2 top ways for property managers to increase rental income

Property managers looking to increase the amount of rent they receive or attract a wider pool of possible tenants should consider making a few small tweaks to their house. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh paint job and some insulation to turn a property into an attractive home in the eyes of a tenant.

A fresh paint job

A fresh, well-applied coat of paint can instantly lift a room and make it appear fresh and clean. If you're showing tenants through the property, make sure the front door and entrance to your home are painted to perfection. First impressions are everything in real estate, and if the entrance to your home looks clean and well maintained, this is what potential tenants will remember.

Choose a neutral hue such as Resene Thorndon Cream for interior walls throughout the home. This creamy colour is the perfect base shade for tenants to dress up with their own personal flair. If you paint the walls in exceptionally bold or bright colours, you may turn off applicants who have a more subdued taste in interior design, so it's best to keep things neutral. If you do wish to add a splash of colour or contrasting print, consider doing so on a feature wall.


Many homes don't have insulation, but it can make such a difference to a tenant's daily life. Good quality insulation installed by a professional keeps the heat in during winter and helps cool the house during summer, making your home easier and cheaper to heat, not to mention healthier and more comfortable to live in.

Get an expert in to add insulation to your ceiling, underfloor and walls for a more marketable and liveable home.

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