Redecorating on a budget

Sometimes you want to give your house a spruce up but don't have the finances to splash out on elaborate renovations.

For those hoping to save some cash while still making their house look brand new, follow these tips.

Clean up

Sometimes all it takes to get a house looking like a castle is a thorough spring clean. This goes beyond simply taking out the rubbish and rearranging the clothes piled up on your floor – it involves washing your curtains, windows and even waterblasting your driveway.

Dirty driveways would benefit from an application of Resene Deep Clean to loosen lichen stuck in the path, cleaning it over time. You could also use Resene Paint Prep and Housewash to instantly clean exterior surfaces.

Clean finger marks off your interior walls, especially around door frames and knobs, to make your rooms instantly cleaner. You could also hire a carpet cleaner to remove any stains and grime built up in your floors.


If you want to really transform a room, consider adding a feature wall. Leave the rest of the walls a neutral colour and coat one in a stand out tone, such as Resene Sensual Red. Painting only one wall doesn't cost much and can really make an impact.


Make the most of what you've got and rearrange your existing furniture to create a whole new space. You could even go so far as to repurpose a spare room into a home office!

Often, simply changing the direction of the TV and couches in your living room or your bed's orientation will make your house seem new and exciting again.


If you have a small budget to spend, consider putting it towards fresh accessories for your favourite rooms. Candles, cushions, vases and photo frames expertly placed in focal points can instantly update a room. If the frames and pots don’t match your colour scheme, give them a quick makeover with Resene testpots.

In the bathroom, new towels in an interesting colour can change the whole dynamic of the room. Update your toothbrush and soap holders and you'll feel like you're in a day spa before you know it!

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