Consider investing in a durable countertop, and painting the sides in a shade akin to Resene Koru. This approach is particularly powerful if you have a freestanding kitchen island.

You can tie the theme together by painting skirting boards in the same shade, or adding a colour kitchen splashback that embraces this chirpy hue.

Soothing bedroom

Bringing green into your home is not always going to be about playing with zingy, lime-inspired shades – though these certainly have a place!

When it comes to the bedroom, green can work remarkably well. For instance, consider playing with a shade such as the earthy Resene Avocado. This looks stunning on the walls, particularly if you have a timber bed-frame, side table or sitting chair in the space.

If you're apprehensive about painting the entire room this shade, use it on the upper half of the walls and paint the lower half a buttery white, such as Resene Sidecar.

Front door

Be sure not to isolate green to the interior of your home. A bold front door will invite people into your house and give it unique character. 

You'll achieve a gorgeous effect if you paint your front door with a playful, effervescent shade like Resene Limeade. This green has a welcoming brightness to it, without verging on fluoro territory.

In order to drive this feature home, paint the border of the door a crisp, cool white.


Finally, remember the other way to be green at home.

While you can take the instruction quite literally and coat the walls and front door in leafy shades, you can also be green by adopting environmentally friendly practices.

This can be as simple as using energy-efficient lightbulbs. Opt for LED or compact fluorescent lightbulbs rather than incandescent varieties to reduce how much energy you use.

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