b'FORENO INTRODUCES.Step 1 PaintthecardsinyourAngloUse a card from a Resene fandeck as a template to cut out nine pieces ofcard. chosen colours. Step 2Punchholesinthecentreof the cards, 25mm from one end. Start to layer the cards on to the clock mechanism. Anglo Sink MixerStep 3 ANG01Finishbyscrewingthehandson to the top. You may like to placeEuropean Influence; New a washer or circular piece of card between the hands and the slats,Zealand Designdependingonthethicknessof your card and length of the clock mechanism pin.clock alternativeIf you dont want to destroy your Resene The Range fandeck, heres anotherAnglo Basin Mixerversion with the fandeck cards swappedANG02out for those painted in Resene Alabaster and using Resene Bonfire (red), Resene Clockwork Orange (dark orange), Resene Flashback (lighterThe position of the control has been orange), Resene Escape (pale blue) designed for a more ergonomically suited fit and Resene Boulevard. & creates a unique feature all of its own.Other ideas to try This is a great project for kids to try. They can paint numbers on the ends of the cards, add their favourite stickers or customise the clock by painting their own patterns and artwork on the cards. Use just two colours or use varying shades of one coloursee The Range fashion colours fandeck for inspiration, particularly in the variety of blues and greens. Or the Resene Whites & Neutrals collection. Resene foreno.co.nzEscape'