Painting your school

It's well known that different colours can stimulate different emotions and feelings in people. If you're undergoing school or home renovations or are simply curious as to which colours are best for your kids, read on.

According to a paper called Colour in an Optimum Learning Environment from the International Center for Leadership in Education, specific colours can directly influence learners' health, morale, emotions, behaviour and performance.

Apparently, the best colours to use in spaces where young children are present are those that are warm and bright. Yellows, such as Resene Fizz, and oranges, like Resene Orang-atan, from the Resene KidzColour range would be great. As children mature, however, their preferences tend to develop into liking pastels, then cooler colours such as blues and greens, before advancing to darker colours when they reach high-school age.

The study notes that when green is used in a space it can elicit feelings of comfort and peace, as it is closely linked to nature. Yellow makes people think of summer and happiness, whereas purple is closely linked with relaxation and calmness.

The paper has a run-down of the best colours to use in different spaces around the school, which would be of use to anyone planning to redecorate education centres. The gymnasium, for instance, would be great in "activity" shades of red, orange and yellow paint. Something like Resene Code Red would look great in this area.

Offices should have a more relaxed vibe, so look for turquoise, sandstone or light gold shades. Avoid anything too bright or urgent like red. Similarly, in counselling rooms it's advised to go for harmonious shades of yellow and green.  Think colours like Resene Carefree or Resene Kandinsky.

You can also add colour through furniture or decorations to help evoke the feelings you are looking for.  Rather than discard them, redecorate old furniture and frames using your favourite Resene colours and tie them into the new look.

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