Is it time to embrace craftsman style at home?

Natural materials, a sense of coziness and an earthy colour palette: These are some of the standout elements of craftsman style. Homeowners looking for fresh decorating ideas may consider adopting the style, which is all about comfort.

Often, a property will truly give off a sense of this design aesthetic if its structural design features – such as its stairs – embrace the craftsman trend.

For instance, designs carved into wooden stairs are a popular element of this popular home style. However, there are still plenty of ways that property owners can turn to the craftsman style in their living space or other rooms without having to remodel the entire house!

Listen to the blues… and the greens

Wooden details are a key part of craftsman design – both on external features of a home as well as the interior.

If you're living in a property that's adorned with wooden cabinetry, doors, floor runners and window frames, you're in a good position to embrace this unique style. Think about polishing these features with sandpaper then adding a rich, oaky stain that highlights the unique grain of the wood.

Colourful, glazed tiles are also a hallmark of craftsman style. Think peacock-green tiles akin to Resene Home Run for the kitchen and astral-blue tiles for the bathroom – a shade like Resene Waterfront is sure to make a welcome splash.

Craftsman design is less about finicky details and more about the quality of the materials used. Tiles, quality wood and patterned flooring is a must. 

Pair wood with blue, green and beige – or a combination of all three colours. Bathroom and kitchen countertops also look stunning in mottled green-and-brown marble, too. Opt for a natural material for countertops, rather than a laminate, to drive the design trend home.

Lift the carpet

Once you've polished up wooden features in your home, you might be after other clever fixes to really hammer home the craftsman style. 

It may be worth investigating whether there's anything hiding beneath your carpet. Many older properties often have a goldmine in the way of native wooden floorboards that have since been covered by carpet.

Consider lifting carpet if there are floorboards beneath that can be polished to perfection. As with other wooden features, you might like to add a wood stain

Wooden cabinets and chairs look stunning in the living room and dining room, with a focus on functionality key.

Lighten up

You can't go past the craftsman style if you want to get playful with your lighting options. Provided your home is fitted with hanging lamps – rather than built-in flat bulbs – you won't have any trouble jumping aboard the bandwagon.

Thick, black outlines and a warm, golden glow is essential. Think about investing in lamp shades that use lots of glass, but be sure to buy bulbs that have a warm, yellow glow rather than a clinical, cold brightness about them. Frosted glass is a good option to diffuse light.

Don't forget to play with different shapes, but opt for lampshades with straight lines, rather than a curvaceousness.

Lampshades that are green or amber also look stunning, particularly as a feature in the dining room.

Warm touches

The craftsman aesthetic is all about warmth – you should feel at ease in your home.

Adding touches of warmth can be achieved by focusing on the right accessories and colours. Patterned beige-and-maroon rugs look striking and instantly make a space more inviting. Add them to the dining room, living space or even bedroom. 

A rocking chair in the living room adds a quaint touch, while thick, plush curtains will keep any space feeling cosy during cooler evenings.

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