b'calm and cosyReseneResene QuarterResene get the lookGecko Friar Greystone Pattens BlueWe created a dappled pattern in this blue loungeFabric of life Below: Sit back and relax in a cosy conservatory with a back wall painted in bypaintingthewallsintwocoatsofReseneIn the same way that tucking yourself into a duvet atResene Triple White Pointer, side wall in Resene Half Friar Greystone with Frozen. Once dried, we used a tape measure, levelnight is instantly relaxing, being nestled up in a roomResene FX Paint Effects medium coloured with Resene Quarter Friar Greystone and pencil to mark out an 80mm x 50mm grid.richwithsoftfurnishings,throwsorlushottomansapplied using a large brush in a swirly motion then wiped off with a dry rag to Weappliedhighquality24mmwidepainter\'sevokesthesnug-as-a-bug-in-a-rugfeeling.Colourcreate a marbled effect. Floor in Resene Triple White Pointer, trellis in Resene Whitewash and tray in Resene Blanc. Sofa from Early Settler, bean bag maskingtape,ensuringallofourlineswerecoordinateyourcushionswithyourwallsusingtheand mugs from Kmart, checkered blanket and cushions from The square. We then mixed a testpot of Resene NepalResene Living range from Briscoes designed to tie inWarehouse, black cushion from H&M Home, other cushions and into a tin of Resene FX Paint Effects medium andwith Resene wall colours. Add warmth with drapescoffee table are stylist\'s own.applied it with a paintbrush in a crisscross motion,from the Resene Curtain Collection available from yourResenegently wiping over the strokes with a dry rag asReseneColorShopandcurtainspecialists.YoucanWhitewashwewent.Oncedry,wecarefullyremovedthecreatesoftlywashedtexturedeffectssuchas masking to reveal the \'grout\' between the \'tiles\'.limewashing and colourwashing on walls using Resene Right: The Resene Nepal wall colour gives thisFX Paint Effects medium.modern living room a soothing quality. Walls inCreate zonesResene Nepal with tile paint effect in Resene FX Paint Effects medium coloured with Resene Frozen.Finding it hard to switch off? Get in the zone. CreateReseneFloor in Resene Blanc, round coffee table in Reseneseparate areas in your home for work and play usingTriple White Tuscany, console tabletop in Resene Bokara Grey.colour to demarcate areas for each activity. An unusedPointerCeramics from Formantics, artwork by Maiko Nagao,corner can become a serene reading nook using an candlesticks from Power Surge, dried flowers fromarched screen painted in a tranquil blue such as Resene Wandering Willow, lamp from Lighting Plus,Pattens Blue. When working from home, claim space sofa from Wolf & Co, rug from Good Thing, cushions from Adairs.for a mini office in a hallway or corner of a room by Resene painting a grid in Resene Thor and Resene Paris White ReseneReseneBlanc to prevent papers and documents from taking overReseneNepal Frozen Half Friar other areas. Greystone"Forthehomeoffice,it\'simportanttohavea Resene comfortable chair and a designated area to work. Try Tuscany Puttin\' on the Ritz not to schlep your work computer to the dinner table Ever wondered why you sleep better when you\'re onor the couch. Otherwise, you will find you are living at holiday? Hotel spaces are designed by experts to helpwork rather than working from home," says Fiona. rejuvenate tired travellers, often battling jetlag, travel stress"If you can, avoid working in your bedroom. You and\'did-I-leave-the-iron-on?\'anxiety.Light,brightandreallywanttoseparateworkfromsleep.And,if fresh interiors of hotels and resorts are like hitting the resetpossible, work near a window where you can look button on a tired, worried mind. While there\'s no place likeoutside onto greenery, which can instil a feeling of home, create a holiday-like feeling by clearing away cluttercalm. Most of all, do not let your work seep into your that might remind you of work or your to-do list. Gonon-work time. Switch off the computer at the end of neutral on walls with restful whites such as Resene Biancathe day. and Resene Rice Cake. Little details such as light-blocking"Take a slow breath. And - I recommend - turning up curtains, linens with sky-high thread counts and soft-yet- the music and having a dance to blow off the cobwebs firm pillows that Goldilocks would declare "just right" addand to remind the brain that it\'s \'home\' time."up to extra hours of \'zzz\'. Channel the stately glamour of grand old hotels in North America such as Le ChteauRight: Demarcate spaces in your home for work and play Frontenac, Quebec or the Waldorf-Astoria, New York byusing colour. The left wall of this handy home office is painting walls a bold blue, such as Resene Atomic, with apainted in Resene Paris White with a painted \'tile\' design deco headboard design in Resene Half Concrete. in Resene Thor. This grid pattern helps separate the work area on the left from a reading area in Resene Thor on Left: This hotel-inspired bedroom has walls in Resenethe right. The sections are separated by a column Atomic with headboard detailing in Resene Halfpainted in Resene Saltpan. The display shelf is Resene Concrete. The floor and bedside table are also paintedThor, the small box is Resene Saltpan with stripes in in Resene Half Concrete. The breakfast tray is in ReseneResene Mako, the tape dispenser is in Resene Mako and Atomic. Bedding from Ezibuy, rug, cushion and lampthe bookends are in Resene Rice Paper. Artwork State from Freedom Furniture, mirror from Briscoes. Highway 39 by Sarah Parkinson from endemicworld, armchair from Dawson & Co, polar bear from Flotsam and Jetsam, cup and crate from Superette, journal from Typo, desk chair stylists own.Resene Bianca Resene ReseneReseneRice PaperRice Cake Atomic ReseneReseneReseneReseneParis White SaltpanHalf Concrete Bokara Grey ReseneReseneMako Thor32 33'